Actions and cyberactions against the political repression at the G20

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[drawing] A riot-police has beaten down the female statue of Freedom, he is reading a book entitled The Legal Use of ForceActions

Submit your testimonies - Resources for G20-related complaints
Limit for this first phase : July 16 !
- Canadian Civil Liberties Association

We welcome honest accounts from members of the public. If you witnessed an event that you are concerned about, or feel your rights have been violated, we encourage you to contact us and fill our incident reporting form.

This web page also shares the links to submit complaints directly against the RCMP or any other Ontario police service..

[Word document] G20 : Checklist for drafting witness reports [new - English version]
- Ligue des droits et libertés

The Ligue des droits et libertés ( is studying the possibility of intervening before international and regional human rights institutions (UN, CIDH, etc.). For this, it needs to gather testimonies. This document, in French, should help those interested. Even if you were not charged nor detained, your testimony may be important.

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
If you were doing media work during the G20, do you feel your freedom of expression or of the press was violated or repressed?



Sign the CCLA petition for Action on the G20!
- Canadian Civil Liberties Association

The actions of the government and the police during the G20 Summit demonstrate the need for answers, accountability, and action. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) is calling for:

1) An independent inquiry into the actions of the police during the G20, including: [follow the link to read the complete version]

2) Repeal or amendment of the Public Works Protection Act to meet basic constitutional standards; and

3) Law reform to ensure that the Criminal Code provisions relating to “breach of the peace”, “unlawful assemblies” and “riots” are brought in line with constitutional standards.


Petition-email to Harper to request a public inquiry concerning the "security" at the G20
- Amnesty International-Canada

[Facebook Events] July 17 - G20 Protest: Defend Your Rights !
- organized in various cities

[Facebook Group] Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20
* * *

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English version of the G20: Checklist for witness reports
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UPDATE: I added the English version of the LDL help document.

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