No One Is Illegal Radio: The criminalization of dissent in Canada -- G20 resistance in the wake of 20 years since Oka

Anonyme, Mercredi, Juillet 7, 2010 - 21:01

Robyn Maynard

The July 2010 edition of No One Is Illegal Radio examines the repression of the G20 protests in the context of the 20 years since the indigenous land struggle in Oka, 1990. The show includes includes excerpts from the "No Fences No Borders" press release in front of the security fence in Toronto in the days leading up to the G20 , and interviews with different generations of indigenous activists on the G20, 20 years since Oka, and state repression in their communities.


Featured interviews:

Jaggi Singh, co-host and co-producer of No One Is Illegal Radio, and member of No One Is Illegal Montreal, currently in jail facing political charges for his involvement in the G20 protests. He reflects on the G20 protests and critiques G8/G20 policies from the perspective of migrant justice and indigenous solidarity.

Melissa Elliot, an indigenous activist from 6 Nations who helped organize youth in her community to protest the G20 in Toronto. She speaks on the role of indigenous people & voices in the G20 protests, provides a message of defense and solidarity for the G20 political prisoners, and shares an analysis of political repression and police intimidation in over the 20 years that have passed since Oka in 1990.

Jessica Yee, executive director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, provides her take on the every-day repression and incarceration faced by indigenous communities 20 years after the struggle for self-determination in Oka in 1990, and sends a strong message of solidarity in the wake of the criminalization of G20 protesters.

Clifton Nicholas, a member of the Kanehsatake Mohawk Community and a participant in the events of Oka in 1990, on indigenous resistance past and present, the realities facing his community 20 years since Oka, and a historical take on media scapegoating and political persecution from Oka to the G20.

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