tacky, tacky, tacky: the face of populism in Canada

hombredelatierra, Viernes, Junio 10, 2011 - 14:56

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Hate media makes inroads into Canada Or Sun Media keeps its promises..

A rather revealing attack-interview à la Fox recently faced off Sun News' Krista Erickson against Montréal dance artist Margie Gillis. Gillis was lured to appear on camera not knowing that a populism-inspired ambush had been laid: Gillis was made to account for every penny of taxpayer $ she had received over the past 39 years! (that appears to have been the original attempt anyway but Gillis managed to save her dignity..)

The "interview" / shouting match is enlightening less for what it reveals about Gillis' finances or the state of the arts in Canada than it does about the psychology of populism and right wing reaction. We have included some good reading tips for students of authoritarianism (and will provide more if asked)

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