8th Anniversary of the People's War in Nepal

Eric Smith, Vendredi, Février 13, 2004 - 13:14


A solidarity message from the RCP(OC) for the 8th Anniversary of the People's War in Nepal.

February 13, 2004

To the Central Committee of the
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Dear comrades,

We send you our warmest greetings for the 8th anniversary of the People's War in Nepal.

Started from almost nothing but armed with what is the most important--a Party, a correct ideological and political line as well as a deep and unfailing relationship with the broad popular masses--the fighters of what was going to become the now powerful and glorious People's Liberation Army undertook with great courage a long and hard battle which represents today a resounding hope not only for the Nepalese masses but for the whole international proletariat and the oppressed people.

While advancing continuously in the fight against the reactionary classes and the big imperialist powers which support them and while building, step by step, a new people's power, the Nepalese masses led by your Party established a solid support base serving the world revolution.

The huge successes that you already achieved prove once more, as Chairman Mao used to say, that a just cause always enjoys abundant support. Especially when such a cause is carried out correctly, it become possible to fight and win even against the most despotic enemies and under the most difficult situations.

The People's War that you have carried out for eight years now constitutes a living proof of the great powerfulness of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, that is the ideology of the international proletariat reinforced by the experience of more than 150 years of struggle for Socialism and Communism.

The worst repression nor the terror and massacres perpetrated by the old regime did not succeed in stopping the advance of the People's War; on the contrary, their effect has been to isolate even more the feudal monarchy and to bring more people in the revolutionary camp. There is no doubt that the external and ashamed interference of the Indian expansionists, which already started (as with the unacceptable and illegal capture of Comrade Gaurav a few months ago and more recently the kidnapping of Comrades Matrika Prasad Yadav and Suresh Ale Magar), as like the intervention of the Yankee imperialism--which fears more than anything else the consequences of a victory of the revolutionary struggle in Nepal--will ultimately have as a result to multiply by tens, even outside Nepal, the number of people supporting your fight.

With the People's War led by Maoist parties and organizations in India, in the Philippines, in Turkey and in Peru, the People's War in Nepal is a shining beacon for the global resistance against imperialist exploitation and oppression and it highly contributes to the emergence and the development of a new revolutionary leadership at the international level, whose the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) constitutes the embryo.

While holding the First Congress of the RCP(OC) a few months ago and adopting their Program, the Maoists from Canada committed themselves to support and help building the RIM, especially by joining and reinforcing the new great wave of the world revolution that is currently rising.

Inspired by your courage and your determination, it is sure that the international proletariat as a whole will be able to "move the mountains" as you are doing, and to finally build a new world free from any kind of exploitation.

Long Live the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)!
Long Live the 8th Anniversary of the People's War!
Glory to the heroic fighters of the People's Liberation Army and to the oppressed masses who resist and are building a new Nepal!

The Political Bureau of the
Revolutionary Communist Party (Organizing Committees)

Incitation à la violence
Carl Desjardins
Sam, 2004-02-14 12:55

J'ai l'impression que cette soumission a pour objectif d'inciter les gens à la violence. Pour cette raison, l'article est automatiquement refusé.

Carl Desjardins

[ ]

This article does not call for violence
Dim, 2004-02-15 16:08

I have voted for the publication of this article because it adhere's to CMAQ's editorial policies. It may be misunderstood to be a call for violence (uses of the words 'war' and 'army') but in English these are not necessarily used to mean armed war.

[ ]

en complémentaire
Carl Desjardins
Dim, 2004-02-15 18:27

La raison de mon refus d'approuver cette article est simple: La guerrilla népalaise maoïste s'applique dans le pays à des déplacements de populations forcés. Massacre de population dans les villages si les villageois refusent de prendre part au conflit. On signale aussi plusieurs enlèvements perpétré par la guerrilla maoïste. Utilisation de la torture pour faire parler les gens afin d'assassiner les élites politiques locales, ou pour soutirer leur "entière collaboration", pour ce qui est du trafic d'armes, de femmes, d'enfants et de drogues. Si ces faits ne vous convaincs pas de refuser cet article... on est mal barré pis en maudit !

Carl Desjardins

[ ]

Lun, 2004-02-16 17:52

There is no reason not to publish this communiqué on cmaq.

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