World Bank is not Indian Republic

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World Bank is not Indian Republic
Wolfensohn is not President of India

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World Bank is not Indian Republic
Wolfensohn is not President of India
World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn's reported demand that
Maharashtra State Electricity Board must be privatised and that the
decision taken by Maharashtra Government on November 4 to break MSEB
into three corporations in order to satisfy Bank's conditionalites is
not enough is nothing but naked interference in the functioning of the
government by the plundering agency.
Mr. Wolfensohn cannot be unaware of the strong opposition of MSEB
workers and the labour movement in this country against the decision
of the government to trifurcate the board in particular and
privatisation in general.
Dismantling public sector is undoubtedly a pre-requisite for the Bank
to pave the way for the unbridled exploitation of national resources
by multi-national corporations like Enron. Hence the Bank's demand
for MSEB's privatisation.
TUSC deplores Mr. Wolfensohn's chastising of the Maharashtra
Government and his questioning the state government's right to give
subsidies to people. Wolfensohn is not the head of the Indian
Republic. He is only the President of a money lending agency.
Wolfensohn's remarks are anti-people. Shameful
N. Vasudevan
Joint Convenor, Trade Union Solidarity Committee

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