Vancouver Libertarian Paul Geddes brings CIA racist stock money launderers to Canada

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Tony Ryals

Aren't you as a Canadian capable of creating your own political party that at least has no ties to stock fraud,money laundering gold and mortgage scams of the U.S.Libertarian Party and Republican 'libertarian-in-chief' Ron Paul with his criminal ties to James Dale Davidson's,Lord William Rees-Mogg's and ex CIA 'economist' Mark Skousen's Agora Inc crime family ?!

Naked Short Lie: Agora Inc., Lila Rajiva, Walter Block: Vancouver Libertarian

Paul Geddes brings CIA racist stock fraud money launderers to Canada...

Also Loyola U. Fascist Racist Walter Block

Walter Block Loyola Jesuit money launderer and biggoted racist
against African-Americans allowed to speak

by Tony Ryals

Libertarians Gone Wild: May Event In Vancouver

...12 Apr 2010 ...
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Pentagon Shooter,Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey Rivera,Porter
Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,Lila Rajiva,SEC

What does the Pentagon shooter John Bedell have to do with Ron Paul,
CIA 'economist' Mark Skousen and the con artists and murder suspects
of Agora Inc penny stock 'holding'(and dumping),'company of Baltimore and
the world wide internet ?
They are all connected to and fans of a deceased idiot Austrian 'economist'
named Ludwig Von Mises.As is women's rights denier Ron Paul's former aid
Lew Rockwell who presents himself as a peace and love kind of right wingnut
while hosting the scum of Agora Inc on his 'Misesian' website that
values gold far
above human life

The Devil in Goldman Sachs
By Bill Bonner

04/26/10 Baltimore, Maryland – Poor Ol’ Goldman…

''Serious investors should pay no mind to the Goldman story. The Wall
Street firm did the right thing – it helped separate the numbskulls
from their money. And now, the numbskulls are moaning and the SEC is
trying to salvage its reputation by prosecuting Goldman for betting
the right way.'' - Bill Bonner Agora Inc's alledged founder ,Good All
Round Libertarian,Misesian,Agoran Liar,Defrauder and Money Launderer

Agora Inc.'s real founder and 'Vantage Point' editor James Dale
Davidson first promoted the rumor that Genemax and Endovasc penny
stock shares that he pumped and dumped with David Patch of Jag Media
penny stock fraud to launder money and defraud small investors were
really the victims of 'naked short selling' rather than their illegal
pump and dump.Canadian securities criminals and money launderers Grant
Atkins and Brent Peirce worked with Beltway connected Agora Inc and
National Taxpayers Union founder and Steve Forbes' crony James Dale
Davidson as well and headquartered their U.S.-Canadian international
Genemax penny stock fraud in Blaine,Washington that claimed a
University of British Columbi 'cancer vaccine' along with their NAANSS
or National Association Against Naked Short Selling organization and
claimed Genemax with its LOM of Bermuda and other offshore share
dumping and money laundering accounts,was instead a victim of 'naked
short selling' ! There is reason to believe James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,

of Agora Inc know something about spreading of the rumor that UK's Northern Rock as well as Fannie Mae Freddie Mac,even Goldman Savchs shares were naked shorted, rumor that even IG H David Kotz and his ex boss and SEC Chairman Christopher Cox lied about being victims of naked short selling on website before recent disclosure of Goldman's and John Paulson's conventional(yet illegal) shorting strategy was disclosed.
- Tony Ryals

Dear Paul Geddes,

I was moved to write you via this internt post because perhaps you are
unaware of the shady albeit Beltway or Washington,D.C. connected
individuals you have aligned yourself with ? How many stock share
money launderers who defraud average Americans and Canadians alike in
binational and international stock fraud and money laundering ops do
you encourage to to 'business' in Canada and Vancouver anyway ? You
must know Bill Bonner of thedaillyreckoning.con and his and James Dale
Davidson's and Lord William Rees-Mogg's and Ron Paul's Agora Inc
gold,mortgage and stock fraud ops holds 'business' symposiums every
year in Vancouver as it is without need of you inviting more of his
corrupt gang of Newsmax and Lew Rockwell and CIA connected
'libertarians' and phoney 'Ludwig Von Mises economists' (such as the
racist Jesuit Loyola University professor Walter Block and the
internet Agora Inc liar,apologist and Bill Bonner co-aurthor, Lila
Rajiva),to Vancouver to corrupt it further ! Do you ?!

