England: 43.200 Cold Deaths

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Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent

When UK eyes stop smiling...

At the totalitarian so called 'European Union' in Brussels however, british PM's - first Tony Blair and now Gordon Brown again - shamelessly keep lying about the despised 'government' which these 'front men' for the criminal cartel managers from the Evil Empire* run, and which - according to this robbing clique - is 'supporting a social Europe.'

If one reads this information about the origin of the EU, the article below is easier to understand. It concerns this global mafia, and: "The Dark Roots of the Brussels EU" - Url.:

January 11th 2010 - Ages ago it was exactly the shameless same in the UK: there was no change whatsoever concerning the buying power of the money, the pension amount the elderly people in reality in the UK got. And, as a nefarious but expected result, many more elderly people died needlessly of the fact - as an English paper also wrote - that pensioners can not even afford heating. And that's why they die by the ten thousands.

In an alarming report, Sophie Ridge of the News of the World, last 27 December 2009, again wrote about this massacre by the so called UK-government: "A STAGGERING 43,200 Brits will DIE from the cold this winter - because of soaring gas and electricity costs, new figures reveal.

The grim figure, equal to FIFTEEN deaths every HOUR, has DOUBLED in the last seven years. Energy bills have doubled too.

Most deaths are among the elderly - many of whom have to choose between heating and eating, according to the National Pensioners Convention. General secretary Dot Gibson said: "It is a national scandal and getting worse. Over a million more older people are expected to be dragged into financial hardship in the next year."

The winter death rate is the increased number of mortalities between December and March compared with warmer months.

In 2002/3, there were 23,450 winter deaths - and the average annual dual-fuel energy bill was £543 per household. In 2009 it was £1,239.

Three million pensioners are in fuel poverty - which is defined as having to spend more than 10 per cent of your income on fuel bills. Ms Gibson said: "Energy companies are making profits at the expense of vulnerable pensioners."

OAPS can get advice on heating their homes by calling the Age Concern charity on 0800 009966." - [and end] - Url.:


On Internet, 'EuroNews' also wrote about it: "Snow and freezing conditions continue to cause mayhem across Europe. Heavy snow storms hit Germany causing chaos on the roads and at the country’s main airports. Frankfurt, Germany’s biggest, wiped out hundreds of scheduled flights heaping more aviation misery on stranded and confused passengers:

“I am about to rebook my flight. I wanted to fly to Saarbrucken but the airport is snowed under. So I rebooked a flight to Frankfurt, but this flight has also been cancelled. Now I’m in the queue to rebook again and now I’m not sure if I will ever get to western Germany at all.”

It is a similar story in France as ice and snow hit the capital Paris causing flight cancellations and delays at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, while Brest, Lorient, Lyon, Lourdes and Toulouse airports all closed. On the railways trains crawled across France leading to the late running of many services.

Poland is in the grip of a severe cold snap with temperatures running at -15 degrees Celsius where as many as 122 people have died as a result of the arctic conditions. And forecasters predict more freezing weather to come." - [and end] - Url.:


The killing cold weather proceeds in England too, and - as John Millington last week in the Morning Star paper in the UK described the situation for the AOP's, the 'Old Age Pensioner': the pensioners are again literally left out in the cold:

"OAPs will be given pittance to stay warm during Britain’s big freeze"

Morning Star - 05 January 2010 - Pensioners have been left out in the cold after the government offered a miserable sum of money to heat their homes. With freezing temperatures across much of Britain and high fuel bills hitting working people and the elderly hardest, the government offered a mere £170 million as a one-off cold-weather payment.

Work and Pensions Minister Helen Goodman tried to reassure pensioners that help was "on the way" and that they should not worry about turning their heating on.

However, National Pensioners Convention (NPC) general secretary Dot Gibson said that payments were not automatic and only available to a lucky few. "You have to be on means-tested support to qualify, which excludes the vast majority of older people, and you have to endure seven days of freezing temperatures before being able to receive any payment," she said.

One of the conditions for receiving a payment is that the temperature must be 0 degrees Celsius or less for seven consecutive days. About 12.3 million older people will receive winter fuel payments between £250 and £400. The Conservative Party has in the past attacked the government over the whole concept of winter fuel payments, suggesting that they should be scrapped altogether.

Ms Gibson said there was a much more efficient way of ensuring older people get the help they deserve when they need it than a cold-weather payment. "We would prefer to see the winter fuel allowance that reaches every pensioner household increased to £500 and paid across the board," she demanded. "The NPC thinks this is a more effective way of dealing with cold weather and the drop in temperature that we are currently experiencing."

