A soft ending

Miss Tick, Wednesday, July 30, 2003 - 16:30


Wednesday at 15h00, the police took down the barricades and broke down most of their teams. Only a couple of patrols were left to watch the town center and the surrounding of the Lafontaine Park, in which the "green" zone was established today for the anti-capitalism carnival to take place.

The place, which was chosen for pacific celebration and group lunch, did not seem to have the favour of the activists that have participated in the mobilization of the last few days. This carnival seem to be much more of an "anti-capitalism rest" due to the tranquility of the approximately fourty persons present. Food, leisure activity and workshop take place with music and lot of media present to make some wrap-ups of the last five days of actions against the WTO.

Around 16h00, the small group decided to end sooner the occupation of the south-west of the park to walk in solidarity with the people who were arrested since monday. They left the park in the direction of the law court where the hearings are going on during the day, especially Jaggi Singh audience around 14h30.

We suggest you to keep an eye on the CMAQ in the next few hours and days to obtain other details, in particular on the case of arrested people. Our video team has been working very hard since sunday to give you interesting documentaries and interviews that will be published here.

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