Protestors mugged by Montreal police

Anonyme, Mercredi, Mai 4, 2011 - 03:28

Osama's Ghost

On May the second 2011 protestors holding signs on sticks in front of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal were robbed of their legally purchased property by the criminals of the SPVM. Even though the victims were peacefully exercising their right to protest, cops forced them to hand over the sticks the protestors had attached their signs to. The cops tossed the illegally confiscated private property into the back of a van which contained many more stolen signs.

There is no law against being in posession of a stick, if such a law existed baseball games at the park and kids on the way to the ice rink to play hockey would be criminals.
Demonstrators attending the protest against the conservative fraudsters now in majority control of the federal government which will be taking place Wednesday May 4th at parc Emilie Gamelin are urged to bring signs ON STICKS and to refuse to surrender them to the cops. Please exercise your right of self defense if a criminal in uniform attempts to mug you and please come to the aid of your fellow protestors. The SPVM committed multiple felonies on May day, let's not allow it to happen again. Protestors will most likely outnumber the SPVM so this should be easily accomplished if everyone cooperates. Wearing similar protective gear as the SPVM is also suggested. Examples include hockey helmets with visors, hockey gloves, hard plastic roofer's knee pads and soccer shin pads, steel toed construction or military boots. Should you be unlawfully arrested due to the SPVM threatening your life with a firearm or because your fellow protestors stand by like a pack of gazelles while a member of the heard is being taken down by a predator,you do not need to be concerned with being convicted of any crime in a court of law because you will not be breaking any existing law by the way you will be dressed or by refusing to allow yourself to be mugged.

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