The government has also been heavily criticised for not exerting enough pressure on private energy companies which have not ruled out price rises. Ms Gibson said that the NPC "would like to see an industry-wide social tariff where a set amount is paid per measure of energy with a lower amount for more vulnerable people."

Twenty thousand mainly older people needlessly die from the cold each year, while many more become seriously ill.

According to recent National Housing Federation figures, some seven million households are currently in fuel poverty.

Despite wholesale electricity and gas prices more than halving, fuel bills only fell by a miserly 4 per cent in 2009, averaging £1,239 a year.

Green campaigners also stepped up calls for a "bold" approach to tackle fuel poverty - and in doing so, meet climate change targets for reducing carbon emissions.

WWF Scotland organiser Elizabeth Leighton urged the Scottish government to build on Westminster's Warm Front scheme in England which offers grants of up to £6,000 for pensioners and single parents on benefits to insulate their homes.

And she insisted: "A bold, local authority-led, street-by-street approach with free loft and cavity wall insulation for all is the most effective means to make all homes low-carbon." - [and end] - Url.:

In 2005 I wrote the following about the infamous war criminal Blair's hypocrisy, and the fact that he also was guilty of the deaths of those pensioners, standing on a mountain of 22.000 corpses at least: "It's not only the genocides in Iraq and Afghanistan: in England twenty-two-thousand old people died as a result of the cold last winter.

In Brussels however, the British PM shamelessly lied about his despised government as 'supporting a social Europe'.


June 25th 2005 - Unashamedly writing in Germany's 'Bild Zeitung' - which is seen as a very bad, 'gutter newspaper' - Bush supporting british PM Tony Blair defended his cancerous politics: 'Of course the EU is much more than a free-trade area. Britain supports a social Europe, but it must be a social Europe which is adapted to today's world" the text read.

Blair - nor the international mainstream media* - mentioned the fact that - according to Blair's government own figures which they say are 'adapted to today's world' - the English ''social system'' last winter resulted in the death by cold for 22.000 elderly people in the 'United Kingdom'.

They all tragically and unnecessary died in one of the richest countries on earth, because they were made and kept poor (like the neocons do in many countries, including the Netherlands) in Blair's inhuman 'social structure'. The dead are all the proof one needs of the inhumanity Blair's cabal stands for. One should look at their deeds, and not listen to their words...

They've already killed too many.

This gigantic mountain of 22.000 corpses of the elderly who died gets only a few 'hits' when searched on Google/Internet.* Media-wise the dead are silenced too, the story spiked and the mainstream's 'silence of death' reigns.

Hiding and censoring - even on Internet - the harsh, inhuman politics of the Blair regime's sick and shameful acts...

The CIA/Mossad inside job, for which the US neocons are rightfully blamed, this inhuman WTC catastrophy shows 9/11 media coverage in a Google search concerning "9/11 +3000 dead'' on 11 Jan. 2010 showed 2,360.000 'hits' - Url.:


'US stooge and mercenary' Tony Blair is supposed to be at the (symbolic) helm of the European Union [and the illegal US/NATO operations] for the next half year [July until the end of 2005] and Blair - who must be held accountable for the daily growing misery in his country - started in Brussels with rejecting criticism that his Government favors a purely free market approach with no "social dimension."

Which is a fact: the dead's silence deafens the ears.

In the EU forum in Brussels however, Blair was saying he 'wants a balance between the two' and tried to reassure his critics that he 'does not want an overnight transformation but a managed process of change'. And that's what many in Europe are afraid of; the further and total take-over of Europe by the London Banks via Blair and associates.

As the representative of the 'Banks of London', [], adviser, confidant and close aide to Tony Blair, since november 2004 the Bush backing and in the London Banks circles highly praised 'Bilderburger' Peter Mandelson, 51, has been their forward post in Europe. Their new 'Gauleiter'.*

The 'London Banks' - acting via british Chancellor Gordon Braun, PM Blair and the Bilderberg group - [] appointed their man Mandelson to what is seen as Europe's most powerful job... Mandelson now is the - by 'them' appointed; not chosen - Head of the European Commission in charge of all European Union trade and it's policies.

So Europe is 'looking forward' to half a year of lies, innuendo, fake figures, UK/US propaganda, brainwashing and the further destruction of social schemes? The people in many countries running the US' neocon schemes and blue prints apparently have no idea of the swelling tidal wave of global anger, and what's awaiting them.

