Canadian company causing ecological disaster hides behind smoke screen

Anonyme, Lundi, Juin 17, 2002 - 16:15

Rosia Montana

The Canadian company "Gabriel Ressources" that is digging for gold at Rosia Montana, Romania, using cyanides on large scale, tries to hide reality by misleading articles published in mainstream media. Below is the analysis.

The dis-information paper "Romania libera" published a paper that,
although signed by a journalist, is almost sure a product of the PR
department of the Canadian gold poisonous company "Gabiel Ressources"
(or Gold Corporation): While quoting at
large M. Steyn of the company, the opponents of the projects are
dismissed as a bunch of old commies - old trick used to intimidate
(label which, incidentally, is perfect for the newspaper's board, the
President and the Prime-Minister, among others). Of course, all the
environmental and human issues are overlooked with the exception of
the 250 million tons of sterile and the displacement of about 800
families (small disconforts). No word about the 700 ha cyanide lake
or the 5 mountains that will be wiped from the surface of the earth.
The old history of the village (oldest mine in Europe, more than 2000
years, oldest village in Romania, more that 2000 years, etc.) is
dismissed as "lack of modernity". So, the Canadians will bring those
peoples modernity (cyanide gets no mention). No mention either of the
animals and the humans that are already getting sick. No mention
either of the alternative development plans peoples have been
submitting to the government (government keeps ignoring them, as it
keeps ignoring parliamentary questions about 20tons of gold that have
been shipped over border). According to this paper, the company also
brings richness to the poor peoples, no mention that they will close
down in 10 years at most - jobs gone. If I understand well, you make
peoples rich by getting away with 300 tons of gold - is this flawed
logic or an ode to robbers? Last important disinformation: the
present exploitation is declared inefficient and bankrupt. If I
understand well, the are investing in already a broken business?
How's that?

As smart as it wants to be, the article has some falses:
-it shows that the communist regime had a plan to destroy the
village too, but gave up. I can only speculate that the
amplitude of the human and ecological damages stopped them.
Imagine, those peoples are worse than the communists! This
is an important point to remember.
-it also shows that the company has in the village "negotiating"
teams that are "negotiating" with the peoples 6 days a week.
Imagine the pressure they put on the poor peoples to "move"!
-the figure of the 250 million tons of displaced sterile confirms
the other, worse ones, like cyanide

I would suspect this is only one of the beginning articles/tv shows
of a full-scale PR campaign. Stay tuned.

(Bad) news about Romania
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