SPCA Call The Extraordinary Annual Meeting

Lise daigneault, Jueves, Febrero 28, 2008 - 23:36

Lise Daigneualt

February 26, 2008

TO ALL MEDIAS / For Immediate Press Release

In response to news reports from CTV Montreal that was broadcast during the week of February 11, 2008 to February 15, 2008, under the leadership of Mr. Barry Wilson, Todd van der Heyden and Karla Kaminsky, we ask you to publish the following information. Since then we have requested for the government’s trusteeship, but so far, nothing seems to demonstrate the strong will of the Government (Ministry of Agriculture) to decree guardianship. We therefore demand the ‘extraordinary annual meeting’.

This request is aimed at bringing together members of the SPCA (Canadian), whom are dispersed and are unable to communicate their right to be heard since the annual meeting was not held, and despite blatant abuse of coercion, current members of the board of directors and the management to ensure that the actual meeting is not heard. Moreover, the so-called current membership list is secret and anyone except the current body of administration has access to this information.

Indeed, the annual meeting was scheduled to take place on November 8, 2007, and the SPCA (Canadian), was to provide the financial statements. This annual meeting has been cancelled without reasonable cause and the financial statements for 2006 are not yet made public since the Canada Revenue Agency did not receive them. In November, the SPCA (Canadian), by law, was to provide these statements. They have avoided the issue by providing documents to the wrong agency, Canadian Income, and still nothing.

The so-called annual meeting of 2007 has still not taken place to date and no annual meeting is scheduled for 2008.

Therefore, given the current evidence that is public and which it may be presumed, the firm resolution of the members of the current administrative direction and members of the board of directors of the SPCA (Canadian) to withhold the annual meeting, we are convening a meeting “EXTRAORDINARY ANNUAL”.

We call upon you once again to launch this appeal and allow the holding of a special annual meeting for members or the board of directors to respond to questions raised by members or the SPCA (Canadian). Any member of the SPCA(Canadian) is entitled to receive answers to his questions.


Lise Daigneault (French) in 514-729-5169
Tommy Yaruchefsky (English & French) in 514-270-2998


Any person wishing to become a member can apply with a levy of $55 with an application form or simply a letter and send it to the following address; etc.

Lise Daigneault
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