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Shell's mass/wholesale (secret) nuclear reactor dumpings, Thornton Research Centre, Cheshire, England.

For the last thirteen years I have been researching the alleged illegal disposal/dumping of a nuclear reactor/testing cell by Royal Dutch/Shell Group, at its Thornton Research Centre, Cheshire, England, in 1968. Briefly my research is that:

1. In 1968, Shell, hired known criminals (with a history of illegally disposing of nuclear 'waste'), to decommission its (secret) nuclear rector/testing cell.

2. That Shell paid the said 'criminals' a six-figure CASH sun (at today's prices).

3. That Shell's reactor/testing cell decommissioning did not go to plan.

4. That vast amounts of nuclear materials/waste (thousands of tons) was/were illegally dumped (onto an urban population), as part, consequence.

In 1993, following five years of research, my findings resulted in the commissioning of a TV programme for Carlton Television (UK national broadcaster)-. A matter of days before the programmes proposed transmission Shell produced a 2900 word Narrative*, to explain away my allegations/research. Shell Narrative briefly claimed (that): 'I had got it wrong, for it was not a nuclear reactor/testing cell that had been decommissioned, rather, Shell claimed, it was a Cobalt-60 labyrinth- i.e. 'harmless' nuclear facility/waste'- this (Shell's Narrative) was/is an absolute/deliberate known lie.

The actual truth (as Shell are/were perfectly aware) is that Shell’s secret reactor decommissioning, was not only criminal, in that the Group planned to illegally dump a quantity of its nuclear materials/waste, it turned from a pre-planned criminal act into as an absolute disaster. The decommissioning plan was to ‘expose’ certain identified materials/waste, in order for the ‘scientists’ from United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority- Harwell, to collect it with their specialised remote control equipment and deposit the ‘materials/waste’ in Harwell’s ‘nuclear deposit bins’, for transportation and subsequent reprocessing. The rest of the materials/waste was to have been, and was, illegally dumped. The mandatory said ‘waste’ was mainly, but not exclusively, in the form of ‘Strontium-90 pipes’, which the decommissioning contractor, sub-contractor and his foreman were informed had to be separated from the reactor’s structure. I have established that the said Strontium-90 ‘pipes’ ran from the reactors/testing cell’s outer circumference to its centre. That the pipes were arranged in a circular manner, with each pipe successively staggered, one ‘up’ the following ‘down’, next ‘up’, and so on, in a sort of wave formation. Shell’s said reactor/testing cell had a number of experimental ‘holes’, along with a removable ‘roof plug’ and resulting gantry crane. In fact, it proved impossible to separate and retrieve the said nuclear waste. As a consequence, discussions between Shell and Harwell personnel became increasingly heated. Harwell’s ‘scientists’ duly departed- empty handed, taking with them their empty nuclear deposit bins. Shell, following Harwell’s departure, then ordered and sanctioned the wholesale dumping of vast amounts of nuclear material/’waste’, including all of the ‘pipes’ and other nuclear isotopes/materials/waste’, which was planned to have been retrieved and reprocessed.
A (small) portion of this waste was subsequently used in the construction of a housing estate, medical facilities, shops, schools and leisure establishments - which were either built on the ‘waste’ and/ or its surroundings. The remainder of the nuclear ‘waste’ was either directly sold, or stored and later sold on, as ‘hardcore’, by the haulage contractor engaged to remove the waste off-site. The total volume of nuclear waste retrieved and dumped runs in to thousands of tons. See'evidence'.htm
In late 1998, subsequent to a further five years of research, I re-contacted Shell. At first I was ignored, however, following the outlining of my evidence, the position quickly changed. In light of the supplied evidence, Shell’s Narrative became untenable. Consequently, the Group’s Legal Head, Richard Max Wiseman, was wheeled forward to assert that the Group’s Narrative of the 7 February 1994 ‘was an (honest) mistake’. This is ‘bullshit’, for Shell’s Narrative was and is, no ‘honest’ or other ‘mistake’. Shell, (aware of the truth of its nuclear dumping crimes), fabricated its fraudulent, sham Narrative precisely to cover up its crimes, conscious of the fact that the victims of its nuclear dumpings would continue to be exposed. See
Evidence for my assertions, please see -

Following two years of correspondence with senior Shell directors- its Chairman and Legal Head in an effort to get the Group to face up to consequences of its nuclear dumping crimes, without success. I have no alternative other alternative, other than to ‘go public’, via my WEB site.
Prior to publication of my WEB site, I John Alfred Dyer, gave specific clear (prior) notice to the Royal Dutch Shell Group, following the dispatch of CD copies of this site, its contents and allegations to Shell's appointed lawyers D J Freeman, the Group's legal head Richard Max Wiseman, Shell Transport & Trading's chairman Mark Moody Stuart and Royal Dutch Shell’s chairman Jeroen van der Veeer. All have declined to commence/issue proceedings, despite their specific (legal) threats. Shell and its lawyers threats that it 'would not hesitate' to sue me, should I publish, has refused to issue, or embark on any legal process.
Shell, aware of the truth* will not risk court action, hence no 'writs' have been issued nor will they!

Within days of my WEB Site's launch, Shell instructed D J Freeman, the Group’s lawyers in this matter, to contact my (former) Web host ‘Easyspace’. Refusing to issue proceedings against me personally, Shell, in a quite outrageous act of censorship, succeeded in pressurising my (former) ISP into removing this entire web site from their server. It thus disappeared from the Internet. I am pleased to inform that I now have a more ethical and robust host. However, Shell immediately instructed the Group’s lawyers, D J Freeman, to get this ('new') site closed down. In a letter signed by Sajjad Nabi, Shell's lawyers have now written a’ warningthreat letter to my present (ethical) web host (see WEB site-‘Shell Challenge’). Failing to get the site censored directly, Shell's lawyers are further attempting to apply pressure to my web host's connectivity suppliers. If Shell were to succeed in this unprecedented campaign of intimidation, the entire server would be closed down, leading to an outage of hundreds of sites - simply to stop the contents of this web site becoming public knowledge! To 'jeapordise' innocent third parties while refusing to sue me is truly outrageous, unethical, the act of the coward. Shell’s nuclear dumping crimes are not going to succeed indefinitely.
Hence, if Shell denies that;
1. It hired known criminals, in 1968, with a history of illegal disposal of nuclear materials/waste, to decommission its 'Thornton' nuclear reactor/testing cell.
2. It paid these criminals a six-figure CASH sum (at today's prices), to covertly and illegally decommission its secret nuclear reactor/testing cell.
3. It ordered and/or otherwise sanctioned the wholesale illegal mass dumping of 'Thornton’s' nuclear materials waste.
4. That the nuclear materials/waste was disposed of in some of the most densely populated sectors of the United Kingdom.
5. That Shell knowingly fabricated a fraudulent sham Narrative to 'kill' the said television programme and hence cover up its nuclear dumping(s) (and other crimes).
6. That Shell Thornton and its employees carried out (secret) nuclear research, as set out in my WEB Site.
7. Furthermore, if Shell disputes the other enclosed allegations, as set out in my WEB Site.
then Shell will now issue legal proceedings - in accordance with its issued threats:

For Shell's lawyers latest please see-'challenge'.htm

(C) 2001. The sole property of John Alfred Dyer, cannot or may not be communicated, copied or transmitted, for commercial gain, without my expressed prior agreement.

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