Why the World Must Boycott the United States

Anonyme, Samedi, Mars 16, 2002 - 13:36

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It is up to you.

Why the World Must Boycott the United States

It is with sadness that, given the world-endangering direction of the Bush administration, we must demand a worldwide boycott, an embargo, of the United States: a total boycott of U.S. products and of travel to the United States, refusal to ship goods to the U.S., removal of funds from U.S. banks, refusal to invest in U.S. stocks, bonds, or other economic instruments (divestment--so succesful in changing South Africa).

We must each call for this action--call to our governments, to our unions, to our bankers and our media--and call with, where applicable, the help of any well-placed or powerful friends. Call and write and email. Of course, this is a desperate action, one that will ruin, economically, many of us, and only desperation can require it.

But the current world-threatening insanity of the Bush government--moving to destroy, one after another, potential enemies (called "rogue states") through, quite possibly, nuclear weaponry--can only multiply such enemies, annihilate fragile friendships with such countries as Russia and China, and risk the definite possibility of pre-emptive nuclear strikes--including quite possibly against the U.S.--by one power or another, with consequences too awful to imagine.

It is up to each of you--you especially who live outside of the United States--to prevent this. An economic boycott, an action to which "nukes" are least likely to be a reply, seems perhaps the only feasible way. (Yes, we in America can call for impeachment, too.)

And be clear--it is not that there is no clear real danger to the United States--for whatever reasons--from real terrorists. But the nation's disproportionate, undelimited reaction to 9/11 has made the U.S. into (what some argue it already was) the world's most "rogue terrorist" state, as it demands world domination and is de facto threatening world catastrophe.

In its panic, the country cannot see this. Fearful, people here cling frantically to a belief in a protective government. The left is weak and divided, even more than before. While there are demonstrations and there is opposition, the censored media do not report these. Nor will the Congress or Senate act against Bush. And of course the Supreme Court, which after all hijacked the presidency for the Texas dynasty, is packed.

It is up to you. Remember, once it did not seem possible to stop or even slow the Vietnam War, but we, the whole world, did. Now the entire world is in danger. Boycott the United States; email your contacts; speak out for boycott now.

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