In front of the growing working class danger, the bourgeoisie opposes the democratic poison

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We publish this text of the International Communist bulletin # 5 of the Fraction of the International Communist Left. As stated in the article, the danger of the current struggles of the working class in the world is the illusion of democracy. This is the trap set by all the reactionary forces to divert the proletariat from its real purpose to build a society without exploitation, without borders, without class, without money and without an army.

Internationalist Communists - Klasbatalo

Warning : the translations into English we do, are made by comrades whose knowledge of this language is very relative.Thus, besides the lack of easiness for the reading, our English texts may present some mistakes and confusions which aren't political but "technical". One can refer to the French and Spanish versions.

In front of the growing working class danger, the bourgeoisie opposes the democratic poison

It is now obvious for all, workers as well as bourgeois and capitalist governments, that the international proletariat is rising up and revolting massively against the class consequences of the capitalist economical crisis. From the struggles of the last fall in the main Western Europe countries - just to mention these ones -, to the working class movements in the Arab countries, up to the Spanish "Indignous" movement and the massive and persistent rejection of the austerity measures in Greece, the international working class refuses to pay for the crisis and to accept without fighting back the dramatical misery that capitalism attempts to impose everywhere.

Facing this situation, the ruling class leads at the international level a wide offensive against the working class by speeding up its "democratic" mystification campaign. Today, it exerts it permanently and in a more concentrated manner than it did these last years. It develops it in all possible manners and at different levels which correspond to the intensity and the immediate conditions of the classes struggle. In particular, the present campaigns which are essentially based on lie and distortion of reality, aim at make believe that :

-the "democratic revolution" is the only fight to lead (Tunisia, Egypt, Arab countries...) ;

-the present struggles in the "democratic" countries are actually struggles "for more democracy" whether it is at the level of their form as well as their goal and content (the organisation "democracia real ya !" - "real democracy now !" - in the movement of the Spanish "indignados" obviously looks at taking the leadership of the workers fight to derail it towards the bourgeois ground of the "real democracy" - sic ! ).

All the fractions of the bourgeoisie, from the extreme-Left to the extreme-Right, are engaged - each one at its level - and share the tasks in this political offensive against the working class. The fraction of the Left and extreme-Left (stalinists, leftists, anarchists...) have for specific role to poison the working class within its very struggles by attempting to transform these ones into dead-end and mortal traps.

Today, the working class is clearly and increasingly responding to the attacks. It more and more raises the question of challenging the very existence of capitalism and of the social class which benefits of it. That is why the bourgeoisie strives to persuade the workers to direct their anger and readiness to fight towards "democratic reforms", indeed "democratic revolutions".

Democracy today, as long as capitalism does live, as long as the social classes do exist, is the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, is the most efficient form of its class power. Fighting for this, is fighting to maintain capitalism, is fighting to the benefit of the enemy. On the contrary, the workers must take back the slogan of one banner seen at the June 15th demonstration in Greece (see Note) : "You got the disease, we got the solution : REVOLUTION".

The political vanguard organizations of the working class, particularly the ones of the Communist Left, have the great responsibility of warning their class, of preventing it against the danger and to divert it from this trap of an illusory quest for a "real" and "pure" democracy in capitalism. This illusion is mortal and it is consciously put forwards by the ruling class. These political vanguard organizations must, today as never, push the proletarian fight towards the only goal which has any sense : capitalism's destruction and the setting up of a society without exploitation and without classes.

The Fraction of the International Communist Left , June 19th, 2011.

."… shouting in defense of “democracy in general” is actually defense of the bourgeoisie and their privileges as exploiters.

(…) Marxists have always maintained that the more developed, the “purer" democracy is, the more naked, acute and merciless the class struggle becomes, and the “purer” the capitalist oppression and bourgeois dictatorship"". (Thesison Bourgeois Democracy and Dictatorship of Proletariat – 1st Congress of the International Communist – March 1919)

It matters to note that the stubborn and increasing refusal of the proletariat in Greece to suffer the brutal and dramatical austerity measures set up by Papandreou's socialist government, has compelled this one to a cabinet reshuffle in some emergency the very day of the June 15th demonstration. In particular, significant is the replacement of the Minister of economy. The international praises about his economical management were unanimous. The substitute, on the contrary, would have more “political” qualities. Besides the need for the Greek bourgeoisie to get a government team more united and a larger support from within the State apparatus and from the whole ruling class, while dissensions begun to appear in its ranks, this episode reveals that the true turmoil which has affected the international bourgeoisie, governments, politicians, medias, financial circles, etc. was not so much due to the financial risks – Greece's insolvency and the no-repayment of its debt -, thus of economical level in itself, but well to a political risk : the difficulty, indeed the impossibility, to make accept by the proletariat austerity and thus the perspective of an aggravation of the classes confrontation.

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