Breaking news! Evidence of deployment of provocateurs mounts

Michael Lessard..., Mercredi, Août 22, 2007 - 09:28

There is mounting evidence that military and police forces in charge of “security" for the SPP Summit in Montebello, this past weekend deployed "provocateurs" in order to instigate violence.

Many people have already seen the powerful video evidence posted to the YouTube website by independent journalist Paul Manly. The five-minute clip shows a remarkable scene near one of the green zone police lines, where a set of three “provocateurs", dressed as protesters and wielding rocks, are confronted by a group of trade unionists and young protesters, who suspect them of being police agents.

The video and photo evidence are shared in an Montebello-Indymedia article (follow the link below)

In this Montebello-Indymedia post, note the link to Canadian Press article.

The reporter mentions how 4 people were arrested in all, none of which are the 3 masked men who pretended to forcibly cross the police line; an act that would normally get you seriously arrested.

Along with the picture showing how the three provocateurs and the riot-police are ALL wearing the same boots, the proof is undeniable.

- Michael Lessard, CMAQ volunteer.

Indymedia post with all the links
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