[video documentary] Toronto G20 EXPOSED - Original Full-Length

CMAQ via Mic, Vendredi, Décembre 10, 2010 - 00:00

[ Michael Lessard of the Quebec-Indymedia ( : Since this video focuses on facts and the information is of very good quality, and offers many different sources, I have placed it as a headline (sticky) for the G20 topic.  The subject is police actions and repression and shows various points of views. It does not discuss the political viewpoints of protesters nor globalization for example.]

Author : independent documentary filmmaker Derek Soberal
This is the complete version: 2 hours 14 min.

Analysis at the end is just wrong
Michael Lessard...
Ven, 2011-03-04 02:14

For the record, I expressed the following under this Youtube version. Please keep in mind it is hard to say much with so little allowed words on Youtube.

This video shows facts and quality info, but the analysis at the end is wrong: though we/I can disagree with black block tactics when held alongside massive popular protests, it is wrong to demonize them and claim they are hired by some obscure force. The aggressive protesters have rational and legitimate reasons to want to fight back. The repression during the G20 just reveals what they are fighting against and the black block youth are sincere anti-capitalists. (part 2 follows)

(Part 2 - Wanderor2003) Globalization is violent, our brothers and sisters are suffering, so we can't expect everyone to remain non violent during these events where the rich States want to impose their agenda upon the rest of the world.

Now, personally, I feel direct actions should not hamper other protesters. Aggressive actions steal the messages of thousands of other people there. I suggest, humbly, direct actions should be done before/after massive popular protests. True respect of actions.

[ Of course, these thoughts of mine are very incomplete. The black block did act after the massive march and so on, and the police leaders/politicians are to blame for using broken windows to try and justify repression of protests in general. Let us recall that many weeks before the protests, the 'Harperian' message of intimidation, with statements about sonic canons, was already in the air to frighten people away from protesting the G20. Many people, many from Ontario, decided to protest explicitly to affirm their right to protest in face of such intimidation.]

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