Un álbum de fotos bonitas de los pueblos del G-20

CMAQ via Mic, Vendredi, Juillet 9, 2010 - 12:56

Un nice photo-album of the peoples at the G20

CMAQ via Mic, Vendredi, Juillet 9, 2010 - 12:53

Bel album-photos des peuples au G20

CMAQ via Mic, Vendredi, Juillet 9, 2010 - 12:52

Videos: G20 Toronto, Another view angle

Anonyme, Jeudi, Juillet 8, 2010 - 15:57


Videos about the G20 in Toronto and the protest that followed in Montreal.

“Girls got Beaten” (video)

“Out of Prison” (video)

[RECENTLY ADDED] “Une aide aux premiers soins ?!?” (video)

“Une Femme Dit NON Aux Agressions Sexuelles” (video)
( lors de la manifestation de solidarité à Montréal )

“Ciblage Anti-Québecois” (video)

“Youree “The D” & Anthony du Québec part.1″ (video)

the other clips:

Vidéos: G20 Toronto, Un autre angle de vue

Anonyme, Jeudi, Juillet 8, 2010 - 09:17


Vidéos sur le G20 à Toronto et la manifestation à Montréal qui a suivi.

[AJOUT] “Une aide aux premiers soins ?!?” (video)

“Une Femme Dit NON Aux Agressions Sexuelles” (video)
( lors de la manifestation de solidarité à Montréal )

“Ciblage Anti-Québecois” (video)

“Girls got Beaten” (video)

“Out of Prison” (video)

“Youree “The D” & Anthony du Québec part.1″ (video)

les autres clips:

[vidéo] Paroles citoyennes (manif de la CLAC- 1er juillet - contre la répression du G20)

CMAQ via Mic, Jeudi, Juillet 8, 2010 - 00:22

LesAlter Citoyens (vidéos)

8:42 minutes - Hans Marotte, citoyen - avocat nous parle de défense des droits et de ce que nous pouvons faire comme citoyens.

Entrevue captée pendant la manif organisée par la CLAC- 1er juillet.

Facebook : visible seulement avec un compte Facebook, désolé.

[FSRN audio] G8 and G20 meetings wrap up in Canada

CMAQ via Mic, Mercredi, Juillet 7, 2010 - 23:15

Aaron Lakoff, Free Speach Radio News

News Segments
Mon, 06/28/2010

The G8 and G20 summits wrapped up in Huntsville and Toronto over the weekend, amidst big spending promises from the leaders and the arrests of over 600 protesters.

FSRN's Aaron Lakoff was in the streets of Toronto, and files this report:

No One Is Illegal Radio: The criminalization of dissent in Canada -- G20 resistance in the wake of 20 years since Oka

Anonyme, Mercredi, Juillet 7, 2010 - 21:01

Robyn Maynard

The July 2010 edition of No One Is Illegal Radio examines the repression of the G20 protests in the context of the 20 years since the indigenous land struggle in Oka, 1990. The show includes includes excerpts from the "No Fences No Borders" press release in front of the security fence in Toronto in the days leading up to the G20 , and interviews with different generations of indigenous activists on the G20, 20 years since Oka, and state repression in their communities.


G20, represion policial, 26 de junio, Toronto

CMAQ via Mic, Dimanche, Juillet 4, 2010 - 21:23

CDHAL Quebec

[G20 Video] "We asked them for mercy... they laughed at us"

CMAQ via Mic, Dimanche, Juillet 4, 2010 - 17:22

TheREALnews Network (TRNN)

Note from Mic of the CMAQ : this is a particularly appalling case where the officers have committed criminal offences or grave human rights violations.

[G20 Toronto] Le Canada ne peut cacher le génocide: Journée d'actions des peuples autochtones (J24)

CMAQ via Mic, Dimanche, Juillet 4, 2010 - 14:57

JogBird, photographe (compte Youtube)

« Photos du 24 juin, 2010, G8/G20 : manifestation des peuples autochtones du Canada. Elle fut organisée par Defenders of the Land ( ) et rejointe par de nombreuses organisations. Elle était bruyant, bien organisée et non violente.» (trad.libre)

[G20 Toronto] Canada Can't Hide Genocide: Indigenous Day of Action (J24)

CMAQ via Mic, Dimanche, Juillet 4, 2010 - 14:53

JogBird, photographer (compte Youtube)

Photos from the June 24, 2010 G8 G20 protest by the indigenous population of Canada. It was organised by Defenders of the Land ( ) and had participation from many other organisations. It was a loud, well planned and peaceful demonstration.

