NO ONE IS ILLEGAL! - A March of 1000 Flags of Resistance

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take the capital

A March of 1000 Flags of Resistance

* In Solidarity with Self-Determination Struggles
* Pro-Immigrant & Indigenous Rights
* Against War, Imperialism and Racism

---> Majors Hill Park
(Across from the American Embassy)
June 27, 2002 - 1PM

Bring your flags of resistance and other symbols of opposition.

As the G8 retreats to the hills of Kananaskis to intensify the so-called "War on Terror", we will converge in Ottawa against borders, the criminalization of immigrants and refugees, racism, genocide and war.

In solidarity with refugee and immigrant communities, indigenous struggles for self-determination, and all the victims of economic and military imperialism, we assert that NO ONE IS ILLEGAL!

Part of Take the Capital! Days of Action against the G8 (June 26-27, 2002 - Ottawa).

Ottawa Actions Against the G8
June 26-27, 2002
613-788-3310 (messages only)
on parle francais.
se habla espanol.
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