[Canada] The Next Coalition Government

Anonyme, Mardi, Février 22, 2011 - 08:51

Jorge Torrealba

This letter was sent to the three opposition parties in the House of Commons:

’””””””””” To the 165 Opposition members:

As I expected, I haven’t heard a peep from the Three Opposition Leaders because they appear incapable to take a decision which is politically incorrect, which could offend the lobbyists of the Multinationals that own Canada and pay the perks and bribes that sustain the four political parties in the Present Colonial Parliament of the Multinational Empire. They, most likely, have been ordered to allow Harper to have a majority government to the detriment of all Canadians and of the backbenchers of the Opposition.

Scientific Human Economics is the only real economy useful to humanoids not corporate zombies and “Workers’ Electoral Bible” explains the corrections that are necessary to the infrastructures of government to be capable to restore the economy for Canadians, not foreign corporations. The inserts, to remind all of you of my communications with Ignatieff (unanswered) and the Manuscript of “Workers' Electoral Bible” that the opposition must publish now as an informative flyer.

Perhaps, when the election is called by Harper, the backbencher may persuade Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe to have the ethics to form the coalition and adopt full employment as the electoral commitment of the Coalition Government.

In the meantime, good luck to the backbenchers, the genuine representatives of riding under such inept and corrupted leadership.
Jorge Torrealba, Leading Techno Economist of the World, Owner and Manager of Scientific Human Economic, Director General, Techno Economics International Consultants (TEIC)..

1-902-448-7417 ””””””””””

Here is a brief resume of the engineering corrections to the management of the real economy that are necessary, to achieve full employment in two years of a coalition government that must defeat the economic fraud of Harper and Flaherty:

- Restore the Ministry of Economics that was switched to Finance (See: ) in 1934. Finances deals with paper trade which does not create wealth, whereas economics deals with productivity of goods and services that are tangible wealth and sustain employment.

- Terminate the Board of Governors (See Graham Towers, 1934, in Wikipedia). Transfer the Central Bank of Canada to become a department of the Ministry of Economics, under the sole authority of the elected Government, through the Minister of Economics. The word “Finance” must be obliterated of all departments of a democratic government because it represents gambling in the stock markets, which has no relation with real economics for human beings. This word is misused to represent budgeting which is the provision of funds to execute an economic task.

- The Central Bank of Canada, under the single authority of the Minister of Economics, must issue a credit line to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, at 0% interest and 100 years term, for these governments to budget all their economic responsibilities every January of each year. A Corporate levy of 51% must be applied for the corporate use of the national resources, which is an annual instalment to the Credit line.

Even the retarded MPs in our Parliament should understand that the Central Bank of Canada is the only institutional resource of Canada empowered to provide all the credit necessary to the economic management of the democratic government of Canada. The next democratic government of Canada is forbidden to borrow from commercial banks, which are presently part of the multinational banking cartel which is owned by foreign investors who have no relation with the obligations of the 100% national commercial banks, in a democratic Nation.

The Opposition Parties have the obligation to form a coalition and must defeat the fraudulent government of Harper, even if Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe may be in the pocket of the multinational banking cartel.

Jorge Torrealba, Director General of TEIC (the only techno economics research organization of the Third managed by Jorge and Son, the only two Canadian leading experts in engineered economics of the World).



S.H.E: (Being Built).

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