Globalization: From Economic Crash to Climate Crash!

franzlee, Vendredi, Mars 21, 2008 - 17:40

Franz J. T. Lee

Will our great grandchildren invariably fall down the
cataclysmic abyss?

By Franz J. T. Lee

The global Via Crucis is getting more and more dangerous.

On 27th February 2008 occurred the largest earthquake in the United Kingdom for the last 24 years with its epicenter near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Many people reported of having seen strange bright flashes of light.

What does such a phenomenon have got to do with the dialectical laws of continuum / discontinuum ... as explained by Marxism and quantum physics ... also with the destruction of 95% of all species on earth, of all flora and fauna, directly with Venezuela's biodiversity, water and oxygen, with its oil and gas, with its 'revolución bonita'?

* Where is the ominous connection between 'preventive wars', 'military humanism', Exxon-Mobil, Colombia's Alvaro Uribe and the warming up of the earth?

* Was the geophysical military project HAARP at work in Britain, or was it just running bezerk?

* Why lately so many tremors and earthquakes on a global scale?

Apart from the daily mini-quakes, here in Mérida alone we have experienced six larger tremors (around 3.5 on the Richter scale) over the last months. In December 1999, during decisive constitutional elections, Venezuela was suffering its worst 'natural' disaster in 100 years, heavy rains and strong floods that killed ten thousands of people.

* What really struck Vargas?

* What caused the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunamis in South Asia?

* In 2005, who possibly directed the Hurricane Katrina towards New Orleans?

* Who was testing their geophysical weapons of mass destruction, to be used in 'preventive wars', in 'military humanism'?

*Who is messing up nature, generating future catastrophes?

* In the 1960s, during the 'Cold War', did Uncle Sam already use similar prototypes of geophysical, electro-magnetic and nuclear or plutonium weapons of 'low intensity' in the Vietnam War, or lately in Falujah, in Iraq?

Perhaps in 50 years time historians will get the declassified data to answer all these questions, to write brilliant Ph. D or D. Sc. theses. Meanwhile, we know who set fire to the German Reichstag decades ago, and what really happened in Pearl Harbor. Also, we now know who really 'discovered' America: the African-Arab forefathers of the 'terrorist' Bin Laden. In 50 years we may also know who Chavez really was and what was happening in Venezuela at the turn of the century. Currently, the truth is 'foxy' ruling class truth, the Murdoch empire is 'informing' us about all the major global events.

What does all this have got to do with the zigzag and tictac of evolutionary processes, with linear, peaceful, democratic development, as contrasted with dialectical qualitative processes, with 'continuum / discontinuum' relations, with 'modes of production / modes of creation' and with 'revolution / emancipation'?

Why should Venezuela reflect these processes in its revolutionary praxis and theory? Why must the people, the workers be informed, be educated to think in philosophic terms? Are we really softly being killed? At any rate, if we are not going to be informed, if we do not inform ourselves, probably we'll never know why our potential great grandchildren may never see the light of day. More and more men are losing their fertility; what is happening to their sperms? Have our cell phones we carry on our bodies got something to do with this? We urgently need every single creative effort to stop the coming annihilation of life on this planet. We have no other space ship, and in all probability no other life anymore. Hence, it is imperative to defend what we have against the vandalism of rogue governments and terrorist corporatism.

Who considers the above to be crazy ideas or 'communist atheism' should just continue to drink his Coca Cola, his imported Black & White Whisky on the rocks on the sinking Titanic, should pay for it in US dollars, should continue to enjoy his early breakfast in the imploding Twin Towers, should drive his Hummer, his luxury vehicle, attacked by paramilitary snipers towards the bloody epicenter of the attempted April 11, 2002 coup in Venezuela.

In its latest meeting, the 'Club of Rome' called for a global dictatorship, not of the Marxist proletariat, but of world fascism. Well, leaving political double standards aside, we have a moribund one already.

Welcome to reality, ignorance is bliss, but beware: for socialists it is folly to be wise in capitalism. Do we know why icy Greenland is turning green nowadays? Why are the polar bears dying? Why will we encounter toxic methane gas all over soon? In fact right here, in front of my nose, there outside the glacier of Pico Bolivar is becoming smaller every year. On Plaza Bolivar, in Mérida, snow has ceased to fall since decades ago.

Long ago already, our friend Siegfried E. Tischler had warned that "the greenhouse-effect is starting to turn into the Venus-effect." He explained the "Countdown to Global Climate Catastrophe: when the current average CO2 content of the atmosphere of 279 ppm will have reached the magic number of 400, the irreversible 'Venus Effect' (as the author has termed it in his lectures) will set in."