Aren't you as a Canadian capable of creating your own political party
that at least has no ties to stock fraud,money laundering gold and
mortgage scams of the U.S.Libertarian Party and Republican
'libertarian-in-chief' Ron Paul with his criminal ties to James Dale
Davidson's,Lord William Rees-Mogg's and ex CIA 'economist' Mark
Skousen's Agora Inc crime family ?! And hopefully your party would
oppose rather than condone penny stock fraud and money laundering that
the whole Libertarian Party with its connections to CIA connected
Agora Inc and its Ludwig Von Mises
'economists' with their voodoo economics and 'naked short selling'
lie to distract from their stock fraud pumps and dumps and illegal

''And the programs it supports are usually social-welfare busting.
I’ve also noted connections between Agora and the CIA, including the
employment of former CIA agents, and the appearance of former CIA
director William Casey’s Colby’s name on an Agora newsletter. But it’s
not unheard of for financial newsletters/ tip-sheets to use former
government employees or intelligence officers to ferret out economic
tips.'' - Lila Rajiva

Women's rights denier Ron Paul is part of Agora Inc just as your
guests Lila Rajiva and Loyala University's rascist 'Misesian
economist' Walter Block because he hangs in the same circles as Mark Skousen
and 'libertarian' Bud Burrell who lies and makes death threats because I have
complained to the U.S.SEC for years over his and Patrick Byrne's and James Dale
Davidson's lies about 'naked short selling' or share counterfeiting
causing collapse of their money laundering penny stock pump and dump
scams ! And strangely Pentagon gunman of a while back was a Ludwig Von
Mises fan as well just like Lila Rajiva and Walter Block and all the
Lew Rockwell-Agora Inc gang ! Are you proud to be part of their
frauds against small investors and international money laundering
crime family !?

Northern Rock,GB:Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul Lies About Naked Shorting
by Tony Ryals Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2007 at 10:16 PM
endoscam (at) (email address validated)

Dear SEC, I was only beginning to organize my thoughts about the
Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul's statements re SHO to the SEC,(U.S
Securities Exchange Commission),that were only recently posted here.
However no sooner was I getting over the shock that Mr.Ron Paul was
aiding the fraudulent penny stock naked shorting claim of his well
heeled Libertarian pals such as the NTU founder James Dale Davidson,
Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,,than 'news' came out of England
that Northern Rock was a victim of 'naked short selling' as

Blaine,Washington and Naked Short Selling Claim Fraud

It should also be noted that this U.S. penny stock scam,(that claims
U.S.penny stocks to be victims of 'naked short selling' or share
counterfeitting),that I have been following for some years,besides
having a Beltway and perhaps NSA or CIA connection by way of the
scumbag James Dale Davidson,founder of Steve Forbes',Grover
Norquist's,'s National Taxpayers Union as well as the internet
penny stock tout or promotion machine Agora Inc of Baltimore - has a
Blaine,Washington connection.In 2002 the office of Genemax with a
supposed University of British Columbia patent for a 'cancer vaccine'
was headquartered in Blaine. The criminals involved included James
Dale Davidson author of scammy 'investment' books with the British
Lord William Rees-Mogg as well as convicted Canadian penny stock
scheiters Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins.

In the same Blaine,Washington office where they promoted the cancer
cure scam Genemax and while they dumped those shares from offshore
accounts such as LOM of Bermuda they also housed their ICI or Investor
Communications Internationsl penny stock promotion op as well as
NAANSS or National Association Againsnt Naked Short Selling that was
used to fraudulentlty claim that Genemax and other scammy penny stocks
they owned or received free shares of were not losing value because
they were selling(dumping)those worthless shares in the U.S. penny
stock 'market' but because someones or brokers or whatever were 'naked
shorting' them.

