ANONYMOUS: Operation Paperstorm Revival - August 13th 2011

Anonyme, Jueves, Agosto 4, 2011 - 19:23


We invite you to take part in this action, Operation Paperstorm.

This August the 13th, Grab your mask and run.

Under the cover of darkness, you are invisible. Take to the streets in the dead of night and erect over 9,000 posters, banners, flags, anything to show your support for Anonymous, LulzSec, Topiary, Wikileaks, AntiSec, Bradley Manning, or any related campaigns. Also show your contempt for PayPal, the FBI, the Church of Scientology, the Metropolitan Police and any other high profile opponents of Anonymous.

We will be hitting 3 times throughout August, once the 13th, once the 20th, and for the finale, the 29th, in celebration of #FreeTopiary and in protest prior to Jake Davis' (Topiary) appearance before the court in London, the 30th.

We encourage the production of videos and the taking of pictures (not taken on smart phones, preferably, due to their traceability) showing participation in this operation.

Remember, this is a peaceful protest. Obey all laws, do not destroy any property, and do not do anything that could give law enforcement a reason to arrest you. Comply with their demands and be sure to give citizens a positive image of anonymous. If possible, answer people's questions in a polite fashion. Distribute propaganda whenever possible.

The campaign on the 29th will be especially important, particularly in London. We want to see every route to that court building PLASTERED with Posters. We want Topiary to be able to look out the window of his car on an otherwise dark day and be uplifted by what will be a gigantic showing of support for him.

You are Anonymous.
You are Legion.
You can not forgive.
You can not forget.
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