The Top Twenty Forbidden Truths of Humanity

Anonyme, Saturday, September 19, 2009 - 12:44

The Seer of Forbidden Truth

The human species is diseased, devolving, and doomed to extinction. Here are the top twenty Forbidden Truths of this pathetic species, that prove the argument that humanity is unworthy of continuing to exist.

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The top twenty Forbidden Truths of humanity:

1: Every society on planet earth deliberately and specifically chooses to sponsor, encourage, enable and support the mass torture of all children born into or living within the society. This societally sponsored mass torture of children is centered upon the decreed familial entitlement of biological creators and other adult members of family units, to cathartically relieve the torments of their own past childhoods and their current adult lives, by transferring their own torture and torment upon their sperm creations and womb excretions.

2: Every society has the capability to stop and prevent 98%+ of all significant child abuse, from occurring. With utter malice and complete disregard for the welfare of all it’s children, every society on planet earth makes the consciously evil choice and decision to not prevent or stop this mass child torture, and in fact to legitimize, encourage, and support the mass torture of all children, by their parents and other adult members of the societally decreed Sacred Family Unit.

3: All human beings who commit acts of violence that society chooses to label as "crimes", are in fact tortured victim-creations of society, who are doing nothing more than accurately reflecting back upon society, a tiny portion of the severe abuse, brutalization, and trauma that their society, with malice aforethought, chose to inflict upon them. Society has no moral, ethical, or legitimate right, of any kind, to inflict or to try to inflict any sort of punitive or traumatic punishment, upon any of it’s tortured victim-creations, regardless of what so-called "criminal" acts of True Reality personal vengeance any of the victims of society may undertake.

4: Human beings are the most intellectually advanced life form in existence within this solar system. There is no such entity as "god", most top leaders of societies recognize this fact, and in reality, the Insane God Myth is deliberately used by societies and their leaders, with malice aforethought, to commit mass genocide upon the minds and sanity of as many citizen-slaves as possible, by destroying their most innate abilities to recognize and accept Truth, from the moment of their birth onward throughout their entire lives.

5: Every life form exists only for as long as their brain continues to function. As soon as brain function ceases, the person or other life form becomes "dead". When a person dies they cease to exist for all of the rest of eternity, on all levels of actuality. No life form can ever have any sort of experience, once their brain function ceases. The notions of heaven, hell, reincarnation, ghosts, and all other "afterlife" scenarios are Insane Myths that have no possible legitimacy. These insane myths are malevolently promoted and viciously imposed upon all citizen-slaves, by society.

6: The societally sponsored activities of the judicially imposed "death penalty", abortion, sport hunting, and military "war" service, are in reality acts of murder, committed and legitimized by society, all of which are far more immoral, perverse, and unjustifiable than any individual act of so-called "criminal" violence, undertaken for personal True Reality reasons by a tortured victim-creation of society, could ever be.

7: The vast majority of all adult human beings are filled with homicidal rage, as a result of the sum total of abusive, traumatic, insane, lie-based life experiences that they have been subjected to throughout their lives. This rage exists on a subconscious, repressed and denied level, for most people. Societal leaders are fully aware of this Forbidden Truth, and realize that in order to avoid the danger of the citizen-slaves rising up and releasing their homicidal rage, perhaps en masse, upon the most appropriate target, the societal leadership itself, they must provide and legitimize "legal" forms of murder for their citizen-slaves to cathartically release their suppressed rage upon. These legalized forms of murder include, as stated in Forbidden Truth #6, the death penalty, abortion, hunting, war, and many others, including non-lethal forms of legalized brutalization, with children being the most popular targeted victims.

8: There is no legitimate reason why any human biological creator of a child, should be given any intrinsic custodial entitlement or right to rear the child, or to have any ongoing contact with the child. In choosing to legitimize the Sacred Family Unit doctrine, society officially decrees all children to be subhuman, worthless pieces of owned property, whose only purpose and reason for existing, is to serve as slaves and cathartic Poison Containers to their biological creators and other adult Sacred Family Unit members.

9: The societal activity referred to as "marriage" is an entirely artificial and invalid construct that society has invented and devised for the specific purpose of trying to terroristically and coercively enslave human beings to each other, and to domesticate, and control the lives of, as many citizen-slaves as it possibly can.

10: The artificial societal constructs of "child support", motherhood, and fatherhood, have no legitimacy or basis in Truth. These labels and the child support law that arises out of the mother and father labels, are tools of terroristic societal enslavement, employed by society for the purpose of controlling, dominating, and dictating the lives of citizen-slaves. There is no sane or rational reason why any biological creator of a child should have any sort of legal or societal obligation to care for or support the child, in any way, shape, or form, simply because they created the child by engaging in sexually intimate acts with each other.

