A17: Expose and confront the transnational elite on your way to Quebec City.

vieuxcmaq, Viernes, Abril 6, 2001 - 11:00

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A private cocktail party and business meeting for the transnational elite, on the eve of the Summit of the Americas. Stop in Montreal on Tuesday, April 17th for an action at 5pm, on your way to Quebec City.

The Conférence de Montréal is a seed-bed for many of the backroom deals and privatization schemes that are behind the "free trade" process. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Council of the Americas (COA), and Mexican President Vincente Fox will all be on hand; along with Paul Desmarais Jr., president of the meeting, and CEO of "Power Corporation"--which owns 50% of the Quebec media. This is a perfect opportunity to confront and expose many of unknown faces of corporate globalization.

Collective, Creative Resistance against the Transnational Elite April 17th at 5pm

Meet at Le Place du Canada (Peel St. and René-Levesque), Montreal

For more info on the Conférence de Montréal, see
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