Montreal March 15 Repression

Anonyme, Mardi, Avril 5, 2011 - 00:49

This information is being spread so that folks know what the 5-0 in Montreal have been up to and what to prepare for in the future.

On March 15th in Montreal, an hour before the annual anti-police demo, two anarchists were preventatively arrested. A cop car with its sirens on pulled over the taxi they were in, and both pigs drew their guns, yelling for them to step out of the car with their hands on their head. Three pigs wearing suits who looked like detectives were on the sidewalk behind the taxi with their guns drawn. At this point the intersection was shut down by at least 10 cruisers coming in from different directions, with numerous pigs standing around outside of their cars. The two were searched, under the pretext that the preventative arrest was for a weapons breach. This is because both anarchists were among the ten that were arrested in the black bloc on March 12th through a similarly ‘preventative’ tactic. All ten were initially charged with conspiracy and ‘possession of weapons with dangerous intent’ although the conspiracy charges were subsequently dropped. After finding no weapons, they drove them around the corner and released them.
[often times we don't know what we know at all]

While being uncuffed, a brief one-way interaction occurred between a chief pig who acted like he was in control of the operation and one of the anarchists, in which he said “We have the whole city locked down right now”, “You got lucky this time, but I know that your friends were bringing weapons for you”, “We’ve been following you all morning” and “You saw what we were able to do on the 12th”.

Both the use of drawn guns and the spectacular nature of the ten-minute detainment seem to have had the intention of intimidation. Yet, it is important for anarchists in this city to know what took place, so as to prepare for its possibility in the future.

As we all knew before, the pigs pay some attention to anarchists in this city. They have a history of watching houses for periods of time and trying to follow people around before demos. The use of preventative arrest, a spectacular display of feigned strength that involved guns, regular mass arrests, and house and physical surveillance (followed around in cars and on foot) have occurred. Obviously, this update is not intended to cause paranoia to spread, but to understand what they’ve been up to in order to be safer and smarter in the future.

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