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Anonyme, Viernes, Mayo 10, 2002 - 10:08


bc liberals threaten to lift offshore oil and gas moratorium.

A B.C. government "advisory panel" consisting of three people has declared that the thirty year moratorium on offshore drilling has no "scientific basis" , and we are expected to believe that it's a good idea to go ahead? Go ahead and extract oil in an earthquake prone area? Go ahead and hand over oil and gas to multinational corporations like shell, chevron and petro canada, further concentrating wealth? Open the gates to the types of American pressures and tactics like those that are now being exercised over softwood lumber?

The B.C. government has decided that the scientific report and the public consultation report will not be available to the public until they have made the decision whether to lift the moratorium or not. What happened to transparency? Accountability? Meaningful consultation and democratic participation?

According to David Cadman, chair of the Canadian Environmental Network, seven out of nine coastal communities consulted by the BC government have "categorically rejected the lifting of the moratorium on oil and gas drilling". The B.C. government claims that First Nations participation is being solicited, which is hard to take seriously considering they are the people responsible for the internationally embarrassing "treaty referendum" process. Land claims must be settled before off shore oil drilling is even considered.

Lifting this moratorium threatens peoples traditional land, unique ecosystems, and existing jobs in fisheries and tourism. It ensures that more pollution will be created, finding it's way into our air and water. Twelve years after the Exxon Valdez spill, the coastal ecosystem has not recuperated, as oil deposits are still present in inter tidal zones.

Should BC Liberals decide the future of this area unilaterally, without independent assessments and comprehensive community input and decision making? Not in a Democracy.

link to BC liberals press release.

link to oil free coast alliance, where you can send a fax to Herb Dhaliwal protesting off shore drilling.

link to excellent article concerning off shore oil.

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