For whom did the church bells of St. Peter's Square really toll?

franz, Jeudi, Avril 21, 2005 - 20:24

Franz J. T. Lee

A while ago, we saw who all bid farewell to Pope John II, who all brought his beloved, favorite successor, Benedict XVI, into power. The international mass media, like during the two US military invasions of Iraq, day and night, gave full coverage, disseminated precise, concrete details, about the global, pharisaic fraternity of attending, mourning guests, especially of the bewailing presidents and great statesmen, spearheaded by the family Bush.


A while ago, we saw who all bid farewell to Pope John II, who all brought his beloved, favorite successor, Benedict XVI, into power. The international mass media, like during the two US military invasions of Iraq, day and night, gave full coverage, disseminated precise, concrete details, about the global, pharisaic fraternity of attending, mourning guests, especially of the bewailing presidents and great statesmen, spearheaded by the family Bush.

In reality, they rehearsed and orchestrated a religious Roman Imperial carnival, highlighted with racist, electoral, melodramatic bull-fighting in the Vatican, behind closed doors. Obviously, it was planned, how by means of papal "infallibility" to throw any staunch, sincere "Third World" Christians into the epicenter of the coming global Apartheid arena, to be devoured by the violent imperialist, corporate lions, should they ever again dream about a "liberation theology".

In honor of the original communist Christians, of the first Pope, Peter, of the "terrorists" of yore ... who fought for communal property of the means of production, for co-operative solidarity and human dignity, who were seeking the Truth, to liberate themselves, who were searching for divine scientific "fire", for Jesus' emancipatory "sword" ... we have to revive their "oppressed sighs", their "broken hearts", their "tortured souls" by Roman feudalist imperialism, we have to tell the Truth about the historical realities of the Papacy and the Vatican. We have to enter the forbidden library of the Vatican, to see, to read, to study, how over the ages we were bamboozled, blind-folded, dehumanized.

We have to know why popes blessed the European warships of Conquest, stating that they were looking for Christians, slaves and spices!

Sometimes the Truth hurts, but Big Lies definitely murder, massacre us by the millions!

It is the sacred emancipatory duty of the Bolivarian Revolution: to teach the Sovereign, the Citizen the "gospel truth". If not, ideological Big Lies will devour all our emancipatory efforts.

Spiritually, mentally and intellectually, we cannot eternally feed millions of oppressed peoples with the same lies, fantasies, chimeras and phantasmagorias, with which our slave-masters, the Inquisition, the Conquest, had quartered their very souls for centuries. In the same way, that Plato suggested deliberate lies, that is ideology, to control the toiling masses, Stalin, Hitler, Goering and Goebbels did the same, the latter even used the pope, religion and the mass media, psychologically to control the education of the German masses, and thus, they saw nothing, heard nothing, felt nothing, while Auschwitz and Dachau were devouring millions of Jews, communists, gypsies and blacks.

For whom, did the church bells of St. Peter's Square really toll?

In fact, for centuries, European capital accumulation, to be profitable, needed subservient, pacified, genuflecting, toiling slaves, serfs and wage-workers. This was perfectly achieved by means of the invention of a fool proof educational and socialization superstructure, ingeniously embedded in monotheistic, patriarchal, religious rites, morals, values and beliefs. This Global Mental Holocaust was exported to the "colonial world", to control and canalize the conquered peoples into the imperialist Labor Moloch. From the medieval Papacy to the contemporary Vatican we can follow the horrible, torturing, spiritual trail of these cardinal, capital crimes against humanity ... where the poor slaving creatures feared the second death more than their painful, murderous exorcism on earth.

Over the last weeks, any still thinking person easily could have noticed how this religious panacea is operating, could have observed that nothing supernatural, divine or holy was taking place in Rome. On the contrary, we witnessed a bombastic, concrete, materialist rehearsal of 21st Century massive Mind and Thought Control, a violent psychological world war, vindicating transhistoric ruling class beliefs and ideology.

To understand the above, we have to catch the Vatican Bull by its wealthy, imperialist horns, by scientifically asking who and what is a pope?

What and who is an anti-pope?

(For a full detailed documentation of all that follows, see our web site:

Furthermore, we should ask ourselves, why do most of us not know that of the 265 past and present popes already three of African descent have ruled in Rome: Saint Victor 1 (189-199), Saint Miliades 1 (311-314) and Saint Gelasius 1 (492-496)?

Married men with children became popes, and in two cases, researched by the British philosopher, Betrand Russell, there is a high probability that we even had female popes. Unfortunately, this cannot be verified with scientific data. For married popes, check the lives of St. Peter, St. Siricius, St. Felix III (II), St. Hormisdas, St. Silverius, St. Agatho, Hadrian II, Boniface IX, Clement IV and Felix V.

There were times when two or three contending popes were battling for political power, not to mention the hundreds of anti-popes that pave European Dark Age history. (See:

According to the research work of some experts, even the contemporary puntofijista evils of the counter-revolution in Venezuela, "sins", like sex, crime and corruption, marked the murky, dark history of some past popes. Like the "opposition", they have plotted against others, and deceived their flock, they were belligerent, corrupt and power-hungry; like in the cases of the sex scandals of some contemporary US "fathers", some even sired children that they shamelessly promoted.

They burned heretics, philosophers, like Giordano Bruno, on the stake, while they themselves, against all holy scriptures and teachings, introduced a series of heretic dogmas. They were brilliant in inventing salvation doctrines for all mankind. Among them were: Salvation Only Through Mary, Salvation Only Through The Catholic Church, and finally, of course, Salvation Only Through Popes.

Who knows what Pope Benedict XVI will invent!

One of the next popes may legalize the US bombing of Latin American innocent children, women and men, by means of the divine permission of the United Nations, already controlled by Washington D.C.

What did Jesus Christ say about harming little children?
What would it be better for him to do?

The world is radicalizing itself, the time-bomb Latin America is ticking dangerously in Bolivia; today much louder in Ecuador; really, there is no road back anymore. However, if we do not have true, solidaric militant leaders, a revolutionary class consciousness, a revolutionary party ... with a constant, consequent socialist práxis and theory, wiping out forever reactionary religious and ideological illusions ... the impoverished masses, the brave Bolivarian peoples will again and again be betrayed by one stooge after the other, who continually will shout freedom, with Yankee honey on his slippery tongue, astutely usurping all the liberating efforts of the peoples. In such cases, we will have to begin all over again; until when?

Currently, on a global scale, the metropolitan rulers are marching toward the extreme right, toward fascism, so does Bush, and long before becoming the Pope, Joseph Ratzinger has already followed the conservative path towards a dark future for mankind.

Jeu, 2005-12-15 01:06

thank you for your entry.i get it.
it's very great

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