11: All societies are built upon utterly racist doctrine and a caste system that is designed to make sure that a certain portion of citizen-slaves, selected by either their racial heritage or their familial background/ancestry, are always trapped within grinding poverty and seen/judged to be inferior by the wealthier, advantaged race/class. The economic systems of all societies are carefully structured in such a way as to always maintain this economic quality of life divide between citizen-slaves, and even more importantly, to make it as hard as possible for all citizen-slaves who are of a societally decreed "inferior" race, or who come from a "family breeding line" that has a history of poverty, to achieve any sort of economic wealth, or the power/influence that such wealth might offer. In general, the more outspokenly strident a society is in publically claiming to be determined to wipe out racism and to "treat all citizens equally", the more perversely racist and caste-based it in fact is.

12: All societies and governments of the Modern Era have been and continue to be today, fundamentally evil, immoral, genocidal, lie-based, and unworthy of existing as empowered entities that control and dictate the lives and life paths of human beings. In general, so-called "democratic and free" societies/governments are more perverse, diseased, and evil than so-called "communist, dictatorial, and fascist" societies/governments are. This is due to the fact that the societies/governments which label themselves as being "democratic and free" rely even more on malevolent lies, brainwashing, and subterfuge in dictating/controlling every aspect of the lives of their citizen-slaves, than the societies labeled as communist/fascist do, while having the exact same ultimate goal and purpose.

13: The societal constructs of psychiatry and psychology, and these professions themselves as practiced by societally licensed and empowered psychiatrists and psychologists, have no basis in Truth and no legitimacy. Since every society is built and sustained upon lies, myths, hypocrisy, and insane belief, doctrine, and teaching, from it’s very core roots, the labeling that all societies undertake in passing judgment upon the relative sanity, mental illness, or mental dysfunction of any individual citizen-slaves, has no legitimacy or basis in Truth. The empowered societal agents who are given the title of psychiatrist or psychologist, are simply being used by society to invalidly legitimize and uphold the insane, perverse, mentally diseased doctrine that society chooses to promote, encourage, and falsely declare as constituting mental health and sanity.

14: Every society chooses to promote, encourage, and coerce all of it’s citizen-slaves, children included, into artificially altering their normal brain chemistry on a regular basis, via alcohol, illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin, legal drugs such as Prozac and Ritalin, caffeine, and hundreds of other substances and methods. Society does this with the full realization and knowledge that the only way that most citizen-slaves can bear to cope with the evil, lie-based, insane life path that it deliberately promotes and imposes upon them, is if they are encouraged and convinced to agree to create false, artificial, and invalid perceptions of reality in their minds, through the use of brain chemistry altering substances.

15: Every society on planet earth actively tells, teaches, and instructs it’s children that in the grand scheme of things, their individual lives are of no importance or value. All children are maliciously brainwashed into accepting the notion that their purpose in being alive, is to accept, obey and to serve the doctrine and dictates of the society into which they are born and reside, as slaves. These lie-based societal acts of mass emotional genocide are the reason why many more human beings murder themselves, via an act that society has given the label of "suicide", than murder other human beings, and it is the reason why the vast majority of citizen-slaves deliberately choose to abuse and hurt themselves, and shorten their own lifespans, in thousands of different ways, including smoking, skydiving, wearing high heeled shoes, auto racing, overeating, drinking alcohol, consuming drugs, etc... So-called "diseases" such as anorexia, depression, ritualistic self-cutting, and the like, are in fact nothing more than natural, appropriate reflections of the self-hatred and personal worthlessness that all societies choose to instill within the core emotional realities of their child-slaves.

16: The most crippling factor in human evolution is the fact that the human mind is sometimes advanced enough to realize, on a subconscious or intellectual level, some of life’s horrific Truths, but not advanced or genetically superior enough to be able to embrace or emotionally accept these Unbearable Truths as being factually true and accurate. Every society actively brainwashes/coerces all citizen-slaves into rejecting these Truths, and legitimizes the mass abandonment of these Truths, in favor of comforting, yet crippling, lies, myths, and insane beliefs. The most widespread and blatant example of this reality is the worldwide, mass refusal by both societies and individuals to accept the fact that the act of dying carries with it the consequence that the dead individual is guaranteed to experience absolutely nothing for all the rest of eternity, and ceases to exist, utterly, completely, and on all possible levels of existence, the moment that they die.

