By becoming a partner!

patc, Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 19:10

While constantly looking for financial support to keep the CMAQ going, we also want to establish services exchanges.

Among other things, we propose to share our technical expertise by

- Hosting websites on our server
- Creating websites
- Providing technical assistance

We can also share our experience and our know-how, in terms of editorial competences. We will organize journalism and writing workshops.

In counterpart, we need money, but also material (computers and all kind of related stuff, photocopier, office supplies, furnitures, green plants... name it).

If you think we can help and/or if you wish to become a partner of CMAQ, in any way, CONTACT US! info [AR]

CMAQ: Vie associative

Quebec City collective: no longer exist.

Get involved !


Ceci est un média alternatif de publication ouverte. Le collectif CMAQ, qui gère la validation des contributions sur le Indymedia-Québec, n'endosse aucunement les propos et ne juge pas de la véracité des informations. Ce sont les commentaires des Internautes, comme vous, qui servent à évaluer la qualité de l'information. Nous avons néanmoins une Politique éditoriale , qui essentiellement demande que les contributions portent sur une question d'émancipation et ne proviennent pas de médias commerciaux.

This is an alternative media using open publishing. The CMAQ collective, who validates the posts submitted on the Indymedia-Quebec, does not endorse in any way the opinions and statements and does not judge if the information is correct or true. The quality of the information is evaluated by the comments from Internet surfers, like yourself. We nonetheless have an Editorial Policy , which essentially requires that posts be related to questions of emancipation and does not come from a commercial media.