Support Daniel McGowan [March update]

Anonyme, Vendredi, Mars 17, 2006 - 20:20

Friends and Family

Update: Daniel has been out on bail since February 8th and is on house arrest. He is on electronic monitoring and is allowed outside of his apartment two hours a week to check in with his pre-trial officer. He is in New York City, eagerly working on his legal defense and the website and spending time with family and friends. He is extremely grateful of all the support he has received from the community.

les voleurs légaux

Anonyme, Mercredi, Mars 8, 2006 - 14:28


Nos dirigeants ne se gênent plus pour venir chercher dans nos poches nos économies. Nous qui les avons élus n'avons plus aucun mots à dire après leurs élections et devons les regarder nous voler nos économies.

Sectarian violence in Iraq: who’s responsible?

Anonyme, Jeudi, Mars 2, 2006 - 14:43

27 February 2005. A World to Win News Service. The US bears a large share of the responsibility for the violence between Shia and Sunni Moslems that has killed so many people in Iraq over the last week, and actually many months.

What the US occupation has meant for Iraqi women

Anonyme, Jeudi, Mars 2, 2006 - 14:40

27 February 2005. A World to Win News Service. Somebody’s knocking at the door! Who is it? If we don’t open up, they’ll break in! Is it American soldiers? They raid homes and terrorize children and the whole family. We’ve seen it on TV. They insult, beat and arrest the men…

"In Fallujah many women were killed. Seventy-two women were killed the same way, shot once in the head, and their only sin was they opened the door to their homes", said a witness at the International Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul. But the men at the door might be just common thugs and criminals who break in and rape the women. None of this was common before the US invasion. An Iraqi woman at the Tribunal testified that from the day that Iraq was invaded, there has been growing violence against women and systematic denial of their rights. They have been kidnapped, raped and even hunted to be traded to foreign countries for the vast global prostitution network. An Iraqi woman told a journalist, "Kidnapping and raping women has become so widespread that every woman worries that she may become the next victim. Very few women are seen on the streets. It was not like that before the war, no! Many are frightened to step out of their home."

Since the invasion, especially in the southern city of Basra governed by US and British-backed Shia clerics, women have been pressured to cover their heads. Barbers have been warned not to shave men, and tailors have been told how women must be dressed. So many women have been driven out of their jobs, especially young women, that now only 10 percent work. "Honour killings" are increasing at an alarming rate all over Iraq, even in Kurdistan.

After last year’s approval of the new constitution and the establishment of an Islamic regime based on Sharia (religious law), the kind of things that were happening to Iraqi women in day to day life became enshrined in law.

Call on the Occasion of March 8

Tom Lalibert?ɬ, Mardi, Février 28, 2006 - 14:41


Ca se passe près de chez vous: des filles incestueuses aux mères aliénantes.

Anonyme, Lundi, Février 27, 2006 - 18:42

leo thiers-vidal

Du 27 février au 1 mars 2006, a lieu à Genève - à l’initiative de Institut de Médecine Légale et du Parquet de Genève et avec le soutien de la Société Suisse de Psychologie Légale - une formation intitulée: « Évaluation de la crédibilité du discours des enfants dans le cadre de procédures pénales en matières d'abus sexuels ». Cette formation sera assurée par le Prof. Hubert Van Gijseghem, psychologue belgo-canadien, qui représente selon de nombreux observateurs un des courants les plus réactionnaires sur la question des violences faites aux enfants.

Katrina Survivors Fight to Return to St. Bernard Housing Project

Anonyme, Lundi, Février 27, 2006 - 17:32

Revolution #037

On February 14, Walid and I and several others left Houston well before dawn to make the seven-hour drive to New Orleans. That afternoon, Walid and I walked through the deserted St. Bernard Development -- the largest housing project in the city. Walid grew up and lived here until he was a young man. Between then and now, he has been to Angola Prison farm, learned a skill as a cabinet maker, and lived in California for several years. He was forced out by Katrina and now lives in Houston.


Anonyme, Vendredi, Février 24, 2006 - 16:26

Paul Wesley Rhora and his three children filed a civil action against the
Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre and the Hamilton Police Department for
failing to acknowledge and accommodate Mr. Rhora's mental health disabilities while in custody, leading to the death of another inmate.

Le féminisme machiste et l’injustice de la Nature

Anonyme, Vendredi, Février 24, 2006 - 12:00

Le féminisme n’est pas celui qu’il était : il cesse d’être opposition combative pour s’intégrer à un nouvel optimisme. Et, dans ce nouvel optimisme ( et non dans l’intégration ) est sa faiblesse et sa dissolution.

Invasion of the Parasitic Insurers

Anonyme, Jeudi, Février 23, 2006 - 20:09


Insurance Firms are working overtime to turn Canada's health care system into the same atrocity we see just Below The Border.

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