An open letter to hackers (communique #0.01)

Anonyme, Domingo, Junio 5, 2011 - 11:16

Canada has a new majority government. The British parliamentary system ensures that, when a political party wins a majority of seats, its leader gets to govern as a Great Man, essentially as a dictator. And, in today's case, a dictator ideologically committed to a singularly terrifying vision of a stronger, cleaner, more perfect Canadian state. He's here until 2015, at the least. Now, the only way to STOP HARPER is to fight him in the streets.

As HACKERS, as ANARCHISTS or SUPERGEEKS, as cyberPUNKS, as anyone who thinks information should be private + who realizes the Canadian state is spying on its citizens + who is willing to resist, we need to support the movement against capitalism, against social control, against ecocide. In today's world, any successful revolutionary movement needs people to develop communications infrastructure, maintain and build websites, explain encrypted email to the illiterate, organize DDOS attacks against enemies of freedom, and help demystify the most important machines that people possess.
[you said SRM, har har har]

We should do this because, alongside everything else the Canadian state is and does, it has plans to criminalize encryption, anonymity, and internet sovereignty, and there is no way to beat them other than by direct action. The Pirate Party is politically irrelevant. The Electronic Frontier Foundation can only do so much, and they're focused on the United States anyway.

The new crime bill, which bundles together a myriad of tough-on-crime legislation that will ruin the lives of many people who live in this country, has a few parts dealing with computer crime. It will require internet service providers (ISPs) to upgrade their systems to do "deep packet analysis" of information being sent over the network in real-time, then grant police forces legal access to it. It could become illegal to willfully conceal your identity online. The details are sketchy, and they will likely change as the bill gets reviewed on its way through the legislative process, but it we have enough information to know we should act - the sooner, the better.

There will be a demo against the government in Ottawa on June 10. It is being organized by People's Global Action Ottawa, with Montreal-based CLAC (Convergence des Luttes Anti-Capitalistes) sending buses. The demo will take the streets and be confrontational. Hackers should be there to experience struggle IRL, to meet people with compatible goals and mutual enemies, to know the problems people face in the streets and figure out how to use their specialized knowledge to help. Bring propaganda, flags, chants, masks, and friends. This demo is being organized in haste, many important details are not finalized, and more information will be forthcoming.

We cannot afford delusional thinking. This bill cannot be beaten by any politicking, any journalism, or any awareness-raising. It will become law. Our job is to make that law unenforceable. Let's not have delusions about an invincible state, either. If more people know how to encrypt their data and anonymize their online activity, and if they know why it's more important it is to do so (i.e. the facts about the Conservative Party agenda), and if they have the will to resist injustice... information will remain free. We need to escape the stale world of politics and start fostering a culture of total rebellion.

ALL THE TIME AND EVERYWHERE, THERE NEEDS TO BE ACTION. If you can't make it to Ottawa, do something else, on the same day or whenever works. If you live outside Canada, fight your own government and deprive our enemy of an ally. Whether you organize a militant street demo or you begin encrypting emails between you and your friends, it all helps. Insurrection needs everything.

This message will not be carried in the mainstream media, so pollinate this communique everywhere. Send it out over listservs. Read it on the radio. Talk to your friends about it at work or school. Post it on discussion forums. Forward it to news sources that will publish it. Spread it in the dark corners where Anonymous meets. Add to it, make it shorter, change it entirely, write it in language that you like better.


signed in dangerous times,
- a card-carrying member of Anonymous, with
- a registered initiate of the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN)

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