Virus alert: New Virus found Taqqya.exe

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A new virus, Taqqya.exe, has been found. It is first time that the virus has been detected and analyzed. The Trojan horses like Arabism, racism, Aryanism, Christianism, Islamism, Americanism, anti-Americanism, Eurocentricism, Hitlerism, Leftism active in the Western body politic and the West's addiction to crude oil had made its detection almost impossible so far.

Because of these Trojans, Taqqya.exe's penetration in the Western world is so deep that it cannot be completely eradicated. At the most it can be quarantined. The origin of the virus has been traced back to Medina in Arabistan when Mohamad got infected with Hitlerism and justified means by ends. Thus Islam became wis-in-wim (what Islam says is not what it means), that is the kernel of Taqqya.exe.

These Trojan horses make a person receptive to lies, half-truths and deceptions. With the result when a person comes in touch with Taqqya.exe, lies and myths stick to him/her like leaches. After the victim is under the control of Taqqya.exe, the virus injects its hidden agenda. The victims argue vehemently and plead that Islam is the religion of peace or justify women's subjugation, terrorism, war on terrorism, carpet bombing of the Afghan villages and occupation loot and plunder of the Muslim lands the same way Mohamad justified loot and plunder of the wealthy Jews in Medina.

The virus has caused wide-spread damage to the cognitive functions of its victims who are unable to see the true face of historical Islam and free market ideologies, including war on terrorism and globalization.

Under its influence, the victims display a wide varied behavior. Thousands of its victims have converted to Islam. Some have put websites and Google ads calling non-Muslims to convert to Islam. Some virus-infected persons commit acts of terrorism while others convene the interfaith dialogue. Some dream of Islam dominating the world and others think of cleansing their countries from immigrants.

The virus has already infected millions of Muslims and Christians on the Left and the Right political divide. More and more people are getting infected. The plague seems to be unstoppable.

It has left no one untouched: kings, presidents, prime ministers, media men, writers and scholars. Under its influence Ex. British Prime Minister Tony Blair reads the Quran daily to check out his earning from crude oil contracts.

American President George Bush declared on 9/11 that Islam is a religion of peace. Hyphenated Muslims, whether liberal, moderate or progressive and their secular allies, including leftists, Marxists and multiculturalists cackled amen.

Intellectuals, writers, journalists, academicians and researchers, particularly those who belong to the institutions that are funded by petrol-dollars, also got infected. They write volumes and volumes under the influence of Taqqya.exe to prove Islam is the religion of peace. However, a few intellectuals, writers, journalists and academicians have not been infected. Nevertheless, in view of criminalization of criticism of Islam and under fear of death threats from Muslims, they do not tell us the truth about Islam and prefer to keep silent.

Generally Liberal, progressive and moderate Muslims get this virus during Friday prayer. They listen to Friday hate speech patiently and do not protest. We listen to them in T.V shows, media interviews, seminars, interfaith conferences, university debates, bemoaning that on 9/11 it was not only plane's terrorists also hijacked Islam, a religion of peace. However, practically, they do nothing to stop extremists from hijacking Islam. Even some liberal Muslims treat this hijacking as a love affair and throw a smile to hijackers, and others have great respect for hijackers.

Liberal Muslims fool Western audience with Medina Suras or Sufism that is the anti-thesis of historical political Islam and can be considered as a counter culture that opposes mono-cultural, hegemonistic, Islamic practices, politics and beliefs.

The virus has terribly distracted the Lefties. They adopt double standards. Do not condemn worst treatment of non Muslims and Muslim women under Islam. They talk of freedom of religion in the Western countries, but do not tell us that same is absent from Muslim lands. They call everyone fascist who criticizes Islamism but fails to see fascistic nature of historical Islam and its totalitarian ideology. They have no problem with anti dialogue, androcentric, phallocratic and mono cultural Islamic world view and social practices.

The experts say that the Christian right is resistant to Taqaya.exe. As far as they live in their native lands, their Zenoid gene is active and dominant. Under the influence of this gene, human beings suffer from xenophobia and keep social distance from aliens and immigrants considering them untouchable. As the gene makes the Christain Right suspicious of every immigrant in their countries. Taqqya.exe does not infect them, unless they get addicted to crude oil from Arabistan. It is not only the Christain right. Whole humanity carries this gene. The only difference is that in a foreign country, Zenoid is recessive, does not influence human behavior but becomes dominant in the native country.

The human race got Zenoid gene after man adopted the dog as his friend. Under the influence of this gene, like street dogs human beings seek sameness, anyone looking different is seen as a threat to social order. The animal psychologists call this territorial behavior while political scientists say that Zenoid gene forms the basis for nationalism. Let me explain if your pet dog finds a stranger entering your house, it starts barking and attacking him but when you take the same dog on jogging in the morning strangers do not bother him, and they do not make him insecure.

