SPOOKS, LIES AND THREATS - Canada’s Shameful Cover-up

Anonyme, Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 20:13

Roderick Russell

The recently published research paper “ZERZETSEN TORTURE REPORT” provides a blueprint on the illegal use of the “Zerzetsen” no touch torture technique against whistle-blowers. Zerzetsen is a process of character assassination and threats – its purpose is to poison every aspect of a person’s life. CSIS practices Zerzetsen in Canada with impunity and Stephen Harper’s Government is aware of it.

It's just as the STASI treated Dissidents in Former Communist East Germany, except this Human Rights Abuse is happening in Canada today. The Stasi called it Zerzetsen; CSIS calls it “D&D”. Click on this URL to view the recently issued “Zerzetsen Torture Report”:

Zerzetsen, which means “Oppression by systematic decomposition", is not the old fashioned bloodier medieval form of torture, but a more modern Orwellian 1984 equivalent that was developed by the former GDR Secret Police “The STASI” to cause “severe and prolonged suffering” without leaving marks.


As the paper describes, Zerzetsen starts with character assassination and slander – It's about manipulating people or groups of people by typical STASI methods (hearsay, gossip, lies, spreading rumours about someone … the list goes on).

Years of Intimidation, harassment, surveillance, telephone tapping, and death threats follow on. A classic STASI technique - with both oneself and ones children threatened. The different types of threats are described in the Paper.

As the Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights states – “Direct threats to him/her or to a relative are by far the most common form of torture.” Indeed the Center goes on to state – [Zerzetsung] … “can easily, inconspicuously be implemented by … democratic systems”.

As, Gerald R. James, the former Chairman of Astra wrote in reference to his persecution following whistle-blowing that was embarrassing to MI6 and the CIA – “I was subjected to harassment, burglaries…surveillance, bugging, telephone tapping … my family suffered considerably … my brother was killed in an accident never satisfactorily explained”


And then there is OMERTA – a silence; a shut down of all forms of help; a cover-up to pervert the course of justice by ensuring that the Zerzetsen crimes are never investigated. Zerzetsen is always a crime of the intelligence services; once they are involved people are scared to help. Police, politicians, and human rights agencies – no exceptions. And then along with the cover-up come the SMEARS.

In typical Stasi-style, the formula used is -- First to Threaten, Then to Cover-Up by Ensuring No Honest Investigation Takes Place, and then to say you are Nuts when you complain about the Cover-Up. Soon the smears are coming from all angles. Indeed, victims of Zerzetsen are usually smeared with accusations of paranoia as part of the actions taken against them by the security services.

Pages 17 to 20 of this Research Report describes the experiences of other whistle-blowers who were victims of Zerzetsen torture – a Company CEO, an award winning journalist, diplomats, and police officers. Google on them and see their similar experiences for yourself.

The facts in the paper are independently corroborated for verification purposes. There are eye-witnesses to many of the threats, recordings of death threats in police hands, and considerable documentary proof of the cover-up is attached.


Under the headline “Lies, Threats and Whistleblowers” journalist Liam Clarke reported in the UK’s prestigious Sunday Times (Oct 2004) how honest police officers were persecuted by the UK’s security agency - MI5. He says - “the Stasi used to call such tactics “Zerzetsen”, roughly translated as “to undermine, subvert and corrode.”’ He said MI5 have used Zerzetsen “many times before”.

On May 31, 2006 under the headline “lacking a case, CSIS disrupted suspect’s life” The Globe and Mail reported that CSIS has used Zerzetsen, though apparently CSIS calls it “D&D” (Diffuse and Disrupt).

Indeed a former Canadian Government “Intelligence Analyst” and whistle-blower has recently (July 2010) written to several Canadian journalists confirming that CSIS is still using “D&D” (i.e. Zerzetsen) to persecute whistle-blowers in Canada today; including himself and his wife.


D&D, Zerzetsen, Zerzetzen, or Zersetzung -- Call it what you like: I’m referring to the “no touch torture” technique developed by the STASI to persecute dissidents and being used by CSIS today.

The story began years ago in Vancouver, Canada. After I chose to leave Grosvenor International, I was character assassinated with lies behind my back. A prominent lawyer describing Grosvenor has said “that organization has far too much power”. Grosvenor is owned by The Duke of Westminster; who, according to the Press, has boasted about his intelligence connections and is a close friend of Prince Charles.

It does seem that once legitimate Intelligence Gathering Agencies are today morphing into a Stasi-style secret police. Indeed, there is not much point in voting for politicians to pass laws, if these same politicians don’t ensure that the laws are adhered to.

That Elites in Canada can so easily OVERRIDE RULE of LAW and SEIZE-UP our DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS is symptomatic of a crisis in Democracy.

It is an amazing story; but a true one. I am exposing a real can of worms that leads to CSIS and some establishment figures. To see the Research Paper for a blueprint on “Zerzetsen” torture, click on the following URL:

Civil Liberties and Rule of Law seem unimportant to our Government. Some would call this neo-fascism. What is certain is that CSIS is out of control, and Stephen Harper’s government can’t cope with them.

Roderick Russell

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