Because this little episode is part of Blaine little known or unknown
history it is also interesting to note the far right Davidson,founder
of the far right pro Bush 'news' website,newsmax,once supported Bill
Clinton just as he did Republican far right Bush dad,George Herbert
Walker Bush, before that.It was not until later in the Clinton
presidency he turned on Clinton for some reason and led the

Lila Rajiva a presumed native of India(who Jimbo Wales and his
Wikpedia allow to write her own biography that omits all details of
her or its true past writes with crocodile tears about the Abu Graibe
rape of Iraqis and the financial rape of
Americans is part of the 'naked short selling' lie created by her boss
National Taxpayers Union and Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidson who,
along with Canadian penny stock money launderers Grant Atkins and Brent Pierce in
2002 with their NAANSS or National Association
Against Naked Short Selliing located in the same Blaine,Washington
office where they pumped and dumped Genemax,(named for
?).Lila Rajiva has acknowledged Agora Inc.'s and thus Ron
Paul's,'s CIA connections as quoted above.She has also
acknowledged Agora Inc.'s stock fraud operations and connections to
suspicious deaths or murders that includes the mysteriious death of
Agora Inc. and Porter Stansberry employee Rey Rivera in 2006.:

Suicide Or Murder? Evidence Reviewed - Baltimore News Story - WBAL
...16 May 2007 ... Rey Rivera, 32, was an aspiring filmmaker, husband
and former editor of a ... Long-time friend Porter Stansberry brought
Rivera to Agora. ...

Turning Beach Sand Into Gold - The Goldcor Swindle
April 10, 2009

The most interesting part of this little history is that the Royal
Society of Liechtenstein was sold off, changing its name to the Oxford
Club, which has been since then a part of Agora Inc. (Update, April 8,
2010: It merged with a pre-existing newsletter, The Passport Club
(according to Agora’s website).
The Brown death was never seriously investigated, say some SEC
officials, who believe it was a murder.
What’s even more interesting is that Nadel’s Chief Operating Office,
Mark Ford, who was also banned from selling stocks directly as a
result of the settlement with the SEC, changed his name to Michael
Masterson, and followed the Royal Society of Liechtenstein to Agora
Inc., as part of Oxford Club and as a consultant).

(Update, March 8: I notice that the websites of the company as well as
its affiliates have changed and that Masterson is no longer listed on
the website of Oxford Club). - Lila Rajiva

. The above modus operandi described by Lila Rajiva of removing
incriminating material from their websites is common to all
Libertarian - Agora Inc criminals.Ms.Rajiva engages in it herself.
The email below from Lila Rajiva denying that James Dale Davidson was
a (or the) founder of Agora Inc,(that she had removed from the
internet or at least David Marchant’s and the site),clearly shows she is the one who contacted me and lied
about James Dale Davidson not being a founder and no longer being
involved with Agora.In fact this was a ruse of Davidson,Bonner,Porter
Stansberry(who I corresponded with)and their new con artist Lila
Rajiva to try and get me to stop my criticisms of the Agora Inc pump
and dump money laundering operations.

Subject: Re Agora and Davidson
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 00:25:56
Dear Mr. Ryall,
I read with interest your articles on the net regarding Agora
Publishing and the stock ventures of the founder, James Dale Davidson.
However, I was led to believe that Bill Bonner well-known copywriter
and author is the founder. Can you please clarify this as I have had
some dealings with the latter gentleman and am concerned about such
connections. Could it be that you are mistaken in your accusations?
Lila Rajiva

Dear Mr. Ryals:
Thank you for all this information. I will certainly keep it in mind.
I plan to work for Mr. Bonner only in a limited way and with nothing
to do with his stock activities or selling. I am a writer and and
planning on working on a book with him that has nothing to do with
I appreciate this information and do thank you for it. But I am not in
a position to ascertain the truth of it and don’t have the time as
well. I hope that you will be able to recoup your losses. I sincerely
feel for you about that as I suffered similar losses through
unscrupulous individuals.
Kind regards
Lila Rajiva