[G20 - Photos] Manif à Montréal en solidarité avec les victimes de la répression politique

CMAQ via Mic, Jeudi, Juillet 1, 2010 - 17:57

StephLaw (compte Flickr)

Cliquez pour voir les autres photos

Suisse: Vidéo de l'Occupation de Sans-papier-ère-s

Anonyme, Mercredi, Juin 30, 2010 - 13:18


Le 26 juin environ 300 migrantEs et sympathisantEs ont occupé la « kleine Schanze », un parc près du palais fédéral à Berne. Ils/Elles comptent ainsi manifester contre la politique d’asile et de migration inhumaine de la Suisse et réclament une régularisation collective de toutes les personnes sans statut légal.

Amy Miller and two other reporters - Conditions at the G20 detention centre are illegal, immoral and dangerous

CMAQ via Mic, Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 23:19

Justin Giovannetti and Lex Gill

June 28, 2010

[...] we estimate that we spoke to over 120 people, most of whom were released between 9:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. Despite not knowing each other, the story they tell is the same. It goes like this. Most were arrested at three locations: the Novotel on Saturday evening where the police arrested hundreds of peaceful protesters (look @spaikan on Twitter); Spadina/Queen's Park all day Saturday and early Sunday, as people were arrested all over the downtown for many different (and often bogus) reasons; and the University of Toronto, where hundreds of Quebecers and others were woken up and arrested at gun point early Saturday morning.

Please read the following about the conditions and act »»

Note: this report is corroborated by others we are receiving from AlterMedia Centre reporters who were arrested.

(call Harper, the Toronto police who obey illegal regulations and coll. and/or join the support rallies published on )

Independent Journalist Amy Miller on Violence and Threats Against Women in Detention Centre |

Describes her arrest and detainment at Toronto Film Studio makeshift prison including strip searches and threats or rape.

We must immediately end these CRIMES (both the abusive arrests and this centre).

[G20] Excellent 'photoblog' du Toronto Star

CMAQ via Mic, Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 21:53

Photos sélectionnées par Steve Russell pour le 'Photoblog' du Toronto Star

Malgré le fait que ce ne soit pas un média alternatif, le choix des photos, et leur contraste, est vraiment intéressant et peu «mainstream». Je crois que vous allez apprécier.

Plusieurs photos présentent des personnes de Montréal et de Québec arrêtées de manière massive et arbitraire dans leur dortoir le dimanche matin.

Excellent Toronto Star G20 Photoblog

CMAQ via Mic, Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 18:10

Pictures chosen by Steve Russell for the Toronto Star Photoblog

Though this is not an alternative media, the choice of photos, and their contrast, is very interesting and not mainstream. I think you will appreciate.

Many of those on the pictures are from Montreal and Quebec.

[G20] UPDATED: Lacy MacAuley story - Jail solidarity action attacked by Toronto police (J27)

CMAQ via Mic, Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 13:07

by Stefan Christoff, Toronto Media-Coop
An indy reporter, blond lady in a purple shirt, is thrown to the ground and tied by antiriot forces
An indy reporter, Lacy MacAuley, was thrown to the ground and tied by antiriot forces and placed in the detention centre.

we see a woman, captured by a huge agent who drags her by force. The crowd is taken by surprise.
BERNARD WEIL - A woman is detained on Pape Avenue outside of the temporary detention centre - Toronto Star Photoblog

Members of prisoner support rally outside G20 prison beaten, arrested by police

A prisoner solidarity protest in downtown Toronto today faced an unprompted attack by police forces.

[...] As hundreds gathered at the intersection facing the prison doors, the protest mood was spirited; one person played rhythms on a guitar while people chanted along to the music.

[...] Police also carried out snatch squad arrests, rushing into the crowd and violently tackling people to the ground, including an accredited member of the G20 Alternative Media Centre. Faces hit the hard pavement as police in full riot gear randomly arrested participants in the jail solidarity rally.

Read this article »»

Here is a video presenting how they kidnapped a dangerous indep. reporter

Police kidnapping in Toronto from marsupilami dubitatif on Vimeo.

NEW: the reporter in question, Lacy MacAuley, tells her story !

[G20 Toronto] Quebec City bus blocked by “new justice” and mass arrests

Michael Lessard..., Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 11:55

The people from Quebec City, just before they could leave on their bus, were collectively searched, identified and detained on the spot arbitrarily and threatened of mass arrest.

Having a black scarf or a legal defence number were deemed reasonable reasons for arrest.

Article-rapport of these events as an independent reporter.

Includes an update about the people from Quebec City.

[G20 Toronto] There Is No Exit (J26) - The truth exposing the mainstream media obfuscation

CMAQ via Mic, Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 10:16


This is real footage of how police surrounded and penned in everyone at the intersection of Queen & Spadina during the end of the G20 Summit, THERE WERE NO EXITS, there were a few peaceful protesters, media,, and local residents got trapped in by hundreds of RIOT POLICE as the helicopters circled, then the rain hit, increased to torrential downpour, and everyone got soaked. Rumors spread that everyone was being detained, arrested, and/or 'processed' but almost 4 hours later, before 10 pm, an announcement was made that people would be allowed to walk north. This was the most insane PSY-OP that I witnessed this weekend, but I put my camera away in the rain. Aftering watching the news reports on this incident my conspiracy theory is that THIS WAS DONE TO PUT ON A LIVE MEDIA SPECTACLE

Peaceful G20 protest at Queen & Spadina from Meghann Millard on Vimeo.

