Fascism in Canada: Are our Politicians in Oversight of our Spy Agency (CSIS), or is CSIS in Oversight of them?

Anonyme, Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 11:16

Roderick Russell

Something has gone very wrong with our secret security / intelligence agencies such as CSIS in Canada. Where CSIS (Canada’s Spy Agency) is involved, Canada’s entire legal, government and policing system seems to shut down. CSIS are out of control, and all of our liberties are threatened. This article includes a letter sent last week to all Canadian MPs on this subject, and examples of where CSIS has illegally used Stasi-style secret police methods against innocent Citizens

In August 2010 the body of MI6 operative Gareth Williams was found in a bag in the bathroom of an MI6 (the UK’s Spy agency) safe house in central London. Almost immediately untruthful smears circulated that wrongly suggested he might have died in a sex act gone wrong.

Smearing seems par for the course for the UK’s secret services; indeed the Minister responsible for MI6 was himself smeared a few weeks later.

This week the Coroner ruled that Mr. Williams was probably “unlawfully killed”, that his death was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated", that some of MI6’s evidence "begins to stretch bounds of credibility", and that the smears were an attempt “to manipulate the evidence”.

A decade ago Hugo Young, former Chief at the Guardian, said that MI6 “are not afraid to announce their central role in government.” Indeed there have been so many anomalies with MI5 and MI6 that one could conclude that these UK Spy Agencies run their politicians and not the other way around.

But is it the same in Canada; Does CSIS also run our Politicians?

A couple of years ago a former Canadian Intelligence Operative, who allegedly worked directly with a younger Stephen Harper, published an article in the United States with the ominous title “CSIS Rules”. Indeed, just this last December UK-based Lobster Magazine ran another article headlined “CSIS and the Canadian Stasi”.

I have included links to these articles on page 8 of my research paper whose URL is below. They do suggest that, just as in the UK, our Spy Agency (CSIS) is more in oversight of the politicians than the politicians are of them.

And then there are my own well-witnessed experiences which also demonstrate that where CSIS is involved, Canada’s entire legal, government and policing system seems to shut down.

CSIS is a Law unto itself, without proper oversight

Indeed CSIS’s review body, the SIRC, is little better than a rubber stamp. Neither Government nor CSIS takes it seriously. As I wrote the SIRC, CSIS is so contemptuous of them that last year I was getting intimidated - some witnessed by 3rd parties – just for complaining about CSIS to the SIRC.

What sort of a review body is it, when the complainants are being criminally threatened for complaining? Others have commented that the Harper Government’s appointments to the SIRC have not had much prior experience of intelligence and security matters.

As the press reported, the SIRC’s Chairman last year, Dr. Arthur Porter, while having access to Canada’s intelligence secrets, was also operating as Ambassador Plenipotentiary for Sierra Leone, and attempting to obtain funding from the Russians for some infrastructure projects.

Letter to all Members of Parliament

Last week and in the public interest I sent a letter to every Member of Parliament in Canada outlining my own experience as a victim of CSIS’s scandalous “dirty tricks” operations. Here it is:


Dear [MPs name]

CSIS - Harassing a decent family for private interests

May I bring to your attention a very real life “Orwellian” story that involves proven ongoing persecution by CSIS against my family and I? There can be no greater attack on family values in Canada than denying the basic protection of the law to a decent family.

It all started after I chose to resign from my position as Group Controller of Vancouver-based Grosvenor International - a company with close intelligence agency connections. After leaving I was character assassinated behind my back with lies, and had my career more or less destroyed. Some years later my family and I began to get intimidated, harassed, and threatened on an almost continuous basis that continues today.

Lawyers and private eyes who started to act for us were frightened off the case. It soon became clear that CSIS were involved and that they were using former East Block secret police techniques to persecute and threaten my family. When I reported this to the SIRC, it was whitewashed by them - as they have done in all such similar cases - and indeed we were now being intimidated and harassed just for reporting CSIS to this “tame” review body.

The Stasi called these persecution techniques - Zersetzen; but they are also known as Cointelpro, D & D, or Vigorous Harassment and are designed “to poison every aspect” of a family’s life. Details of my family’s persecution are provided in a research paper I wrote in February, 2012 and that can be found on this URL:

The Prime Minister has been made aware of this through intermediaries since, where CSIS and bullying power elites are involved, Canada’s entire legal, government and policing system seems to shut down. It is a sad reflection for human rights and democracy in Canada that our government seems to prefer to cover-up these ongoing abuses rather than see that justice is done.

I am contacting you as these serious ongoing abuses should be of interest to any Parliamentarian who believes in democracy and rule of law.

Roderick Russell

Links to the complaint against CSIS and correspondence with the SIRC are on page 31 of the above Paper


True or False, or Just More Smearing

Either this story is true or it is false.

If believed to be false, then I should be prosecuted in open court before a jury to see that justice is done. Indeed if the complaint against CSIS to the SIRC were frivolous, then the CSIS Act requires prosecution. If it were not frivolous, then it should have been investigated properly by the SIRC which it was not.

In fact our complaints are not only true but well-witnessed and corroborated. So CSIS resorts instead to smears, just as MI5 and MI6 taught them. As the Coroner in Mr. Williams’s inquest indicated - The purpose of the smearing is to manipulate the authorities away from rule of law so that justice is never done.

We seem to be developing a system where CSIS can act above the law with impunity to abuse innocent citizens – that’s not democracy, that’s Fascism; perhaps Fascism in a modern version hiding in the body of a democracy: but still Fascism.

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