Lila Rajiva&
lrajiva (at)
To: endoscam (at)
Subject: Re: Re Agora and Davidson
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 02:19:44
Dear Mr. Ryals,
I did speak to Mr. Bonner about Porter Stansberry. He was very
forthcoming and adhered to the position that he was not guilty of any
legal wrong doing, such as pump and dump. He seemed a very open and
sincere individual so I am a bit puzzled.It’s quite possible that some
of his associates are involved things he is not aware of. Or that they
were only inexperienced or needlessly zealous, which was unfortunate,
but may not be illegal. Do let me know if you come across anything

Another penny stock scam artist named Bud Burrell also spread lies
about me on and makes death and torture threats
against me.It is rumored that James Dale Davidson has contributed
money to maintain that website and provided cell phones to its
operators although Overstock.con’s Patrick Byrne takes credit for
funding it.And Patrick Byrne(son of Geico billionaire Jack) gave the
most in campaign donations to ex Utah Gov Jon Huntsman who is now
Barack Obama’s Ambassador to China ! Lila likes to post on their
deepcapture.con website.All their many scam websites are for express
purpose of fraudulently claiming their stock many scams’ share prices
fall because of ‘naked shorting’(by a ‘Sith Lord) according to
Byrne,rather than being illegal pumps and dumps the U.S.SEC does
nothing about.I call it stock share money laundering and NOT ‘naked
shorting’ which is a term James Dale Davidson virtually made up in
2002 when he created NAANSS or National Association Against Naked
Shorting and claimed in his Agora Inc Vantage Point newsletter and
internet cyberfraud promotion that Genemax and Endovasc were not pumps
and dumps but instead had been ‘naked shorted’.Ha.

Below I invoke your fellow 'Libertarian' Bud Burrell's greetings,(he
attended a Libertarian gathering in Arizona with your guest,Loyola
University racist and economic con artist,Walter Block),copyrighted
2008 to you as he will probably not make it to Vancouver for your May
8 shindig.:

PAUL GEDDES:Notorious Basher, NAMBLA member, Serial Pervert, Convicted
Fraud Felon, Confidential Informant
Written by: bburrell
2/22/2008 7:55 PM

AKA Canadian Libertarian Paul Geddes has been rumored to be
everything from a transexual imposter, to a serial pervert and worse,
to a member of NAMBLA (North
American Man Boy Love Association), to a convicted felon, to a roll
Confidential Informant (the USG never met a felon they didn't love if
he was a roll), and far worse. These many malicious and vicious
rumors are unfortunate even if proven not precisely or completely
true. That is no different than his stories.

He/She slanders with the rough and unhewn skills of a second rate
tabloid journalist, without regard to who he/she harms, and certainly
without resort to facts. He/She should be working with The New York
Times. He/She isn't worthy of a good glass of piss, but no one ever
gets to tell him/her to his/her face, because, surprise, surprise,
he/she is never seen.

I know many would love to have very rough conversation (look up this
in a dictionary) with him/her over about a week, or a month, but it
would be a waste of time in any event. Besides, it would be too much
fun, very undisciplined.

Someday in the future, his/her veil will be ripped away, and the enemy
predators can feed on his/her liver. That would be more fun than a
barrel of monkeys to watch. The clock ticks every moment on this dirt
bag's very existence.

There will be no universality to this outcome. No one will mourn his
loss. John Donne will be damned.

Years ago, I developed a little Buddhist displacement concept called
"My Short List". Being a rather high risk bet for an untimely death,
I took the names of the small number of people I have found to be
without redeeming human virtue, to be used in the last few weeks of my
time, with the plan to send some scouts on ahead to check out the
terrain. Of the nine men and one woman on that list, only two
survive. I can't claim credit for this, since God has beaten me to
them. It is the nature of the physical risks faced by all really
negative borderline sociopaths (the 1% that are so broken they can't
be fixed) that their own bodies tend to turn on them very hard.

