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Midwest unrest

No to capitalism

* * Shut Down FTAA Miami, 2003 * *
* * Chicago Consulta * *
* * October 11 and 12 * *


On November 20 and 21 the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) will meet at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Miami to unilaterally finalize their vision of an economic policy that threatens the freedom and well being of
every living being in this hemisphere. Although ordinary people will not be allowed into the meetings to offer their input, we will be in the streets to welcome them.

All will be put at risk by the outcome of these meetings, save for an obscene minority who have seized control of capital and corporate power. The FTAA is working to give this small group of billionaires and corporations
power over people and governments.

The FTAA threatens to absorb both North and South America into a homogeneous market, where transnational corporations will be empowered to successfully challenge any regulation, policy or procedure which runs contrary to their ideal of increased profit at any expense, human or otherwise.

Under FTAA, more jobs from the US will move to Central and South America, where workers labor in sweatshop conditions, and the environment, people's health, and standards of living will be sacrificed for higher profits. The good news is that over 100,000 people are expected to rain down on Miami in protest of the ministerial.

The drastic policies that the FTAA plans to unleash internationally will be mirrored locally by the Miami police department's mission to ensure that the demands of hundreds of thousands of protesters don't disturb the multimillion dollar gala being thrown by and for the western hemisphere's most affluent arch-capitalists and their pet politicians.

WE DEMAND that the policies of the FTAA be struck down.
WE PLEDGE to send a direct and uncompromising message to those who propose we forfeit our freedom and well being.
WE COMMIT to stop the meeting in Miami, meaning a total shutdown of the conference through a variety of diverse actions.
WE BELIEVE in our inherent right to free speech and assembly and vow to protect both our ideals and bodies from any attack from FTAA policies and police forces.
WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY with all people adversley affected by the FTAA and its capitalist agenda.

Midwest Unrest, a Chicago radical group, will hold a consulta in Chicago on October 11 and 12, in order to network with groups planning mobilizations to Miami and to coordinate our actions. This consulta will be a continuation of the discussions started in Louisville and Pittsburgh. All who are interested in forming a radical strategy to shut down the FTAA meeting are invited to attend.

Midwest Unrest is autonomous, decentralized and nonhierarchical. We object to capitalism. We reject any system that sees human beings as greenbacks, the environment as a resource, and culture as a product that can be bought and sold. We oppose all forms of oppression and discrimination. We respect of peoples differences and the autonomy of groups, individuals and peoples.

Proposed discussion topics for the consulta:
* Updates from organizers on the ground in Miami
* Direct action tactics for Miami
* Padded Block actions and updates from the Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG)
* Health and Safety training from Chicago Action Medical
* Preparation of legal, medial and media strategies for Miami
* Formation of a communication network to be used on the ground in Miami
* Jail support and solidarity
* Propaganda and outreach

Please contact us ( ) ASAP with the name of your group (if applicable), number of people attending, number of people in need of housing, as well as any other special needs.


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