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Tadamon! MONTREAL - Popular Event Series May / June 2006.

Join Tadamon! for a series of cultural / political events in Montreal.... This
event series will consist of presentations, performances, film-screenings,
readings & visuals that address the historical & contemporary political
situation in Lebanon from a perspective of social justice. Importantly, these
events aim to raise funds in support of Tadamon! Montreal's first delegation to
Lebanon in June 2006. Join us to support Tadamon!'s efforts to build
international solidarity between Montreal and Beirut....

----> THURSDAY, May 11th:

WEST BEIRUT: Film Screening & Discussion.
Virus Cafe, 3672 St. Laurent blvd.
Doors 7:30pm / Suggested Donation 5$.

West Beirut is a drama by Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiry that paints a
dramatic picture of children's lives during the Lebanese civil-war. The film
begins as the first events which sparked the Lebanese civil war begin in April,
1975. Doueiry represents the partitioned Beirut along sectarian lines through
the lives of Tarek and his friend Omar. While Tarek makes Super 8 movies with
his friend, the backdrop of war and division haunt the camera. As he comes of
age, the war moves inexorably from adventure to tragedy.

West Beirut:

----> THURSDAY, May 18th:

Culture & Resistance of Lebanon....
Cafe Esperanza. 5490, St-Laurent, blvd.
[Corner of St. Viateur]
Doors 8pm / Suggested Donation 5$.

Join us for a cultural evening with the screening of SOUHA SURVIVING HELL, a
cinematic journey into Khiam Prison with Souha Bishara, a reading from Lebanese
writer & artist RAWI HAGE & performance from Montreal musician HASSAN

The subject of Chahal Sabbag's latest film is the charismatic Souha Beshara....
In 1989 at the age of twenty-one, Souha - a devoted communist - agreed to
attempt the assassination of Lebanese General Antoine Lahad, who was
collaborating with the Israeli Army in the South of Lebanon. Lahad survived,
but Souha was quickly arrested and thrown in the Khiam prison where she spent
ten years for the attempt on Lahad's life. Conditions in Khiam were horrific,
and Souha endured six of those years in solitary confinement.

Rawi Hage will be reading from his recently published book 'De Niro's Game'.
The cinematic reportage of Bassam's day to day experiences as he tries to
survive during the civil war in Lebanon are both vivid and paltapable. Rawi's
reading with be followed by a musical performance by Oudist Hassan el-Hadi, a
famous Morrocan musician who draws inspiration from musical styles and forms
from throughout the Arab world, especially Lebanon and Palestine. -

Souha Surviving Hell:

De Niro's Game:

----> THURSDAY, May 25th:

Entry, Exclusion and Resistance:
Syro-Lebanese Immigration History in Canada
[1880's to 1950's]

A Lecture by Brian Aboud.

School of Community & Public Affairs
Concordia University - 2149 MacKay St.
Doors 7pm / Suggested Donation 5$
[Metro Guy-Concordia]

A slide-show presentation by sociologist / community activist Brian Aboud,
Humanities professor at Vanier College, on the first seventy years or so of
Syrian-Lebanese immigrant entry and settlement in Canada (and especially
Montreal). The presentation will focus on migration patterns, on governmental
efforts to control immigration from Syria and Lebanon & on the long struggle of
Syrian and Lebanese immigrants in Canada against what they perceived to be
discriminatory controls.

ALSO featuring a presentation from Ahmad Mustafa, Palestinian Refugee from
Lebanon & organizer with the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian
Refugees, concerning the present day struggles of Palestinian refugees from
Lebanon taking place today in Canada....

the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees:

A Community's History - Montreal Gazette 2003

----> MONDAY, June 5th:

Film Screening: Leaded/Unleaded - the State Unleashed.
In Collaboration with No One is Illegal & the Suoni Per Il Popolo

Terrasse of Casa Del Popolo
4873 St. Laurent
Doors 8:30pm / Suggested Donation 5$.

A film Screening of Leaded/Unleaded - the State Unleashed, a documentary film
produced by the Independent Media Center of Beirut, on the May 2004 labour
demonstrations in the poorest neighborhoods of Beirut that were violently
repressed by the army. It focuses on the perpetual economic crisis in Lebanon,
where upwards of 40% of the country's population lives below the poverty line.

the Independent Media Center of Beirut:

the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival:

for Information Contact Tadamon! in Montreal:
514 690 8499 / tadamon[at]

----> Tadamon! MONTREAL - Basis of Unity:

Tadamon! [solidarity in Arabic], is a Montreal based collective of social
justice activists, working to lend support and solidarity to grassroots
political movements for social and economic justice in Lebanon.

In the context of historic political changes taking place in Lebanon, Tadamon!
through it's political work, aims to support struggles for social justice and
human rights of ALL people living in Lebanon, through direct coordination and
organization between activists in Beirut & Montreal.

In Montreal, Tadamon! aims to organize within the Lebanese Diaspora, through
popular education, cultural work and political action, which address struggles
facing the Lebanese community, such as immigration, racism, poverty and labour

Through organizing work both locally and internationally, Tadamon! aligns
itself with social justice movements in Lebanon, Canada and internationally
which are anti-capitalist & anti-authoritarian in nature.

Self-serving media
Lun, 2006-07-17 22:20

Taken from an article on the CHUM-Bell Globemedia potential merger in
Here in Canada, there is the added danger of news and programming coming from increasingly monolithic content providers. When approving media mergers, the CRTC inevitably introduces “firewall” regulations to make sure businesses keep financial and editorial departments separate. Still, compromises are inevitable within media conglomerates.

If nothing else, their emergence makes a lie out of the adage that bigger is better. Just ask anyone old enough to remember when Winnipeg and Ottawa had two daily newspapers, with Winnipeggers enjoying equal access to the Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg Tribune, and Ottawa readers able to choose between the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Journal. Then, in 1980, in a widely controversial move that prompted the Kent Commission investigation into media monopolies, the Thomson and Southam news chains simultaneously closed down the Journal and Tribune, allowing the respective chains to feast on the profits of non-competitive markets: Southam took Ottawa, Thomson grabbed Winnipeg. The two businesses were bigger and more profitable as a result of the alleged trade, but both cities seemed somehow diminished. The papers became less vigorous in serving their communities.

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