Enjoy your perversions while you can. The clock is ticking on your
worthless existence. You have chosen the worst enemy of all, God.
You can't win. Where you are headed, they don't read wills.

Ms. Paul, With hugs and kisses from all your admirers and detractors, ESAD.

Everyone re-post this link as many places as you can. It is the key
to good search engine positioning/standing and we certainly want to
get to the empty bottom of this barrel of waste that represents Burrell'

Copyright ©2008 Bud Burrell

Besides being a 'Libertarian' like yourself,Mr.Geddes,Bud Burrell has
also has some Canada stock fraud and money laundering experience by
way of CMKX Diamonds that he also claims was not an illegal pump and
dump but a 'victim off naked short selling' just like James Dale
Davidson's,Brent Pierce's and Grant Atkins Genemax cancer vaccine
fraud with its Nevada and Vancouver connections !

A Tribute to the Writers of | Facebook
... Gary North, Bill Anderson, Walter Block, Tom DiLorenzo, Michael
Rozeff, ... Bob Murphy, George Reisman, Bill Bonner, Lila Rajiva,
Stephan Kinsella, ...

Better Than the Winter Olympics: Lila Rajiva and Walter Block in ...
24 Mar 2010 by Robert Wenzel
Walter Block reports:On Saturday, May 8, an all day libertarian
seminar will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (home
of the winter Olympics, where the Canadians kicked American butt, at
least on a per capita basis). ...

In light of CIA connected money launderers and parasites Walter Block
and by association Vancouver Libertarian Paul Geddes cavort with I
certainly don't think criticising blacks and women for 'poor work
productivity' is even tolerable.It would appear that Walter Block and
by association Paul Geddes are saying that 'fraud is good work' in
light of the fact all the white males they are associated with that I
know about are penny stock money launderers and in some cases murder
suspects !

Note below that Lila Rajiva, Agora Inc internet call girl or woman or
whatever for Bill Bonner, James Dale Davidson, Porter
Stansberry,, claims to have met corrupt Wall Street parasite and
'journailst' Gary Weiss 'on the message boards that he haunted' ! And
she doesn't name the 'message board' of course because it is not
supposed to be a simple 'message board' as such - it is Wikipedia
where she and 'Mantamoreland' or Gary Weiss were busy erasing my
biographical contribution for James Dale Davidson who along with
Canadian criminals Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins made up the tem
'naked shhort selling' to distract from their use of U.S.penny stocks
for theft and money laundering ! And it should further be addded that
Lila Rajiva is a habitual liar and is the one who began the 'stalking'
of me(even though her 'libertarian' naked short liar colleagueBud Burrell
posts lies and death threats to me with Lila's obvious approval)
by emailing me about my claim the her bosses at Agora Inc were
involved in serious multi million or billion dollar stock fraud
ongoing for decades since they founded Agora Inc that employs Lila
Rajiva to stalk and harrass victims of their scams such as myself and
basically perform internet dirty tricks just as her pal Judd Bagley
did for Jeb Bush while he was governor of the corrupt penny stock
money laundering state of Florida ! In fact the scum of of Patrick Byrne,ex WSJ 'reporter' Mark Mitchell,Bud
Burrell Daviud Patch,Mark Faulk, have threatened my life and
intimidated me and Lila Rajiva whose 'friends' at Agora Inc Bill
Bonner,James Dale Davidson and particularly Porter Stansberry, are
still suspect in the death of a Rey Rivera in Baltimore in 2006 were
the first internet stock manipulators on the internet besides NAANSS
or National Association Against Naked Short Selling that was founded
by Agora Inc founder James Dale Davidson and the Canadian money
launderers Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins - to lie about Davidson's
wortjhless penny stocks being victims of 'naked short selling' ! So
the fact that Lila Rajiva is employed by the very criminals who
threaten my life for exposing the penny stock money laundering frauds
such as Bud Burrell
who is also part of the Canadian minerals penny fraud incorporated in
Nevada called CMKX Diamonds that has lied about its shares being
'naked shorted' while its insiders and execs such as Canadian shesiter
named Urban Casavant,Mark Faulk,Bud Burrell all lied about its shares
being 'naked shorted' - a term that can be trced back to the CIA
connected Agora Inc and James Dale Davidson that Canadian scum like
Paul Geddes invites to Canada as if they were common good businessmen
- which they are not - they are U.S.and apparently Canadian government
protected criminals ! Yes the Agora Inc and Loyola sleaze Geddes
invites to Vancouver also have CIA,etc. connections as Lila Rajiva and
ex CIA 'economist' Mark Skousen can verify !

