Caesar Stephen Harper: “providing for the poor is a provincial, not a federal responsibility.”

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Caesar Stephen Harper: “providing for the poor is a provincial, not a federal responsibility.”

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Stephen Harper’s most controversial quotes compiled — by Tories

By Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press – 2 hours ago

OTTAWA — A 500-page dossier of potentially damaging remarks by Stephen Harper has hit the election campaign, but don’t blame the opposition parties — it was prepared by the Conservatives...

On the campaign trail now, Harper stresses that he has no hidden agenda to reopen the abortion file. But the Tory files include this 2002 boast from Harper, then a leadership contestant: “I’m not ashamed to say that, in caucus, I have more pro-life MPs supporting me than supporting Stockwell Day.”

Harper is insisting now that he can erase the deficit by 2014 simply by cutting $4 billion a year in wasteful and inefficient spending. But in 1995, he said it would be impossible to eliminate the deficit without slashing social programs, which he noted account for two-thirds of federal spending…

Stephen Harper on Democracy: “MPs are bit players in a top-down parliamentary system and role players on their own top-down partisan team.”

NDP surges to strong second place in poll

Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:27pm

TORONTO (Reuters) – Support for the New Democratic Party surged to within 6 points of the ruling Conservatives in an opinion poll released on Monday, raising the prospect that the left-leaning NDP could knock the Conservatives out of power after the May 2 election.

The EKOS survey of more than 3,000 Canadian voters put support for the NDP at 28 percent, compared with 33.7 percent for the Conservatives.

The Liberals, now the main opposition party in Parliament. had 23.7 percent support in the poll. It was the biggest lead the NDP has held over the Liberals during the campaign.

“We have seen almost from Day One a slow, steady and now a dramatic rise where the NDP has gone from 14 points in a pre-writ poll to 28 points,” pollster Frank Graves said on the web site. “That is a doubling. I’ve never seen anything close to that.”
Michael Ignatieff backs Insite in Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Daniel Proussalidis, Parliamentary Bureau

First posted: April, 25, 2011 12:59pm

The federal Liberal leader says that’s because he’s seen what operations like Insite do in Vancouver.

“I’ve been to the Insite service. I think it does valuable work. I think it saves lives,” Ignatieff said while visiting Thunder Bay, Ont…

The idea is to take away the risk of an addict contracting a disease from shooting up with a dirty, used needle (and save and rehab lives)

“This is about science and medicine,” said Ignatieff. “This is about harm reduction, and so we strongly support Insite. And as it proves its worth and as other provincial health systems adopt the valuable lessons learned at Insite, we would support its expansion, yes.”
CAW endorses Elizabeth May

April 25, 2011. 11:43 am

The Canadian Autoworkers Union is encouraging voters to elect Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in her Saanich-Gulf Islands riding.

CAW is following former Newfoundland premier Danny William’s campaign that asked Newfoundlanders to vote for anyone but the Conservatives, according to a Green Party statement released Monday.
The union is endorsing “preferred candidates” in 50 ridings where a Conservative incumbent could lose their seat. May is fighting Conservative incumbent Gary Lunn in the B.C. riding.

“More than five years of Stephen Harper Conservative minority government has wreaked havoc on jobs, infrastructure, social programs and social and economic policy here in Canada. We’ve had enough and now is our chance to act,” the CAW website read.
“On May 2, we need to vote for a change in government.”
In the statement, May said she was “very grateful” for the union’s support.

Elizabeth May calls for national affordable housing program

Posted on 16 April 2011 by Calgary Beacon.

Affordable housing is also vital to stem the growth of poverty, homelessness and related social problems. The greater Victoria region has one of the largest homeless populations in Canada, with previous surveys indicating that there may be one thousand homeless persons in the municipality of Victoria alone. Homelessness began to escalate in the 1990’s with federal government cuts to social housing programs and cuts in income support programs by both the federal and provincial governments. As housing prices skyrocketed in the 2000’s, even people working minimum wage jobs were increasingly unable to afford rental housing.

“If people who need help are not properly cared for, this puts a strain on everyone. It should be the right of every Canadian to have affordable, safe and secure housing. It enhances people’s health, dignity, and life opportunities,” stated Ms. May. “Affordable housing will alleviate poverty, and ultimately make for a more stable, secure, and prosperous society for everyone.”

The Green Party would implement a National Affordable Housing plan to set an annual rate of building affordable housing so that the supply of housing is no longer an issue by 2019. Under the plan the government would build 20,000 new and 10,000 rehabilitated, subsidized affordable units per year for the next 10 years using capital grants and changes in tax and mortgage insurance regulations. The party supports the delivery of dramatically increased social housing dollars to provincial and municipal governments through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The housing provided must be designed with energy conservation in mind.

Layton unveils city-focused plan in Quebec City

Postmedia News Apr 18, 2011

By Tobi Cohen

NDP leader Jack Layton is pledging immediate support for cities to the tune of $1.13-billion to help build green infrastructure, upgrade water treatment plants, provide affordable housing and improve community safety.

He unveiled the cost details of his plan for cities during a breakfast event early Monday in Quebec City, where he attacked Stephen Harper for “washing his hands” of municipal problems.

“He preferred to give millions of dollars in tax cuts to big businesses,” he said…

He(Layton) promised to invest $2.6-billion over four years in affordable housing and to develop a national housing strategy.

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