Personally I can understand some of the hatred for 'us in the West' which I've seen in many people's eyes while working in the Arab World and Middle East for ten years as a foreign correspondent, including during Gulf War I.

The effect of the global verdict of the people which more and more are taking revenge, is already daily shown in the tens of armed attacks on US/UK and other troops in the illegal "Coalition of the Killing", which illegally 'kill and destroy' in Iraq and Afghanistan. As also at that time the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, in a BBC video-interview confirmed. - Url.:

The reasoning is easily understood: if someone is threatening and trying to kill you and your family, that implicitly gives you the right to do the same and defend yourself against them.

The ongoing tsunami of revenge will certainly too hit many of the neocon perpetrators and their Quisling collaborators outside of the battle zones of their so called ''New World Order'', which for most of the world is a malignant disorder of which the effects also clearly are shown in the English pensioner's poverty and death toll.

This is Blair's burning shame, the neocon 'sham' of a 'social structure' which Bush and Blair's cabal is selling 'as an example for the rest of the European Union', the text of the article* which is nearly hidden:



Monday June 6, 2005 - Millions of pensioners are malnourished, living below the poverty line and unable to afford to heat their homes in winter, according to new research.

The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) said an estimated 2.2 million older people, the equivalent of one in five pensioners, currently lived below the poverty line, the same number as in 1997.

At the same time it said about 1.5 million pensioners were malnourished or at serious risk of malnourishment, while 1.5 million also said their house was too cold in winter.

The Age Audit, which was based on Government statistics and major pieces of research into the lives of elderly people, also found that an estimated 22,000 people died as a result of the cold last year.

The group said around five million pensioners suffered from a long-term illness that restricted their daily life, while 7.2 million did not have access to free public transport.

But at the same time it estimated that retired people actually saved the taxpayer £24 billion a year through providing unpaid social care and childcare, and through doing voluntary work.

The audit comes as the NPC is due to hold its annual Pensioners' Parliament in Blackpool which will be attended by about 2,000 people. It is due to be addressed by Pensions Minister Stephen Timms.

The group is putting forward a Pensioners' Charter calling for all older people to have access to a decent state pension, free health care and a warm and comfortable home.

It wants to see the basic state pension set above the official poverty line and linked to average earnings.

It is also calling for pensioners to have access to a free annual health check, free long-term care, free community care for people living at home and free nationwide travel on public transport.


People who support this, and all so called 'journalists' and other 'spin' criminals in the opinion forming and brainwashing media who help to 'sell' this, commit a crime against humanity and will be punished by law, as soon as is possible. They must be stopped.

Because it's still the same, and those creatures still usurp and commit the same war- and other crimes against humanity as always and as long as they are profitable" politically and financially, for power and profit. What's riding the world and thus the UK too, where it originates actually, is 'An Unbridled Monster: The Global Monetary System.' - Url.:

Story Url.:

These greedy criminals and collaborators of the global cartel are also guilty of other genocides for power and profit, and are day and night committing for instance infanticide too. The United Nations Children Fund: "More than 10 million children around the world die before their fifth birthday every year," according to a June 2008 and 'very underreported' report by UNICEF. - Url.:

* The Evil Empire has it's own 'State within a State' where their own 'laws' are valid, like Washington, the Vatican and for centuries already the worst of all, the main head of the monster in this global web of usury and debt, 'The City' of London. Also called 'The Richest Square Mile on Earth' owned of course by the Rothschild usury 'empire.' All and everybody - also the Fed, IMF, the World Bank and all so called 'Central banks' - is subservient to the managers of The Evil Empire. - Url.:

The 9/11 [inside job] coverage in a Google search today, 11 Jan. 2010, concerning ''9/11 +3000 dead'' results in 3,730.000 'hits' - Url.:

Google - 11 Jan. 2010: 22.000 death of cold in England is worth only - 7 'hits' ? - Url.:

YAHOO News had the story on Internet - Url.: - Now it reads: "Sorry! We couldn't find the page you requested. The page you requested is no longer available on Yahoo! News."

The Guardian shredded the article - Quote: "Sorry - we haven't been able to serve the page you asked for." - Url.:

News Agency Ananova shredded it too - Url.:

National Home Health Care Corporation News Information at refers to the Guardian, which shredded the item... So much for the so called 'free press' in the UK. -

* And, for those who don't know it yet, the Gauleiter - Url.:

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The Netherlands


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