If the current industrial and technological savagery continues, this 'magic' figure will be reached within the next century or so, and instead of enjoying socialism, our great grandchildren - that is if they will come to exist - will be falling invariably down the man-made, dark, cataclysmic abyss.

Hence, also in Venezuela, the proclaimed 'new man' ... who is supposed to be a truly new human being, or as we say: a human being, existence and transcendence, a 'human trinity', urgently needs a new logic, science and philosophy to confront globalization in all its dangerous fascist spheres, to counter the lies, hoaxes and myths about President Chavez, Venezuela and Latin America. Furthermore, on a global scale, by means of emancipatory discontinuity, the human species has to transcend the continuum of oppressive modes of production towards the discontinuum of modes of creation and creativity.

This is not a one man's job. It is an immense, gigantic global task. Socially, in community, nationally and internationally, we have to create the necessary praxis and theory, the objective, subjective and 'transjective' conditions for this 'transvolutionary' exodus, for this emancipatory crossing of the Rubicon. Within global capitalist barbarism there is no possibility of emancipation for the human species.

Currently we are not only witnessing an Economic Crash, far more dangerous is the Climate Crash!

To explain concretely, in simple essence, what the above is all about, let us try to stimulate our already very much strained revolutionary neurones to the highest degree of class sensorial perception and of social class consciousness. Let us focus directly on the rudimentary forms of the gigantic transhistoric task that faces enslaved mankind in this century; surely, this directly is affecting the emancipatory quo vadis of Bolivarian Socialism of the 21st century.

Historically, when a mode of production has reached its alpha and omega, that is, when it has reached the limits and limitations of its existence, then, it has already generated all its transhistoric natural tendencies, social latencies and technological (military) possibilities. Thereafter, as a specific identifiable mode of labor, as slavery, feudalism or capitalism, it begins to erode, to wither away into terrorist self-realization. At high velocity it rushes down the mortal drain of lies, immorality, corruption and bureacracy, of social and cultural decay.

As philosophers like Kant, Hegel and Marx have explained in detail long ago already, progressively our planetary reality, is becoming fully recognizable to those who still can grasp global phenomena at their very material and social roots, to those who have no other choice anymore but to become radical, to join the global emancipatory class struggle, to see history, the ruling class process of labor production, as that what it always has been: as 'total war', 'veni, vidi vici', 'full spectrum dominance', 'war of the galaxies', 'shock and awe', 'military humanism' and 'preventive wars', that is, as a militarized mode of self-destruction, a Moloch which is destined to devour all life in the solar system.

Obviously, the global state of affairs is not in favor of any continuum of human toil and labor, of any future, of a happy end. Millions and millions of cheap, physical laborers have already been thrown out of the global labor process, are already obsolete. Currently, as things are developing, a post-capitalist or even a transitional, new mode of production has no future; in other words, production itself is becoming obsolete, is fading away.

Still mainly unknown spheres dawn on the micro-, meso- and macro-cosmic galactic horizons: the age of emancipatory modes of creation and creativity. These radical, extreme, principled, coming realities scare heaven and hell out of all global slave masters, clergy, nobility, capitalists, imperialists and terrorists. They are already building their 'Noah's Ark' to escape to the Moon or Mars.

Dialectics ... but also modern fractal geometry or chaos theory, bourgeois capitalist natural science and quantum physics ... informs us about the reality of 'processes' of continuum and discontinuum. For example, in physics for beginners we are being taught that the movement of a molecule dialectically can be continuum and discontinuum at the same time. On the appropriate degree, let us give another very complex example which comes from the fields of modern quantum physics and new philosophic emancipatory thought. It concerns the fragmentation or atomization of Cosmic Being, of Human Being, of physical life on planet earth, but particularly (in the concrete utopian sense of the Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch) of how to disalienate ourselves by venturing beyond the Void, beyond the capitalist gaping Chaos, towards natura naturata and natura naturans, towards creating and creative cosmic transcendence. This presupposes a radical break, a discontinuum of centuries of ruling class ideology, slave mentality, mind and thought control, social malpractices, but above all, the destruction of all religious chains of illusion.

We do not have a millennia at our disposal to accomplish this gigantic task, but we could begin right away, our billion fold quantity could generate a tremendous creative force against a Lilliputian parasitic elitist minority.

However, why do we underline the age old problem of the continuum/discontinuum? Simply because there are scientific and philosophic reasons to know that the millennia old production process, as explained by Marxist political economy, has reached its end, its globalization. Essentially and existentially, it cannot continue anymore, it is falling into a state of fascist decay; something completely new is venturing beyond, is transcending its vale of tears, its death throes and agony.