17: There is no such thing as societally sponsored "freedom" or "human/individual rights". All societies of the Modern Era are brutally enslaving on all root levels of policy and doctrine, and do not provide any sort of legitimate freedom or human rights to their citizen-slaves. Those societies which claim to be "democratic" and to provide more and better "freedom" than other societies, and to be strong supporters of "human rights", are invariably, at their core levels, in fact more evil, more lie-based, and more brutally enslaving towards their citizens, than are governments which are labeled by democratic societies as being "fascist" or "repressive".

18: Without Truth, there can never be any freedom, independence, or legitimacy to anyone’s life. The only way to be free, is to know Truth, embrace Truth, and make all of life’s personal choices and decisions, from the standpoint of nothing more and nothing less than concrete, factual Truth. Because every society on planet earth is lie-based and malevolently imposes an endless stream of insane/evil lies upon all of it’s citizens from the moment of their birth on through their entire lives, it is virtually impossible for any human being to achieve a genuine, complete, and thorough understanding and acceptance of all Truth. Less than one out of every ten million human beings, finds the courage, superiority, and intelligence to achieve this rather simple and basic reality, of understanding, accepting, and making all life choices based upon Truth, due to the limitless, worldwide brainwashing efforts of evil, lie-based societies.

19: All freedom and all Truth reside in the mind, within the brains of living creatures. There is no concretely valid definition of "physical freedom". The relative value and definition that physical freedom, and other types of freedoms may have, can only be accurately judged and determined on a uniquely personal, individual basis, by a person who possesses Mental Freedom. And only a human being who knows, recognizes, and embraces all Truth, including Forbidden and Unbearable Truth, can ever have Mental Freedom. Societies employ the terroristic threat of robbing citizens of their physical freedom, via "prison" and other types of physical confinement, to coerce, scare, and steer their citizen-slaves away from studying, seeking, embracing, and living their lives based upon the most basic, important and only legitimate freedom that exists, which is Mental Freedom.

20: Every society on planet earth employs both mass brainwashing and mass intimidation/threat techniques, of many different varieties, that are designed to silence and if need be to destroy, any citizen-slaves who dare to openly and publically express or try to promote, Forbidden Truths, as well as to make any such courageous Seers of Truth the objects of scorn, ridicule, mockery, and rejection, among the "mainstream masses" of citizen-slaves. Throughout the history of the modern world, Seers of Forbidden Truth have always been censored, demonized, declared insane, thrown into cages, and in many cases murdered, by their evil societies.

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To have all of these Forbidden Truths, as well as thousands of additional Forbidden Truths deliciously dissected at great length, visit The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth website, located at:

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Michael Lessard...
Sat, 2009-09-19 13:27

[n'effacez pas mes commentaires éditoriaux/de validation; question de transparence et de laisser le débat ouvert aux non-membres]

Je mets en doute la qualité de l'analyse, MAIS surtout c'est de la merde arrogante!

Regardez la signature :
Copyright © 2009-2059 The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

Il/elle prévoit sa mort en 2059. Je suis contre cette bullshit qui n'est pas émancipatrice. C'est drôle de critiquer la religion pour nous offrir ce genre de truc aussi pire. :)

Michaël Lessard [me laisser un message]
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Je reconsidère / I am reconsidering
Michael Lessard...
Sat, 2009-09-19 15:03

Après un moment de réflexion, je réalise que son analyse exprime une révolte profonde contre le mensonge et la cruauté, chose que je partage. Pour l'aspect un peu fou de prévoir sa fin dans «une signature de prophète», ce n'est pas grave: nous sommes tou-tes le fou ou la folle d'autrui.

Son point de vue peut être pertinent à l'émancipation sociale (donc acceptable selon la Politique éditoriale du CMAQ), quoique ce point de vue me semble paradoxal quand on prend le temps de bien lire. Il dénonce lesdites «vérités» manipulatrices —des vérités donc mensongères— en affirmant que la réalité est relative, mais tout en affirmant qu'il existe une «Vérité interne». Cela cloche un peu (lire: fait la promotion d'une Vérité absolue révélée par lui), mais l'esprit de son message respecte les critères de ce Indymdia je crois.

(english) After a moment of reflexion, I realize that his analysis expresses outrage against lies and cruelty; an outrage that I share. For the "insane" aspect of predicting his end with a "prophet signature", that's not a real problem: we are all someone's crazy person.

His point of view can be relevant to social emancipation (hence acceptable according to the CMAQ Editorial Policy), though I find his point of view paradoxical when we take the time to read well. He denounces the said "truths" that manipulate —and so are therefore lies— affirming that reality is relative, but while stating that there is an "inner Truth". It sounds odd (he promotes an Absolute Truth revealed by himself), but the spirit of his message does respect this Indymedia's criteria I think.

Michaël Lessard [me laisser un message]
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