Former CSIS Chief Admits to Torture

Anonyme, Mercredi, Décembre 1, 2010 - 17:49

Former CSIS Director admits CSIS vigorously harasses citizens - That’s Stasi-style PsyOps torture in Canada - CSIS calls it disrupt and diffuse (D&D); the Stasi called it Zerzetsen.

A recent disclosure by Wikileaks, recounts a July 2, 2008 meeting in Ottawa between former CSIS Director Judd and State Department official Eliot Cohen.

Apparently Mr. Judd states that CSIS is “vigorously harassing” known Hezbollah members in Canada. Vigorously harassing indeed - At first glance this may sound OK; but let’s think about its implications?

An honest spy service is about intelligence and information gathering; not torturing, intimidating, harassing, threatening – that’s the role of a secret police.

What is vigorous harassment ? Well, Mr. Judd doesn’t define it in the reported cable. But harassment is defined under Section 264 of The Criminal Code of Canada - as behavior that must give one good reason to fear for your personal safety. And if it’s coming from the intelligence service; and if the harassment is ongoing and vigorous -- that’s torture Mr. Judd.

Does Mr. Judd not understand that in Canada one is supposed to charge those whom the authorities believe are law breakers; not arbitrarily torture them instead?

Intimidation, Harassment, Threats and Surveillance - that’s been my family’s experience as well. Is this what you call “vigorous harassment” Mr. Judd?

CSIS use a no-touch torture technique that was developed by the former Communist East German secret police, the STASI, to persecute dissidents. The Stasi called it Zerzetsen; CSIS calls it “D & D” (disrupt and diffuse). Here is an example of its use against an innocent family in Canada:


What about CSIS’s testimony before parliamentary committees, in light of Mr. Judd’s disclosure in this cable of CSIS “vigorously harassing“ innocent citizens? After all it was CSIS, under Mr. Judd, who told a Parliamentary Committee that it neither practiced nor condoned torture? Was this contemptuous of Parliament? Why are our MPs so fearful of CSIS?

Canadians should be deeply concerned if they value civil liberties and human rights. Either you believe in Rule of Law and Democracy, or like CSIS and the Stasi you don’t.

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