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Anonyme, Vendredi, Mars 17, 2006 - 18:37


This is a message from french/english/italian/german anarchists living in the Paris region destined to all of our sympathizers all around the world. We are independant from but friends with the French Anarchist Federation hence we will not speak in their name.

We would like to clarify the situation here since it seems to us that many foreign medias seem to qualify the struggle as a purely conservative "we don't want to change anything" type of protest, just as they did when we proudly said !FUCK YOU! to Pascal "WTO" Lamy, Bolkenstein and all those heartless fucks at the European Comission and in french politics&medias. Our NO wasnt a racist no, it was an anti-liberal no whatever the medias try to say.

First we would like to thank all of those who supported us and the student's movement that's been shaking this decaying conservative country for more than a month. A special THANKS to the italians of "Contropodere" who organized themselves in less than 3 days to have a bus from Rome, Torino, Genoa and Bologna (i think) come up to Paris to help us in thursday's very sucessfull protests.

Tomorrow saturday 18th of march 2006 there will be a very big protest throughout France to have the neo-conservative government of mr chirac and villepin cancel the modifications they passed, without debate in the assembly, to our work code.

These modifications intend to create a new working contract called the CPE (that means 1st employment contract) which is going to allow companies to fire employees without any justifications WHATSOEVER. It is, for now, aimed at the 15-25 years-old category which the government knows is so nihilistic that most won't even take position against them being fired.

Just as in november they used old laws to "speed" (read : bypass) the (of course pseudo) democratic process in order to pass laws that comply with their capitalistic allies and vision of the new world order.

We had massive riots this autumn, which weren't manipulated or controlled by anything (this needs to be known; the french intelligence services themselves said it wasnt religious nor mafia but a population fed up with their lives) except the desire for giving back the violence poor people in the suburbs face everyday with the police, the workplace and the society in general.

France is no heaven ; Paris may be nice to spend a few days in but it's a hard place to live in because we've got too much envy and too many people surrounding it, all wanting the supposed parisian golden life of before.

We anarchists are trying to broaden the struggle which is being diverted to reformism by sold out student unions (UNEF mainly which is the youth branch of the "socialist" /yeah right!/ french party) and to some extent autonomization has increased a lot in a month.

As of march 16th about 3/4 of the 80+ french faculties are on strike, high schools in Paris, Rouen, Caen, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux, Limoges and many more are also joining the fac students.

Strikes are decided by assembly voting and propositions for the strike usually amount to 3 to 1 for.
We managed to unify the movement to some extent with immigration rights groups who will also be victims of this piece of crap, just as will the unemployed and the poorly educated. The worker's union, just as in 68, are scared by the autonomization of the various movements but according to many polls 65+% of the population wants the text cancelled.We hope that union members BY THEMSELVES will help the movement with logistics and their experience because the union directions will not declare general strikes for the youth.

We have also rediscovered the joys of fascism, for about a week now between 50 to 100 extreme right (UNI-RED-FNJ : Uni is a rightwing student union, RED is very badly named ;-) because its a racist/homophobic union and FNJ is the youth section of the Front National ie the pigs) activists have been patrolling the small streets of the Latin Quarter, more or less ignored by the cops, with bats and helmets, beating all anti-cpe people they cross. Needless to say we beat them up badly but they are quite motivated and scare the first comers.

For a week now more and more people are fed up of union leaders calling them to protest from 2 to 5 and then thanking them for coming and telling them to go home, that it was a good protest. We do not want negociations concerning this CPE we want its total retrieval.

Thursday more than a thousand people bypassed the union's call and carried on protesting, attacking police and trying to infilter the fortified Sorbonne faculty to regain control after we were ousted at 4am 8 days ago, long after the collaborating union leaders had gotten home and had their nice little tea, satisfied that their union's logo would be shown on all tv channels ; those people are what we call here socio-traitors, just like the communist, green, socialist and revolutionnary parties (PC, Les Verts, PS, LCR) and the workers unions directing bodies (CGT, CFDT, CFTC mainly).

We know that many smaller europeans countries's politics are aligned on those of the big three euro-states and that is why you must understand that we are trying our best to let people know that we need to internationnalize our struggle against global State oppression and everyday precarity.

For now it is difficult to find ways to broaden our revendications because most students innocently think that it is just the CPE which is the problem.

Anyone who went to Genoa, Seattle or Geneva knows that a mere work contract is in reality nothing compared to the oppression of the World Bank, IMF and all those fucking Bilderberg/SkullsnBones/whatever elitist societies which plannify the coming of their all seeing all hearing New Order powered by constant oppression meant to wear combativity down and technological superioty/elitism.

We know we're not alone, we want you to know you're not either.

Tomorrow we will be dedicating the fights of the day to all the freedom loving people of the world who face 20x more harder repression and living conditions than we do, people in the US, elsewhere in Europe, the peasants, students, women, children who fight everyday in China, Korea, South America, Africa, Iran, Irak, ALL the people who fight against religious, economical and political obscurantism, oppression and tyranny.


May, with the help of everyone, freedom and justice reign!

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