Against the dictatorship of the economy - Long live the international revolt of the proletariat!

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Against imperialist war: social war!

The struggle of proletarians in the Maghreb and Middle East is our struggle!

The enemy is capitalism and the dictatorship of the world market.

The purpose is everywhere the same: social revolution!

Destruction of capitalism and the State!

Against the dictatorship of the economy
Long live the international revolt of the proletariat !


What's the difference between these revolts in the "Arab world" and the previous revolts in Latin America, in Greece or in French suburbs? Which difference can there be between the struggles of proletarians in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen... and in Bolivia, in China? They don't have any different reasons, they don't have any different enemy, and they don't have any different perspectives. If they don't break out yet at the same time, it's on the one hand because of the ability of world capital to attack the proletariat little by little, to space out austerity plans according to the instructions of counterinsurgency apparatuses, and on the other hand because of the proletariat's inability to coordinate its own struggles.

The great means of disinformation that the Medias are did their utmost to hide the real strength of the proletarian revolt. For the bourgeoisie the perspective that its domination be destabilized doesn't belong in the realms of fiction: it's necessary at all costs to avoid that this struggle becomes an example for other proletarians in the world. Everything there must be explained as being different from us, except the democratic mystification that would be the paradise for all! The social struggle which takes place in an each time more broadened part of the planet is not a struggle for more democracy, nor to impose such or such religious sect, and this is not only a struggle against such or such dictator. It's about a deep social revolt against world capitalism which dooms an each time bigger part of human beings to suffer the catastrophe of this social system.

The rises in price of cereal, vegetables, meat, etc. spread once again at the end of 2010 and early this year. Revolts in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, and Syria... are first and foremost revolts of a same social class and for the same reasons. The survival is each day more difficult, the struggle against the capitalist oppression is every day more necessary. It's this identity of necessities and perspectives that they try to hide always more behind ideologies of "democratic revolutions" and/or religious ones.

It's true that the revolt makes frontal attack on the formal political domination of such or such country, of such or such dictator who is suddenly presented as a monstrous one by the leaders of the gendarmerie-States. There's nothing quite so logical that the proletarian uprising breaks out first against the oppressors of their own State. Nothing quite so normal, when State terrorism can't cope in a region of the world, that the bourgeoisie as a world class drops those it always supported. And there's nothing quite so normal that the opposition bourgeois factions, which wish to put an end to the revolution the most quickly possible, starts bandying words like "democratic revolution" about or pretends that the purpose of this revolution is only about the tyrant's elimination.

Beyond the elimination of such or such hated head of State, what makes from the different revolts only one world struggle is this fundamental struggle for survival, the struggle for life against the deadly world of capitalism, against the dictatorship of market and profit. What matters is not each single flag or motto but to see that the negation of such or such individual contains at the same time the negation of the capitalist world and therefore the possibility that the proletariat in other regions recognize itself in these struggles.

We greet the attack of proletarians against bastions and symbols of each of the regional dictatorships, against each of the tyrants, and torturers. But in these attacks we reaffirm the universality of this struggle that emerges from the general contradiction between capitalism and humanity, between capital and earth, between the survival of this social system and the necessity for the human race to destroy this world social system forever.

If it's obviously about struggling against the dictatorship, it's not against such or such particular political dictatorship but much more widely against the social and general dictatorship of capitalism.

Long live the struggle against all dictators!

Long live the struggle against the social and world dictatorship!

The ideological forging of "democratic revolutions" is obviously not only an ideological issue. The flags constantly shown and promoted by the information campaigns are at the same time the limits of the very movement of the proletariat. Moreover all the security agencies, the militaries, and the spy and sabotage structures practically act to transform these deep social revolts into simple political struggles between bourgeois factions, between imperialist powers.

Against the world proletariat, and particularly when this one reaffirms its international revolutionary perspective to destroy world capitalism, when the way of reforms is not enough anymore to neutralize the social force of the proletarian class, the one and only perspective for the international bourgeoisie is the destruction of this force while channeling it into inter-bourgeois and inter-imperialist polarizations.

The military actions led in Libya under the direction of Gendarmerie-States obey to this reality. They don't want only to appropriate the Libyan oil or to insist upon their particular interests as bourgeois factions. Their actions continue to have the same purpose than Gaddafi's one: i.e. to get rid of the proletarian revolt! To draw up the fighters in one or the other imperialist camp!

Against imperialist war: social war!

The struggle of proletarians in the Maghreb and Middle East is our struggle!

The enemy is capitalism and the dictatorship of the world market.

The purpose is everywhere the same: social revolution!

Destruction of capitalism and the State!

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