Invasion of the Parasitic Insurers

Anonyme, Jeudi, Février 23, 2006 - 20:09


Insurance Firms are working overtime to turn Canada's health care system into the same atrocity we see just Below The Border.

Forget "illegal immigrants". Close the Border to U.S. Insurance.

U.S. "health" insurance firms are doing everything they can to destroy and replace Canada's public health care system.

Those who prefer that The People manage their own health care system without the "help" of parasitic profiteers, the same ones who leave millions of people in the USA with no coverage at all, the same ones who drove the US system to be the most costly on earth, ought simply look into just what these insurers are.
They are investment businesses...taking our health care money and investing it in, often, health-damaging businesses. How extensive this is, remains to be seen.

Therefore, such insurers have motive and Corporate Duty to ignore and mis-diagnose and distract from any and all health harms caused by industries in which they are invested. Their economic interests require them to blame, almost exclusively, Natural harms...our genes, our diet, our behavior, use of certain natural plant products, lack of exercise, the sun, bugs, and so forth. Industrial harms are ignored, unless they Get Out Of the Bag publically.
If such an insurer also insures a health-damaging industry, well, there is no motive at all to shoot themselves in their own wallet by saying or doing anything in the patient's behalf. Corporate insurers are "Company Doctors", working for the coal mine management, or the like, telling dust-poisoned miners they just have a "bad cold".

Also, if they happen to invest in Pharmaceutical firms, they have motive and corporate duty to ignore harms by drugs made by their investment properties, and to promote those drugs over others that may be safer, cheaper, and more effective.

Here below (see link) is just one article about this from prominent U.S. doctors. It's no secret. The info was published in The Lancet (UK) and JAMA (Am. Med. Assn.). It's just ignored.
If the investment levels have changed since this piece was written, or if an insurer divested from such investments, that info would have to be gotten by look at EDGAR Database at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It's public information.

Bottom line: Neither Canadians nor United Statesians (nor Anyone) ought have their and their childrens' health care administered by those who caused the health problems. The Conflict-of-Interest is intolerable.

The question must be asked: Where does an insurer invest what is supposed to be our health care money? It's a Right To Know issue, at the very least. It's also a survival issue.

In this case, we find massive multi-million dollar investment in the acknowledged worst health-damaging industry on earth, so-called, "big tobacco". (It's really "big chlorine-contaminated, dioxin-emitting, pesticide-contaminated, radiation-contaminated smoking products...but, that can wait for later...or just search up relevant terms.)

Do "health" insurers invest in nukes, military weapons, GE crops, prisons, torture equipment, pesticides, chlorine, sweat-shops, child labor factories, mountaintop removal mining operations, clearcutting timber operations, etc.? Who asks? far. No insurance customer ought be denied this information.
Besides that, do insurers invest one's health money in businesses that one may disapprove of for business or religious reasons, perhaps competitors to one's personal investments? A legitimate question, no?

Is there such a thing as a health insurer that invests in, or insures, only benign, non-harmful industries such as organics, natural nutrients/vitamins/minerals, hemp, etc.? If any do, they are certainly modest about it.


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