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jerry michaud

Each days dozens of children goes missing from their fathers life , Fathers who are responsible loving individuals , but who end up falling in the family law system . A system who allow for to those with custody of the children to abduct love ones ,without consequences, and this although court order were in place.

I was sitting at home, when on the television I saw and Amber alert at the button of the screen , you could read , that a child , a little girl was abducted , and it seemed that the whole world was looking for her , all major network were covering the story . A couple of days later , coming from work ,I looked at the news ,and again all network were covering this fairy tell ending to this drama , the little girl was found unarmed , safe and sound, and the abductor turned out to be the father. What makes a men do this I thought , then I saw the distress in his eyes as they ripped his child away before they threw him to the ground.
Years have pass , And today , I am myself caught in this family law nonsense , I am now fighting for my son’s right , my little guy , the one I vowed to love and cherish . His god given right to be raised and loved by both parents . But the laws that were there to protect him have themselves been high jacked , they are no longer for him , but for his mother. A mother who beats him on occasion, is traumatizing him ,who has exposed him to drugs, criminal activities . The same mother ends up getting full custody like in over 88 % of the cases here in Canada .

Due to frustrations, I started educating myself , I tried to get informed on the twist and turns of the family laws the same one that were supposed to protect my son now almost 5 years old . And after many years all I found were more bias and unjust practices . So I founded a group , then another , not satisfied I join national and international movement . What I found in the end is more and more outrage. Which brought me to something more incredible then all the other issue combine. I found out about legal abduction.

In all of my researches ,and my education for men’s right and children’s right , I have encounter many father who’s life were filed with anguish and mental torture , their children had been literally kidnapped , abducted by their mothers . Even though they had court orders, those women simply vanished with the children from the face of the earth, with no return address. This without the police being able to do anything about , cause they are not mandated to enforce court order when it come to custodial mothers.

What is worse in these case is that the father although they continue to pay their child support they still cannot get any information to the whereabouts of the mother or the children. Cause even family responsibility will not divulge any information to protect the privacy right of the mother!

But in the mean time if a father were to stop payment of his child support , they would fine him , then remove his driver licenses , fine him again , then would go on and freeze all asset , take away his right to travel , passport and all, and as if its not enough to throw a men on the street they would then throw him in jail. And yet he cannot get any information on his own children’s where about or safety ,health and welfare. The Canadian laws actually support these action by denying the father any rights to his children.

Never you hear the Amber alert , no media coverage , no police research, nothing.
Each day 5 men are reported to have committed suicide cause they can no longer live in these conditions, 5 men! Every day Mothers , Fathers sister and brother have to morns the lost of a love one for what ?Yet again more children becomes fatherless . If a corporation or a group would cause the death of 5 people a day , they would be crucified on the public place. But our government is getting away with murder.

After all of this, I finally I found this Alex Alert network, founded by a father that had his 2 daughter abducted over 14 years ago , Alex Alert is a simple website , free for all to use , where children can find their lost fathers , a glimpse of hope a light at the end of the tunnel , for those who ran out of options.

Today this father has found his daughter , but their life condition is so sad that it will take years to try to help them reshape the reality of their own existence . Give them a chance to become full respectable member of society . He know reality and that it’s going to take time ,maybe years .

Alex Alert named after one of his children ,The idea came from the thought that if maybe ,only maybe a child could find his father in time before they fell totally abandoned and confused , that maybe it will still be time before that child can fall into crime , drugs or just become a statistic.

This fathers tell me that the day he found his girls , their was no media coverage , no parade , no marching band ,only confused children ,by years of defamation at his subject , from years of lies told by a mother that needed to justified the fact that she depraved these girl of their father. No camera , no journalist. No, only a surreal mixed feeling , and confusions. He also found out that day that one of his girl had been abused mentally and physically , that her name was illegally changed without his consent or was he even made aware .That she now was herself a mother at barely 16 years old .That she had been living in the street He held her hands to his face holding back tears just to find multiple scares on her wrist as she kept telling him horror story that no father would want to her about the child he loves so much . Such is reality , his babies were now statistic. She finally told him how much she had looked for him over the years , how much she had missed him in her life ,and that she had been searching for him without success , he too had been searching for so long. But if only there was a place where people could direct their search maybe they would have found each other sooner , maybe ,just maybe her destiny would have been different,

If only.

Today such place exist , founded two days before he had found her , The Alex Alert Network is now available thanks to this father who has never giving up hope and hopefully will help reunite other girl with their long lost daddy . His story is true , like hundreds and maybe thousands of others , men’s right groups can fight for the laws , meanwhile it is time to reunited children with their loving father.

fathers right , abducted children, family law, childrens right .
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