Under the influence of Zenoid gene, the Christian right wants to globalize the whole world but not their land and unleash identity politics on the pretext of fighting Islamism. They love patriotic act that takes away freedom of their own people, thus they are no different than Islamists. The Christain jingoists burn Quran and think they are doing something new. However, do not know that several versions of Qurans were burnt by so called rightly guided Khalifas to impose the official version of Quran.

Only atheists( as they do not believe in Allah) and the Jews (as they have witnessed mascare of Medina Jewish tribes by Mohamad) are saved people and have developed high resistance against Taqqya.exe. However, when some Jews were given their promised land where they could establish a nation state, Zenoid became active and dominant.

Such Jews are popularly known as Zionists and treat Palestines as Mohamad treated Dhamis living under his rule and grab their land through resettlements the same way as Bedouin Arabized whole region through Arab settlements. It is surprising that they still cry "Never Again." They have turned Palestines into Dhamis of the present-day world order.

Former Muslims living under Islam are generally immune to Taqqya.exe as they live under fear, in culture of silence as apostates There are millions of secret apostates in Muslim countries. Some of them take refuge in Western countries. They want to live without fear and enjoy the full freedom of speech without being criminalized. However, they see Islamist dominating public sphere and faith market in the Western countries and threatening those who criticize Islam. To their surprise, they see most of the Christians in the West suffering from Islamophilia. In order to save their souls and protect themselves from immigrant Muslims. Some former Muslims blindly follow Zenoid affected native Christians and play the role of whistle blowers.

In silent mode: The Taqqya.exe is a massification worm and a virus at the same time.

Taqqya.exe attacks victim's gray matter, technically called the cerebral cortex and corrupts the database of his thought process. It causes what experts call Multi-cultural syndrome that results in loss of perspective, the victims get perceptually disoriented and becomes a slave of Taqqya.exe. Thus in the process of tolerating a mono- culture loses his own culture and becomes like the other.

The whole America and Europe have been gripped in Multi-cultural syndrome. Taqqya.exe has unleashed a viral epidemic of lies, falsehood and half-truths and infected the West. The virus is terribly complex and infection involves almost all cognitive processes, affecting all areas of human relations and the victims get trapped in narrow identities.

Penetrating further deep the Taqqya.exe replaces true social consciousness with false consciousness by damaging victim's intellect. The victim loses touch with reality, and his cognitive structures get distorted making perception fixated. He/she seems to be discussing seriously with you, but actually, it is Taqqya.exe, which speaks through him/her.

In expanded mode: The expanded threats exist outside known definitions of viruses and worms. It functions as a spyware, adware and a joker's program.

Taqqya.exe as an adware: It spreads slogans and advertising jingles such as "Islam is religion of peace.," "Jesus is the prophet of Islam.," "Islam is the answer" and the like. An infected person is convinced that the Islam is the answer to present problems of free trade and globalization while being completely ignorant about the problems we are faced with.

As an Adware the virus promotes irrationality through brainwashing, indoctrination, Madrassas curriculum, digital jihad, censorship, suppression of free speech and by imposition of sameness.

Taqqya.exe as spyware and a hack: The virus-infected person secretly surveys the public places before planting bombs. Some techno-savvy victims are active in the digital world and hack websites. He gathers religious views of the people, and if he deems these to be against Islam, he physically annihilates such persons. He takes the role of a moral police and does not allow separation between the private and public spheres, posing a threat to uniqueness of one's individuality. He thus generates fear and is intolerant of being different. Not surprising that Taqqya.exe infected persons looks alike.

Taqqaya as a joke program: in this mode Taqqya.exe changes or interrupts the normal behavior of its victims by creating a general distraction and nuisances thus the infected person behaves like an idiot and a joker.

We see victims spending huge amount of petro-dallars on spreading such jokes as "Jesus is the prophet of Islam.," "freedom go to hell" and "behead those who say Islam is a violent religion."

Threat metrics:

Geographical distribution: high found more in Europe and America than in Pakistan or Eygpt
Threat containment: difficult but not impossible
Removal: moderate
Wild: high
Damage: high

Payload: Gigantic. The Taqqya.exe generates millions trash documents, fataws, speeches and books on the internet and print media, selling Islam as a faith product well packed and refined to suit the taste of modern consumers of faith products. You will find documents on the topics ranging from whether to approach wives from behind or from the front to how to make a powerful bomb.

It degrades performance: the virus decapitates its victim, and he/she turns arrogant and aggressive. The victims think they can dominate the world and enslave the humanity, with swords, slaves or and horses or acts of terrorism, or with hi-tech war.

Causes system instability: the victim behaves like an idiot and if majority of people are infected by Taqqya.exe, and the civil society is gripped in insanity. The irrationalism thus generated poses the threat of fascism and totalism.

Hide's info: The victims hide their identity from public eyes while keeping eye on everything happening around them. Women use hijab and men use face masks, hiding their personal identity, posing a security threat to everyone. The society ruled by taqqya infected rulers impose censorship over all forms of communications.


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