9/11: Who Really Benefited?

Anonyme, Samedi, Juillet 23, 2011 - 15:22

Captain America

Forget so-called conspiracy theories. Instead look at reality. Dare ask yourselves who actually seems to have benefited from the 9-11 calamity. In light of the debt ceiling debates and continuous politics as usual of Washington D.C., it is time for the American people and individual states of this federation to look at a troubling set of facts. There seems to have been “several” beneficiaries of 9-11 that don’t exactly fit the story line we were constantly fed by the propaganda machine and mainstream media as to how to connect the dots (which we were rhetorically asked to do).

9/11: Who Really Benefited?

By Captain America

Forget so-called conspiracy theories. Instead look at reality. Dare ask yourselves who actually seems to have benefited from the 9-11 calamity. In light of the debt ceiling debates and continuous politics as usual of Washington D.C., it is time for the American people and individual states of this federation to look at a troubling set of facts. There seems to have been “several” beneficiaries of 9-11 that don’t exactly fit the story line we were constantly fed by the propaganda machine and mainstream media as to how to connect the dots (which we were rhetorically asked to do).

1) The New York Port Authority was having difficulty renting out space in the Twin Towers. More importantly it had a huge asbestos liability. Surprisingly these Towers were sold to a new owner Larry Silverman just three months prior—who managed to get an insurance contract for a big payout if any of the Tower buildings got hit by an airplane. Fact and not fiction.

2) Our first international move was to bomb Afghanistan under the assumption that people there were involved. So the heroin industry of Afghanistan came back to life in a big way—that is drug cartels as internationals cartels found a gold mine of money supply. Bin Laden and the Taliban, because of their religious fanaticism, pretty much closed down the trade to a trickle. But after the shakeup people connected with the heroin trade in Central Asia reaped billion dollars rewards—including money-laundering groups of financiers—such as banksters, etc. (And this is pretty much all the U.S. military/ intelligence has really accomplished—despite all the rhetoric and high-sounding goals about exporting democracy.) Fact and not fiction.

3) Investors of profitable corporations connected to the military industrial complex made a killing. Obviously war has been profitable for some industries for eons. But we are told by most war historians profits are an inevitable consequence of war yet profit is “not” the driving force behind war. Think again. For our American culture since at least the Vietnam War it seems to have become the driving force. (What else does America still manufacture?) Prior to 9/11 there was little in the way of war material inventories being depleted. But soon after 9/11 it all changed. In fact some corporate stocks immediately went up in value—as did some military contracts. Note as well that after the cold war both the Pentagon and the Intelligence apparatus should have cut their budgets in half. But then no one would have been promoted and the Pentagon would have lost some of its clout. That did not happen. Rather the budgets doubled in size. How is that for financial austerity? Fact and not fiction.

4) Some powerful industry leaders and think tank politicos believed it was necessary for certain “companies” to “control” various strategic resources such as oil and gas. And not surprisingly the very countries we have declared a war against terrorists are surprisingly coterminous to the same countries that contain such resources—especially in the Middle East.
Gas and oil reserves are coveted by every industrial civilization and every military as a necessity. For example there was a plan to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan to ship out of the Indian ocean. Oil companies for whatever reason reaped huge profits. Fact and not fiction.

5) Advocates, such as Paul Brenner, for extreme laissez faire economic policies attempted to rewrite an Iraqi constitution to promote a free market system of neo-liberal economic principles to make it especially easy for foreign nations to own a part of Iraq and its resources. If you do your research you will come to learn that the U.S. did not have an issue with Saddam Hussein until he kicked oil companies out of Iraq because they wanted to take the lion’s share of the profits. Fact and not fiction.

6) Israel benefited by having one of their neighboring enemies, namely Saddam Hussein and his standing army weakened and preoccupied. It is not a coincidence that the advocates and newspaper pundits most defensive about our invasion happen to be strong advocates of Israel’s right-wing will. Evidence clearly shows that some Israeli supporters were part of the culture of deception to take us to war with Iraq—as they are now working to take us to war with Iran with a similar pattern of phony intelligence. It is a fact that whoever harbors hostility toward Israel is now considered terrorist in nature.