Peaceful protesters sing Canada's national anthem, riot police respond with force.

[G20 Toronto] L’autobus de Québec bloqué par le « nouveau droit » et les arrestations massives

Michael Lessard..., Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 09:58

Les gens en provenance de Québec, juste avant de pouvoir partir dans leur autobus, furent collectivement fouillés, identifiés et détenus sur place arbitrairement et menacés d’arrestation massive

Avoir un foulard noir ou un numéro de défense légale seraient des motifs raisonnables d’arrestation

Article-rapport sur ces événements à titre de reporteur indépendant.

Inclut une mise à jour concernant les gens de Québec

[English version]

TheREALnews Network investigates the G20 repression of peaceful protests

CMAQ via Mic, Lundi, Juin 28, 2010 - 09:58

TheREALnews Network (TRNN)

:: News reports on the repression of peaceful protests and the media

More at The Real News

:: Interviews with eminent legal analysts

Subject : violation of the right to peacefully assemble and the Ontario Public Works considered a form of Martial Law

More at The Real News

More at The Real News

[G20 Toronto] La police attaque l'action solidarité pour les prisonnier-ières (J27) - Le cas Lacy MacAuley

CMAQ via Mic, Dimanche, Juin 27, 2010 - 12:57

par Stefan Christoff, Toronto Media-Coop - édité et bonifié par Michaël Lessard du Québec-Indymedia
On voit une jeune dame blonde, portant une camisole et des leggings mauves, lancée au sol et se faire trainer par quelques agents antimeutes.
Une reportrice de médias alternatifs, de Washington, Lacy MacAuley, fut lancée au sol, attachée et placée dans le centre de détention.

on voit la femme capturée par un énorme agent qui tente de la transporter de force. La foule autour est prise de surprise.
BERNARD WEIL - A woman is detained on Pape Avenue outside of the temporary detention centre - 'photoblog' du Toronto Star

traduit par Sonia Doyle

Toronto dimanche 27 juin 2010 - Plus de 100 personnes assemblées au parc Jimmie Simpson dans l'est de Toronto, à 10 heures ce matin, ont été arrêtées lors d'une manifestation festive qui avait pour but d'apporter du soutient au plus de 500 activistes en justice sociale arrêtés au cours des dernières 24 heures lors de manifestations contre le sommet du G20 de Toronto.

[...] L'ambiance de la manif était vive; quelqu'un jouait de la guitare alors que d'autres chantaient en rythme.

[...] La police a soudainement ruée dans la foule, plaquant violemment les gens au sol, dont un membre accrédité du Centre des médias alternatifs du G20. Les visages frappaient le pavé alors que les policiers antiémeutes arrêtaient arbitrairement les participants du rassemblement.

Lire l'article ici »»

Voici le vidéo présentant comment fut enlever une dangereuse reporteure indépendante (Lacy MacAuley).

Police kidnapping in Toronto from marsupilami dubitatif on Vimeo.

NOUVEAU: le récit de la reporteure en question !

NOUVEAU - traduction synthèse dans la suite...

[G20 Toronto] Guardian journalist assaulted, arrested

CMAQ via Mic, Dimanche, Juin 27, 2010 - 11:20

by Sarah Colgrove (Toronto News)

A journalist covering the G20 for British newspaper The Guardian was brutally assaulted and arrested when police executed a mass arrest on a peaceful protest near Yonge and Front last night. Read the rest

[G20 Toronto] J25 Community Day of Action [very good video-report]

CMAQ via Mic, Dimanche, Juin 27, 2010 - 05:42

Some clips from Friday June 25th 2010 march action, Toronto is under the 'Public Work Protection Act' for this weekend and as Derek voices his displeasure with the closed off downtown core protesters accuse him of being an agent provocateur... G what?

Mic of the CMAQ : this is one of the best video-reports. It is only a glimpse in the events of the Friday protest during the G20 in Toronto, but it shows clearly how protests were being blocked and how people felt about this.

Dossier G20
  Nous vous offrons plusieurs reportages indépendants et témoignages...

Très beau dessin: des oiseaux s'unissent pour couper une cloture de métal, sur fonds bleauté de la ville de Toronto.
Liste des activités lors de ce
« contre-sommet » à Toronto

Vous pouvez aussi visiter ces médias alternatifs anglophones...

Centre des médias Alternatifs Toronto

Media Co-op Toronto

Toronto Community Mobilization
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