The liberatory efforts, the social experiments, the united socialist party of Venezuela (PSUV), Bolivarian socialism, with all their praxical and theoretical shortcomings are blazing the global trails of emancipatory discontinuity, are paving the serpentine tracks towards a still possible exodus from capitalist bondage. In this sense, the productive continuum is being surpassed by a creative discontinuum, by something totally new, original and authentic.

We are still too near to this majestic happening, we are sitting right at the foot of the lighthouse, on its dangerous rocks. Only at a far greater distance, sailing in the galactic ocean of zillions of possibilities, will we see the guiding light.

For millennia we have produced profits, wealth and privileges for parasites. It's now or never that the human species, as a totality, has to become itself, has to become conscious of itself, of its creative powers. It needs no creator from on high; humanity itself is its only, earthly, emancipatory creator and creative emancipator.

Similarly, in order to not fall into the quagmire of world fascism, it's now or never that the Bolivarian Revolution, the Socialist United Party of Venezuela (PSUV) have to decide what is logical, scientific, philosophic and emancipatory socialism, what is modern class struggle. Listening carefully to the very latest speeches of President Hugo Chavez Frias, even reading between the lines, we can notice how global reality is carrying him day by day towards a deeper understanding of capitalism, and how he is learning pretty fast the central socialist maxims and profound flowing emancipatory truths. There is no shortcut, no easy highway to scientific, philosophic socialism. It is only in revolutionary praxis and theory that we learn what exactly is the class struggle, what is socialism.

The reasons for urgent global emancipation are manifold, for example and as already indicated, there is no guarantee that in this very century, we will be heading straight towards a 'transitional epoch' from capitalism to socialism, or even directly towards socialism itself. Also, we have no guarantee of individual, eternal life after death as propagated by religious belief that hangs on a very slender, tender thread, generated by the very transhistoric 'continuum / discontinuum' problem.

However, the infamous Bilderberg Clan and the erudite 'think tanks' of corporate globalization, who annually meet in secrecy, are fully aware of the coming apocalyptic effects and affects of a possible nuclear 'Doomsday'; if not for us, then definitely for our children or grandchildren.

In reality, the global Iluminati, the 'Group of 8' or 'Club of Rome' do not care a dime about six billion precious lives on earth, nor about Earth itself. To them, they are just simply non-humans, and as such are being massacred by the millions in the Middle East, in Africa and elsewhere on the planet by war, famine and the very capitalist system they defend. Idiotically, high representatives of this global ruling mafia had discussed a month ago at a conference in Strasbourg, the possibility to finance and build a modern 'Noah's Ark' on the Moon containing the essential ingredients of Herrenvolk, Western 'life', 'culture' and 'civilization'. 'The day after' the big, earthly Apocalypse, the 'human material' or 'human capital' contained in Noah's Ark on the Moon, could then be activated by either human survivors or any other extraterrestrial 'saviors' from outer space.

This pack of corporate imperialist werewolves and war criminals, this homo homini lupus, couldn't be more cynical! Here on Earth, their bloody army boots are trampling to death anything living or sacred; hypocritically, they are searching for life in their Universe, with the only purpose to one day exploit even the meteors (one such capitalist enterprise has already the private property rights of owning a meteor in the solar system).

To crown it all, preparations for the Ark are already underway and among other things, it has been reported from Strasbourg that the European Space Agency scientists are hoping to experiment with the growing of tulips on the moon within the next decade. Results are expected to be obtained as early as 2012 or 2015. And yet, in spite of the scientific advances and qualitative leaps, in spite of 'Philadelphia Experiments' and the Super-String Theory, the European Space Agency scientists and the NASA experts, backed by the international mass media, still feed us with the obsolete Big Bang 'Father Christmas' myth and similar geocentrist, formal logical, uni-versal views.

"A Nasa satellite has detected radiation emitted trillionths of a second after the big bang, the closest humans have got to directly observing the explosion that created the universe."

However, let us take a look at the historical essence of our real problem of human survival on earth.

Apart from the destruction of the ozone layer, caused by toxic industrial gases, produced in metropolitan countries, apart from artificially producing droughts and floods by means of HAARP projects, from weather and climate manipulation, by using Tesla technology, Nature itself is now reacting against global capitalist exploitation and domination. Human labor and its capitalist products have played havoc with our natural space ship, are destroying its flora and fauna, our very natural habitat.

Furthermore, apart from deliberately causing countless tremors and earthquakes all over the show, apart from the production of lethal radio-active weapons and waste, also of AIDS in military laboratories, from fomenting massive mind and thought control projects; apart from all these, our greatest problem is now materialized in the age of globalization; it is the drastic climatic change on a world scale, the dramatic heating up of the planet.

