Venezuela, after Libya, to prepare ourselves for the Second Conquest!

franzlee, Lunes, Marzo 21, 2011 - 16:09

Franz J. T. Lee

Where have the flowers of Japan gone? To graves everywhere? What is left of humanism in Libya? Would HAARP also stop the coming of Spring in Venezuela?

Venezuela, after Libya, to prepare ourselves for the Second Conquest!

By Franz J. T. Lee

A. It ain't necessarily so!

It is extremely difficult to tell an alienated mind that it is being bamboozled by propaganda and disinformation. How could a mind-controlled person know what really is happening in Japan or Libya?

In Plato's "Republic", the first model of apartheid politics, we find the secrets of mind control, the fons et origo of the current post-Orwellian corporate barbarism. Many years ago we identified this 'democratic' barbarism as global fascism, as 'globofascism'. In the third part of Plato's "Politeia" he explained to us what really are ruling class 'information', ideology and education, especially their barbarous functions. Furthermore, he elaborated the urgency of censorship and the necessity to tell blatant lies to the exploited and discriminated 'subjects' in order to perpetuate political domination and to preserve various types of exploitative slave-owning 'democracy'. Of course, the kratos of the demos was exclusively reserved for power elites, for the slave-owners, for the philosopher kings.

The idea was (and still is), now more than ever, to control the bodies, minds and thoughts of the toiling slaves, peasants, serfs and modern wage slaves. Across the ages during feudalism, religious Stoicism, Judaism and Christianity ferociously were attacking the human intellect of peasants and workers, of all laboring classes.

B. Dubito, cogito, ergo sum! (Descartes)

By pumping religion into their very hearts, the servants were taught to 'believe', not to think, not to ask questions, especially not to doubt what their masters preach. They were forced to believe in great gods, men, ideas, races and chosen peoples, all who supposedly make and direct world events, world history. No doubting Thomas was allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven. In the bourgeois revolution against absolutism precisely the opposite was en vogue. To doubt was revolutionary, was democratic.

With the upsurge of the bourgeois classes, against the feudal lords and corrupt clergy, capitalist ideology was based in atheist mechanical materialism. A true capitalist, a bourgeois, a democrat, a mechanical materialist was an atheist. The Cartesian philosophy taught the rulers how to doubt, to doubt that the 'information' coming from ancient Greek mythology, feudal religious dogmas and modern political institutions are absolute truths.

Rene Descartes insisted that: It ain't necessarily so!

His motto, as a guide for capitalist ruling classes, - against religious obscurantism and bigotry, against mind and thought control - was very simple:

Dubito, cogito, ergo sum! (I doubt, I think, therefore I exist!)

Surely, this could also give birth to the New, to emancipatory doubting Thomases.

William Shakespeare taught us why we should doubt the veracity of anything that comes out of the mouth, out of the mouthpieces of the Murdoch Empire, CNN or Fox News about Venezuela, Libya or Japan, in fact, out of bourgeois capitalist mass media.

Also, in this case, information from Japan or Libya ain't necessarily the truth.

However, there is no reason to become defeatist, to lose all 'faith' in oneself and in humanity.

Like Heracleitus and Anaximander, the Ancient Greek hylozoists, Shakespeare told us in 'Hamlet' that who does not expect the unexpected, that is, human emancipation, will never find it.

Hence, the unexpected, the 'wondrous strange' could be possible. Why?

"Horatio: O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

Hamlet: And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

In every military attack on the workers of the world, capitalism is attacking itself, is destroying its negation, is digging its own grave. A true dialectician knows what will follow when a closed system dialectically only permits 'change from within'. Such a unilateral process destroys its own life wire, its dynamo, its dynamei on. Both its affirmation and negation lose their contradictory relations, they perish and pass into galactic oblivion. This happens in all internal processes, in all revolutions, that end up in the 'negation of the negation', in the eternal affirmative 'A' again. This is the 'curse' of capitalism, from which it cannot escape, it 'merits to pass away' (Hegel).

C. After Libya, who and what next?

In how far the above concerns us, is pertinent for Venezuela, for humanity?

A few weeks ago I published an article which indicated that in the oily crystal ball of Libya Venezuela could see her future. Mercilessly, NATO, the military arm of global corporate fascism, of globofacism, is attacking Libya to grab her potable water, oil, gas and other natural resources. Imperialism, in the sense of Kant, has developed itself to full recognizability. As a result of the global Mental Holocaust', very few sane minds are left to see and to know what is happening.

The Mental Holocaust, the Murdoch Moloch is devouring us.

Who will be next, will be victims of this military barbarism and belligerent, 'humanitarian' vandalism in North Africa? Iran or Venezuela?

Capitalism is desperate, is collapsing.

Venezuela, urgently, we better prepare ourselves for this coming Second Conquest! Will we allow that world fascism fetch us one by one?