7) Right-wing politicos, especially Christian and Judaic, who like to promote prejudice against anything Muslim and Arab benefited. Since 9-11 there has been a constant propaganda war against Muslims throughout Western countries. (This is not to argue that Americans should not be wary of foreign motives.) But the fact is that those who do not wish to have Muslims having influence in this culture have clearly wages a major propaganda campaign to have us fear and distrust a huge segment of the world’s population—as a “cultural clash” or war of civilizations like the medieval era of Crusades. Israel’s enemies have become our enemies as the “neocon” propaganda campaign harps on “Islamo-fascism,” “Islamo-extremism,” and “Islamo-fanaticism”. Meanwhile this event is used to further persuade Americans that Israel is America’s “natural” ally and partner against the forces of evil. Yet rightwing Israelis too are not willing to separate Church and State and so they discriminate against those not Jewish. Therefore they too do not share our democratic values of equality for “all” people—like many of the theocratic countries in the Middle East.

8) Politically motivated people with the desire to use “fear,” namely terrorism, as an excuse to curtail and destroy civil liberties and freedoms normally honored in democratic countries. We have become a Police State with Homeland Security surveillance. This curtailment is similar to those who continue to try to censor free speech. Such mentality has allowed spying on citizens by “privatized” corporations not accountable to the tax paying public who pay organizations to secretly spy and keep records on its own citizenry. Obama and his team have done nothing to make any real changes and in fact have reinforced this tyranny. Fact and not fiction.

9) Political operatives willing to take American bribe money in exchange to playing and saying our tune have benefited as have some politicos in the Middle East who equally play they game of being bought by our tax dollars—including journalists who will write and say whatever Uncle Sam wants as long as there is a brick of one hundred dollar bills as “disappeared” lost just like military contracts that did not get performed—but still were played. This most likely includes creating phony websites.

10) People who have a desire to destroy the political strength and good will of the American people and government. Our country is no longer looked upon as a “positive” force for democracy but as a pariah state. Further our economy has been severely damaged by corrupt forces willing to sacrifice real national security to greedy and self-interested ends. We are seen as the rogue state by many. And it doesn’t seem to bother them that America goes broke invading foreign countries—irrespective of what the rest of the world thinks—and what is sure to be a long term disaster—if not a World War 3. It almost seems like a deliberate foil to destroy military preparedness and to weaken our security. Those who believe in a two class system benefited because the wealth investor class, including most of the Congress and Senate, are not sending their kids to die—rather they rely on a volunteer military of lower and middle class kids that can’t find jobs or have few prospects to go to school.

11) Along with this financial bust is the drive to destroy all liberal notions of any kind of welfare—save welfare for corrupt corporations. While it is true that there is no free lunch (unless you live in the beltway) there is also way too much scorn for people who are not super-rich as deserving some kind of humanity. These people are literally OK will mass starvation and riots.

Perhaps Obama should let the country default. Perhaps states should secede from the Union. It has become one massive failure anyway. We can’t even get past torturing people who happened to be picked up in the wrong part of Afghanistan and handed over by drug lords for money—still languishing as enemy combatants.

The U.S. Congress, like most pseudo-liberal chicken-shit lefties, who have not had the guts to look seriously at what likely happened on 9/11, and why, have succumbed to the cowardliness of voting to not close the U.S. gulag. They are more afraid of their own lost of stature than they are of honoring the rights of law and justice.

The U.S. is being strangulated by corporate America and its finance sector. It is a form of slavery to be manipulated into doing things under false assumptions. And why the ultra rich became even more so they still so corrupt they “own” Congress and especially the Republican party—despite all the Tea Party advocates.

You may not like these realities. Few do. Go ahead and continue to shun all “theories” about 9-11 as mere imagination. While it is true that 99.99% of the Government is innocent that doesn’t mean a relatively small but high-ranking cabal could not have pulled this act off—especially given all the security transgressed and air force stand down that ensued. You can believe in fantasy as most people choose—because in the short term it feels easier.

But Good Luck to all people who think they actually know something because they have been conditioned to believe what they currently do. But ask yourself how many Muslims actually benefited?

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