The mass media do not spotlight the real causes and immediate dangers of this problem. In the very United States of America, which is the main culprit of industrially producing the 'greenhouse effect', since decades the weather patterns have not been normal anymore. Yes, our problem is becoming a burning issue, it is becoming hot all over the planet.

The natural history of our planet shows that over the last three hundred million years, five times the living species were endangered and large numbers perished as a result of drastic climatic changes. Biodiversity was extensive during global epochs of low temperatures, but as a result of the 'greenhouse effect' it was very low during hot and humid climatic periods. Some 250 million years ago, a record number of earthly species disappeared, about 95% of the then existing flora and fauna vanished. This was a natural disaster. Our coming disaster within the next decades is unnecessary, it is man-made, has social causes. Within a few centuries of capital accumulation ... of the existence of a dominant mode of capitalist production ... we are hell bent on destroying a process of hundreds of millions of years of the evolution of life on earth.

Of course, in prehistoric aeons the sudden death of so many species caused a drastic, dramatic discontinuum in the evolution of planetary life. Thanks to the survival of chimpanzees and pigs (they barely differ from us as far as their genetic composition is concerned) the species man could come into existence at all.

Seen from these transhistoric dimensions, five times already the 'creation of man', the 'missing link' and the 'paragon of animals', all turned out to be simply the results of a complex dialectical (dialogical) continuum / discontinuum; of sublime transversal transcendence, of 'transvolutionary' galactic 'events'.

It becomes obvious that realities do not always develop in a straight line, that there are no absolute truths, that the acquisition of true knowledge is a humble social don, that the development of one mode of production after the other is not eternal. Galactic modes can surpass towards other spheres, for example, towards modes of creation, creativity or emancipation. Of course, they have no objective or 'transjective' relation to nirvana, hades, limbo, purgatory, hell or heaven.

Let us see how real is the threat of human extinction on earth. Generally, to know the truth about historical reality, we should just study the acts of the ruling classes, they know the real dangers that are facing their class interests. In a recent work, published in the review "Proceedings of the Royal Society", a British scientist warns that at the current speed of heating up the planet, within one or two centuries we could reach a similar stage of Armaggedon in which 95% of our already endangered species, that is, all our flora and fauna, including homo sapiens sapiens itself, could perish.

This is not a problem that will face us in a million years from now on, it is a danger that is confronting us now already, at most, within the next two generations, within 100 to 200 years.

Thus, the real danger facing mankind is not only Bush, not the 'Empire', also not 'Exxon Mobil', it is global capitalism in its totality, globalized fascism. With few exceptions, apart from the vicious imperialist attacks, the major error of most past social and socialist revolutions was that they were not constantly ab ovo anti-capitalist, not principally armed with living, socialist-marxist praxis and theory. Surely, all social movements have their historic rights, their heroic leaders, they have their historic place and time, but finding ourselves at the doorstep of apocalyptic doom, extreme radical measures have to be taken. In this case we have to take up all the arms that proletarian world struggles have already created for us. Till today, the rulers use their idealist and theological arms and beliefs produced by Plato, Aristotle, the Neo-Platonists, the Fathers of the Church, Christianity and the Spanish Inquisition against the rebelling workers and slaves, against the 'speaking tools'. Without the absolute truths of the above, no mind and thought control mechanism would ever function.

The easiest thing to be manipulated by the international mass media is a superstitious or staunch religious mind.

The most complicated thing to bamboozle is a praxical and theoretical socialist mind.

However, this class consciousness must come from the revolutionary workers themselves. Any liberatory or revolutionary tendency should never suppress their rebelling spirit and concrete resistance against local, national and international capitalism. One thing is very clear: gone are the times and spaces of mass prayers, of divine rituals and religion, of peace corps, of class alliances with our butchers, of truth commissions and confessions to our church oligarchs, of gentlemen agreements, of eternal dialogues. Capitalism has set loose underworld forces, natural processes and social decay which it can't control, can't stop anymore. For the corporate moguls and war mongrels the global situation is a real S.O.S. For the billions of workers it is really 'May Day! May Day!' For the metropolitan middle classes with their arrogant petit-bourgeois attitude, it is now already 'bye-bye home, sweet home!.

Currently, with its HAARP projects, with its arsenals of geophysical weapons of mass destruction, the USA (and its allies, Britain, Israel, Colombia, etc.) is again opening the nuclear Pandora Box, the Black Box of global fascism. In the current continuum of workers resistance, of classical national and international class struggles, we may somehow decelerate or deviate the process of capitalist decomposition. In Colombia we are witnessing our 'Hobson's choice'; after half a century of civil war, neither Uribe, supported by the USA, nor the revolutionary movement, the FARC, has a real chance of total victory.

