NEAN Assembly, Rochester Feb 11-13

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Northeast Anarchist Network

Next Northeast Anarchist Assembly, Rochester, NY, February 11-13

We are excited to welcome NEAN to Rochester for a weekend full of discussions, networking and fun, and to give you all an opportunity to see some of what's going on in our city! The assembly will be hosted at the Flying Squirrel Community Space (, and we are asking for a sliding scale contribution of $10-20 from attendees. The assembly is open to any and all anarchists in the Northeast, as well as other radicals and anti-authoritarians who agree with the NEAN points of unity (

Please RSVP about all of the following by FEBRUARY 1! RSVP by email to the contacts below, or fill out the form on the website (



We are planning for the main discussions to occur Saturday and Sunday, with time Friday night and Sunday evening for flex travel/social time and a substance-free, entertainment-filled social event on Saturday night.

If you would like to propose any agenda items or workshops please send them by January 29, and include an approximate time and description. For workshops, please clarify whether you would be able to lead the session or whether you would like to see this workshop offered. Please please please, send all items by January 29!

If you would like to be part of the entertainment lineup on Saturday night, please let us know by the February 1 deadline.

E-mail Ron at linville.ronald (a)


We expect the Squirrel to meet most of our housing needs for all those coming in from out of town. However, space is still limited and we are asking for EVERYONE to RSVP so that we can make sure we have enough overflow space in the event that it will be needed. The Squirrel is a sober, drug-free and pet-free space. In order to fit everyone at the Squirrel floors will be the majority of sleeping spaces, so if you have any specific housing needs/requests, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please RSVP with the number of people, arrival/departure and mode of travel. For those requesting housing outside of the Squirrel, please also let us know bedding needs or any who plan to double-up, allergies and other special needs/requests.

E-mail Andy at andyrdillon (a)


We are planning to provide breakfast and lunch both days of the assembly. If you have any special dietary restrictions (other than vegan/vegetarian, which will be accounted for) please let us know.

E-mail Jake at jallencan (a)


We recognize the importance of adequate childcare to ensure maximum participation for parents. The Squirrel has a designated child-friendly room full of fun things for all ages. If you will need childcare, or if you would like to volunteer time in this way, please let us know!

E-mail Ron at linville.ronald (a)


We are asking for a sliding scale monetary contribution from each attendee or group to cover materials, food and space related costs. We also hope to offer travel fund assistance for those who need it. To pre-pay or to make a donation for the travel fund, please go to Additionally, we encourage all groups to pool money within the group to help fund a delegation's expenses where possible.

E-mail Richard at vallejo (a)


Currently, the Squirrel is not a wheelchair accessible space. The volunteer collective has been working to add an external ramp though we can not guarantee that it will be ready in time for the assembly.

We are working on having interpreters for sign language on hand for the assembly for anyone who is hearing-impaired.

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