STOP DEPORTATIONS - Resist Algerian Deportations in Montreal! - NO ONE IS ILLEGAL!

Anonyme, Jueves, Julio 25, 2002 - 21:08

CLAC Immigration

This friday, July 26th, we will demonstrate in solidarity with the 1000 algerians in montreal who face deportation by immigration canada.

This short article proposes an analysis of the algerian deportation issue in an anti-capitalist perspective. It highlights the links between borders, nations and criminalization of immigrants and refugies worldwide.

The demo will start at 5h30 pm in front of Citoyenneté et immigration Canada office, 1010 Ste-Antoine ouest (Bonnaventure metro, Peel corner)



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Resist Algerian Deportations in Montreal!

On April 5th, Citizenship and Immigration Canada lifted the moratorium on deportations to Algeria. In place since 1997, the moratorium protected Algerians who were not recognized as refugees by Canada, but who were permitted to remain on Canadian soil due to the extreme ongoing violence in Algeria. The Canadian government claims that deportees will be safe in Algeria Canadian citizens on April 1st against traveling there,
warning of " continuous terrorist activity ". A visit to Algeria by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien in the name of NEPAD has $1 billion in trade implications, and a $141 million deal between Canadian company SNC Lavalin and the Government of Algeria to build water-supply infrastructure was officially announced shortly afterward. In short, borders are open forbusiness but not for people.

Across the world, hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing famine, war and terror and face detention and isolation, only to be released with " temporary protection " or as " non-status " persons.

Others, who manage to avoid capture, are forced to live without visas as " illegals ". With few rights, and fewer options, many are forced to work in jobs with low pay and long hours.

Every day trillions of dollars move from one place to another across the seemingly invisible borders between nations. The mobility of capital and free trade creates an environment of global competition, allowing companies to move from country to country seeking the lowest labour costs and highest profit margins.

And despite this free movement of capital, the movement of people is tightly policed. Border surveillance is increasingly militarised; navalships patrol the oceans around Australia, people of colour, particularly Arabs and Muslims, are being targeted for detention, questioning and deportation at US-Canada border crossings.

The existence of borders results in a class of people labelled or stigmatized as " illegal " who live without rights, who become non-persons.

Most are forced into work with low pay and long hours, but their " illegal " status and the threat of further detention or deportation make it difficult to challenge these conditions. By assigning people criminal status as " illegals ", borders facilitate the creation of disposable people and the extraction of cheap labour.

For those who do have legal residency or landed immigrant status, borders maintain race and class divides leaving many trapped in vulnerable and unregulated working conditions, with little choice to move into different work or secure further training.

We assert our support for immigrants and refugees in this country, human beings whose existence continues to be marginalized and criminalized by racist immigration laws. Hypocritically, capitalist globalization makes it easier for rich people and their money to cross borders, while controlling and exploiting the poor. We call for open borders, and full rights for migrants and refugees worldwide.

We also assert our support for the 1000 Algerians who face deportation from Montreal and join the call for an immediate end to this racist act. In the face of attempts to divide peoples and movements, and to render entire groups of human beings illegal, invisible or disposable, we march today to declare openly and with conviction: " No One is Illegal! "

Written & compiled by members of CLAC Immigration
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