Transparency in the Harper Goverment

hombredelatierra, Martes, Octubre 5, 2010 - 17:59

myth or reality?

Lies, lies, lies and more damned lies..
Populism once more rears its ugly head in Canada

Maxime Bernier, conservative backbencher, has claimed that he received "thousands" of complaints from Canadian citizens concerning the intrusiveness of the long form census back in 2006 when he was industry minister.

However, a CBC follow up has revealed that - untransparently - the truth may not have been well served by M. Bernier and his anti-long form Conservative supporters. The actually number of complaints generated by the 2006 census was not "thousands" but just under a thousand, of which an impressive twenty-two were complaints about census question "intrusiveness" - 22 !

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Climate Science suppressed by Harper government
Mar, 2010-10-12 13:00

BUT, BUT, BUT... I thought this government was elected on a platform of law 'n order, government accountability and.. and.. TRANSPARENCY

Pissed ? Sound off at

Maybe.. the world going as it is, we could start a political movement in, say, a year or so.. (the early bird catches the worm)

meure UN monde que Le Monde naisse!

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Oh dear! They're at it again, procurement..
Mar, 2010-11-02 15:11

The Harper Conservative team got elected on a platform of clean, transparent, accountable and responsible government. Procurement scandals, well, those were things of the Liberal past. These are heady new days..

Or maybe not..

Check this blog out, join and contribute: these guys provide enough scandal for TWO part time researchers like myself. And don't forget, the neocons and their clones - like the Harperites - have their days numbered. Their world is crumbling all about us: watch the late news some evening.

By joining NOW and taking an active role in organizing the opposition you will be placing yourself in a good place when the tide changes. (Remember what happened when an asteroid hit the earth 65 million years ago: the dinos died off but the little mammals sprang to the occasion and ended up taking over the world..)

meure UN monde que Le Monde naisse!

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