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THE WORLD SOCIAL FORUM and the association Livre de pierres citoyennes (

In Porto Alegre, we are waiting for your tiles representing movements and
organisations from all over the world, to make up the first citizens'
mosaic. We are counting on you to persuade your friends to do the same.

APPEAL: In Porto Alegre, we are waiting for you to send us tiles from all over the world to make up a "citizens' mosaic"

In Porto Alegre, on the occasion of the World Social Forum, we are organising an opportunity for debate, exchange, and the development of proposals and strategies for the future. At this event, we wish to assert the role of civil society and the role of social players in building a 21st century which is more civilised, more respectful of the environment and of future generations.

Throughout this century, citizens' and social movements will evolve, while new ones will be initiated. However, we consider it vital they be able to play their part to the full, fulfilling themselves and moving into new, viable areas of expression, debate and negotiation. Finally, we should like these movements to be able to bring all their wealth of experience to bear, thus contributing to the in-depth transformation of the societies in which they operate.

At the World Social Forum, we wish to express both symbolically and practically the emergence of civil society on a worldwide scale. We wish to make clear the major role it can and must play throughout the century. As part of this project, we are creating a collective symbolic work of art in Porto Alegre on the occasion of the World Social Forum.

We are thus launching a worldwide appeal for all those taking part in the World Social Forum to bring or send to Porto Alegre a tile, preferably engraved in the participant's language and script, as a testimony to a social or citizens' movement or an organisation within a civil society. With this set of tiles, we shall be making up a "citizens' mosaic" which will be installed in Porto Alegre, the venue for the first major conference on the civil society at the dawn of the 21st century.

This mosaic will be the expression of our wish to build a society which takes diversity into account, a society encouraging responsibility and solidarity. It will also express our wish to set up links with civilisations both past and present, as symbolised by the engravings, and also to approach the 21st century in a concrete manner, and not merely virtually through the Internet.

The creation of this mosaic will provide us with the opportunity to launch a major initiative for the 21st century, which we shall be presenting in Porto Alegre.

Advice on the stones to be brought for te citizens' mosaic in Porto Alegre

The most important thing is to bring a stone, whatever form it might take. Bring whatever you wish. However, we should like to give you some advice so that you can help us make up this citizens' mosaic.

What type of stone? It would be a good idea to have several different types of stone.

What colour? All colours will be welcome.

What shape? We suggest you bring stones that are somewhat flat, 2 to 5 centimetres thick. We will also accept stones that are not flat, but these will be more difficult to incorporate into the mosaic as a whole.

A variety of shapes would be welcome, from round and oval to square or rectangular, including irregular shapes. Engraved stones? We also suggest you bring engraved stones. They may be engraved with the name of an organisation, a movement or an association. The engraving may also include a quotation or a drawing. If you do not have the means to have your stone engraved, it will be used none the less, though it is preferable to have it engraved. It may also be painted, though we do advise you that paint does not last so long.

What language should be chosen for engraved script? It is preferable to choose the language of your country or region. However, please provide us with a hard copy translation of the text in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English.

Where should the stone be engraved? It should be engraved in your own country. You should therefore waste no time in having it done.

For transport purposes, how much should the stone weigh? On average, a 3cm-thick stone measuring 30cm x 40cm weighs about 9kg, though some are lighter. Your stone may of course be smaller.

How should it be transported? If coming by air, it may be part of your cabin baggage or may be stowed in the hold. There is no need to bring much in the way of clothing to Porto Alegre, as it will be hot. Travel light, but bring your stone!

What do I do with it once in Porto Alegre? We shall give you all the necessary details at a later date.

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