D. Japan: the eve of a century of catastrophic woe

We knew that after Capitalism Barbarism would be a gruesome option. However, in our wildest nightmares we could not imagine how it would begin.

We did not know about the coming nuclear dangers, about HAARP, military tsunamis, explosive methane gas in the Gulf of Mexico and about the floods, droughts and earthquakes which could wipe out countries like Japan. What is happening now in Japan could happen globally anytime, anywhere again. We did not know that the Chernobyl disaster today still is costing more than a million of infected lives. The victims of the NATO wars in the Middle East and North Africa probably are surpassing a million human corpses of 'collateral damage' already. Birds, fish, bees, cows and swine die like flies ... what next?

Those who claim to be the defenders of human rights are the greatest war criminals.

Official disinformation could be fatal for millions over this decade. In fact, as I warned in a previous article, nuclear meltdowns did occur and in the following decades a whole state is in danger of possible nuclear extinction, while NATO is on another military spree, to kill thousands of Africans. Post-Apartheid South Africa, that voted against Libya, together with its masters, showed its true ANC bloody rainbow colors; it not only betrayed its own 'Freedom Charter, its own peoples, but the whole of Africa. The Arab League and the African Union followed suit. Africa will not survive this Second Conquest.

As pointed out above, the Negation within capitalism is diminishing dangerously; dialectically, this indicates that the world system is collapsing. Anything without a negation is in agony, is dying.

This is a cosmic tsunami that very few people are noticing.

However, as the indigenous American Indians said: "Time Longer dan Rope!"

Concerning this colonial Amerindian prediction, this transhistoric 'rope', about this 'peaceful' transition, Father George H. W. Bush Sr. - who together with his son Bush II lost presidential elections, and nevertheless, as loser took it all - warned his corporate bosses as follows:

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us all up on lamp posts". (1)

Already J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director, very poignantly confirmed the above as follows:
“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” (2)
(2) Ibid.

However, if we do not act now, all these ropes, to which Bush referred, the very corporate capitalists would still sell in time before they enter into everlasting heavenly bliss.

Meanwhile, where have the flowers of Japan gone? To graves everywhere? What is left of humanism in Libya? Would HAARP also stop the coming of Spring in Venezuela?
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And, your brilliant truths are... ?
Michael Lessard...
Lun, 2011-03-21 22:18

Before I respond, to avoid misinterpretation, I must state I advocate libertarian socialism (a social model commonly considered part of the anarchist theories) and a form of internationalism that respects the democratic will of the people concerned.

I don't see any facts or quality information in your letter here.  So, what is this information, facts or truths that you possess but that we idiots and mind-controlled fools don't know ?

Here are a few facts, truths, that we cannot deny no matter our ideologies...

* the US government did not want to intervene at first, we have plenty of signs of this.  Western powers and oil companies liked Kadhafi !

* the people of Benghazi, through weeks of popular and united calls, have pleaded for a no-fly zone/air intervention, but while refusing any foreign troops on the ground.


So, let us imagine, if a left-wing internationalist force had the military capacity to help, would we simply ignore the cry of over a million people in Libya afraid of being massively crushed by Kadhafi's army ?  Do you think the level of dictatorship and tyranny in Libya is fictitious, invented by the media ?  And you call others blind and controlled ?  When a human being is being violated and I am called upon by him/her to help, do I watch away because there is a State border in front of me ?  How internationalist, humanist, or left-wing am I if a popular cry for help is ignored to respect a tyrant's sovereignty ?

The twisted and tragic reality now is that the air forces are controlled by selfish capitalist governments.

In your letter, you express the idea that this is the beginning of a Western conquest of Africa. I consider this delirium. Nothing I have seen in reality points to this.

Those of the left who, while claiming to want to give power to the people, actually befriend, support or tolerate dictatorships/tyrants show they do not serve the people nor people-power.

If the left across the world had done more, actively, to bring down these dictatorships, we might not have a situation today where popular uprisings sometimes feel the need to call Western governments for help. Such calls, by the people concerned, are extremely rare by the way : we should logically have peace-keepers in Palestinian territories to ensure their sovereignty. At least, for the Palestinian cause, left-wing movements have consistently refused tyranny.

The people of the Arab world and of Libya will remember those who supported them. Do we want them to think that only capitalists supported them ?

Let us face reality as adults : those who truly believe in people-power have very little capacity to intervene at the moment.  Letting the people of Benghazi just die, without declaring Kadhafi a common enemy, would be absolute proof that one is not left-wing, but rather some non-capitalist form of selfish elitism. As we do not support Israeli oppression and military conquest, we must not support Kadhafi's egotistic and very real tyranny.

When the people of Libya free themselves, you can bet they will not be meeting Chavez anytime soon.

Western capitalist governments are our ideological opponents and do not truly serve the Arab and African people, as the people themselves very well know, but clearly these governments are more intelligent then too many old-school left-wing.


Michaël Lessard [me contacter]

[ ]

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