Call for participation in annual demo against police

Anonyme, Mardi, Mars 1, 2011 - 20:14

2011-03-15 17:00

March 15th, 2011, 5 pm

Rendez-vous coin Maisonneuve et Jeanne-Mance (Metro Place des Arts)

In a world full of prisons, cameras, and police, we are all assumed to be criminals and are treated in kind. State agencies surveil and repress in every corner, prepared to harass, intimidate, and imprison any perceived threat. Borders and immigration detention centres prevent the free movement of people, while secret CSIS lists and security certificates subject people to any degree of state interventions. Increasingly harsh sentencing and arbitrary parole revocations follow the construction and expansion of prisons in every province, including five federal and seven provincial expansions in Quebec. Police patrols and routine surveillance in the streets of every city and town reveal repression, state control, and 'corrections' everywhere, despite falling police-reported crime rates and a decrease in severity of these crimes across the country.

No matter how we struggle, whether it’s to pay rent or live without it, the police will always stand between our current misery and its end. Along with the courts, laws, and prisons, they maintain the scarcity imposed upon us each day, and the notion that we can't survive without them. We're not participating in this demonstration simply to protest police brutality or police murders, or to demand fair trials and tribunals for 'errant' cops, but because we would do away with their broader role and daily functions as the brute force and physical threat behind state and capital.

The police and their prisons do not make our lives any safer. We can break the police.

Suggestions for participation:
Come with a group of friends.
Wear black, and a mask; conceal your identity.
Be alert and prepared for undercover infiltration and police intervention.

-- some anarchists


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