STOP THE DEPORTATIONS! Support Canada's non-status Algerians!

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In Montreal a campaign has been launched -- on the initiative of the Comité d'action des sans-statuts (representing non-status Algerians in Canada) -- in support of the more than 1000 Algerians who face deportation as a result of changes to Canadian immigration policy.

STOP THE DEPORTATIONS! Support Canada's non-status Algerians!

In Montreal a campaign has been launched -- on the initiative of the Comité d'action des sans-statuts (representing non-status Algerians in Canada) -- in support of the more than 1000 Algerians who face deportation as a result of changes to Canadian immigration policy.

A recent demonstration in downtown Montreal involved up to 750 participants, and over 25 local groups endorsed the protest.

As part of the ongoing campaign, the Comité d'action des sans-statut and their supporters are asking for groups from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and beyond, to endorse the main demands of the stop the deportations campaign.

Those demands are:

1) An immediate end to deportations.

2) The regularization of all Algerians who are without status so as to provide refuge from the possible risks of deportation: death, torture and persecution.

3) The re-instatement of the moratorium on removals to Algeria. This step will allow the future protection of individuals who succeed in fleeing the violence and persecution that is rampant in Algeria.

---> If your group endorses the above demands, please contact or phone 514-409-2049 indicating your support

The Stop the Deportations campaign will actively continue in the upcoming months. Each Monday, from 4-6pm, the Comité d'action des sans-statut will continue to picket outside the Montreal offices of Citizenship and Immigration Canada at 1010 St-Antoine West (métro Bonaventure). All are welcome to attend.

More updates about actions and protests will be forwarded in the upcoming weeks. Very basic background info about the situation of the 1000 non-status Algerians in Canada is included below.

Le Comité d'action des sans-statut:
cell: (514) 996-3819


===> WHY: On April 5th, Denis Coderre, the Minister of Immigration Canada lifted the moratorium on the deportations of Algerians. The moratorium protected Algerians who were not recognized as refugees by Canada, permitting them to remain on Canadian soil due to the extreme violence in Algeria that has taken the lives of 150,000 people, and where more than 8,000 others have disappeared.

Minister Coderre's decision aims to defend and promote the economic interests of a political and economic elite who want open borders for business. In the same week that the Algerian moratorium was lifted, Prime Minister Chretien was visiting Algeria and shortly after, the Canadian company, SNC Lavalin, obtained a contract with Algeria for the amount of $141 million dollars.

===> WE MUST ACT NOW! Once individuals receive their deportation notice, they have 30 days before it comes into effect. Many Algerian families in Canada face imminent deportation to a country where demonstrators are assassinated and the authorities torture with impunity. Some people facing deportation have been in Canada for up to 8 years, working and paying taxes. They are documented, but have no status. Their rights are restricted: no right to health insurance; a minimum $150 expense for the annual work permit renewal; no right to study with a work permit; no right for children to family benefits, even when born in Canada; no right to loans or scholarships; and the list goes on.

===> CANADA SEALS ITS BORDERS: On June 28th, new immigration legislation came into effect, further entrenching the injustices of a racist system. Amongst other things the new Immigration changes will:

- Greatly expand powers of detention.
- Bar people on welfare from sponsoring their children or spouses.
- See the Liberal government abandon its promise to allow appeals for refugees on the merits of their cases.
- Allow life-or-death decisions on refugee claims to be made by a single judge.
- See the U.S. declared a "safe third country", a country that is known for its high detention rate and refugee rights violations. This agreement will effectively stop an estimated 40% of refugee claims from being processed.


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