On top of all this, we know that we just do not have 500 years left to peacefully develop all kinds of ideological, moral, cultural, educational and military arms that could effectively stop all the capitalist physical and mental onslaughts which daily are becoming more sophisticated. Of course, we can learn many things from the operations of our class enemies, from Christian religion, from ruling class ideology, but also from Marxist political economy.

Time and space are relative categories; according to the brilliant philosophers Kant and Hegel, in reality, in objective reality, in nature, they do not even exist. They are just inventions of the human mind, of the labor process, of the accumulation of capital. If this should be true, then the problems of emancipation take on other dimensions. In the 1960s when the Africans of Southern Africa were engaged in a bitter struggle of liberation against their white apartheid masters, we witnessed a most interesting phenomenon.

In northern Namibia and southern Angola, within the vicious class struggle, still existing peoples, dating back to the Stone Age, back to about 20 000 B.C., the San and Khoikhoin from the Namib and Kalahari deserts exchanged their traditional bows and arrows for modern FN automatic rifles, which were captured from the white soldiers and mercenaries. They entered the battle and together with their other comrades, including the Cuban guerrillas, all together won the political independence of Namibia and Angola, and therewith of all Southern Africa.

When a so-called 'Bushman' can help to topple modern apartheid, with its nuclear weapons, why can't we do it with Bush, with the 'Bush Man' in the White House?

What more could we learn?

* After centuries of an education for barbarism, to save themselves consciously, to free themselves, six billion working people have to know the truth, the scientific truth about global capitalism.

* Of course, we surely love Simon Bolivar, we love Karl Marx, the truth we love even more.

* In history no ruling class ever stepped down peacefully from its capitalist throne. It fell down as a result of class struggle.

* Our Latin American biodiversity, our water and oxygen will soon have a greater value than black or white gold. Venezuelan reality is not and will not be the exception to this golden rule of violent class struggle against imperialist terrorism. In fact, the last decade has already verified this reality.

* Also, as Georges Sorel, Frantz Omar Fanon and Maurice Merleau-Ponty have reminded us: we are born in social violence, we live and die in capitalist violence, as ordained by the ruling class State, that is, as working outcasts across the planet we are being murdered every minute by social order. Hence, what is the 'peaceful revolution' all about? Who is kidding who? All along the past two millennia, there was not a single 'peaceful' year in and around Europe. We even registered a 'Thousand Year War' in the region.

* Marxist dialectics teach us that the opposite, the negation of social violence, is not world peace, it is militant, optimistic global emancipation; Marx called this 'human emancipation'.

All these truths we can only learn in the actual global master-slave relations, in the class struggle itself.

To acquire real praxis and theory which could transcend global capitalist misery, we need an emancipatory exodus, an 'exvolution', a discontinuation of past productive processes. We need to break away from the economic base and ideological superstructure of the capitalist mode of production, of the reproductive forces of the very same old system, that permanently 'renews', revolutionizes itself as a mode of production, as the labor process on an ever higher dialectical spiral plane, as intensified master-slave class relations, as virulent exploitation, pandemic domination, blatant racism, genocidal militarization and cossified alienation.

These are topics that concern the immediate praxis and theory of a revolutionary socialist workers party, as the vanguard of global class struggle.These things have to enter our political program, have to become tactics and strategy.

As such, our current mode of production, ... as explained by Marx in all his politico-economic writings, and enriched by other Marxist works, by means of the tendential laws of development of capitalism, competition, concentration, centralization, merging, etc., ... capitalism is approximating the dangerous limits of its organic composition and growth, thus causing over-production, progressive global pauperization, falling rates of profits, severe crises, recession, depression, wars and fascism. Unless we discontinue this savagery, what will be left after the agony of world imperialism, as Albert Einstein predicted, will drive us into radio-active caves, and then we could start all over again by swinging clubs in the Fourth World War.

In the meantime, the heart-beat of capitalism, its bourgeois democratic revolution, as predicted in the Manifesto of the Communist Party, has reached its goal, globalization, and therewith its end, its materialization, the end of physical labor, the end of all modes of production, ushering in new modes on the emancipatory horizon, in the creative spheres of discontinuity.

It is not Marxism, scientific praxis, philosophic theory and emancipatory wisdom which are becoming obsolete, rather it is capitalism itself, including its French and Industrial Revolutions.

Finally, these philosophic reflections are just blazing the trail, light up the the sublime heights that have to be taken into consideration if we are really interested in anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, socialist and communist emancipation.

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