Even Paul Geddes American 'Libertarian' role model Ron Paul has lied
about stocks being 'naked shorted' to the U.S.SEC itself ! Does
Vancouver Libertarian Paul Geddes approve of stock fraud and rascism
directed at African Americans the way Loyola University's Walter Block
attacked and defamed them !? And all the while the parasite Walter
Block sitting in his Loyala academic ivory tower in New Orleans and
Baltimore(where and Ludwig Von Mises and Lew Rockwell Agora Inc
criminals operate from)


James Gill: Loyola economics chair Walter Block ignites furor for
asserting that women, blacks less productive in workplace
By Annette Sisco
November 26, 2008, 2:54AM young man asked about the pay gap between blacks and whites,
which I had said in my lecture was of about the same magnitude as that
between females and males, about 25–30%. My answer, of course, was in
terms of lower productivity. After all, if black people had the same
productivity as white people on average, but were paid less, then
there would be profit opportunities available to all those who hired
blacks and fired whites, and such a situation could never last.

But why was this so: Why, that is, would this minority group have
lower productivity than the majority? Surely, it couldn’t be
attributed to marriage asymmetry? No, I replied. And here I was very
careful to say that the cause was a matter of dispute, and that I, as
an economist, was not in a position to say which was correct. Instead,
I would merely offer both options, and call for the audience to make
up its own mind on this issue. The politically correct answer is that
lower black productivity is due to slavery, Jim Crow legislation, poor
treatment of African-Americans in terms of schooling, etc. The
politically incorrect explanation was supplied by Richard Herrnstein
and Charles Murray in their book The Bell Curve: lower black IQs.-
quote ftom Walter Block who is Vancouver Libertarian Paul Geddes guest
of honor even though he appears to have relations with notorious Agora
Inc penny stock money launderers and mortgage and gold fraud

In 2007 a rumor was circulated in the London Times(of Rupert Murdoch
and Lord William Rees-Mogg),as well as The Guardian that Nothern Rock
shares were really 'naked shorted' or counterfeitedd by some unnamed
or unknown entity in order to cover up the Goldam Sachs and John
Paulson and others roles in manipulating and shorting the stock
themselves.Yes I believe the Agora Inc Libertarians and Misesiand
played a role however humble themselves.Some of their shares of Fannie
Mae or Freddie Mac may have been dumped from LOM of Bermuda where the
Lord Willian Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson were large shareholders
at one time.Also movemments or sales from Leumi Bank Israel to China
Switzerland and places in between should be investigated.
But we must never forget where this ruumor-lie originated - with
Canadian American penny stock Genemax of James Dale Davidson and
Canadian scheisters Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins ! Do they as
Canadians have U.S. 'intelligence' connections as well in order to
always escape prosecution ?

Note the corrupt SEC Inspector General H David Kotz who was appointed
by corrupt ex SEC Chairman Christopher Cox both have lied on the
public record about Goldman Sachs shares being 'naked shorted' by some
unknown brokerage or whatever in 2008 on the U.S.government's own website ! If the shares that were dumped by Goldman and no
doubt others in this criminal racketeering operation using offshore
accounts to dump from had been 'naked shorts' or
'counterfeit shares',a definition the con artists all agee on to
describe what they call 'naked short selling',then the shares that
were counterfeit would be noticed by the DTCC and they would not be
paid a dividend !

This naked short selling lie is a trillion dollar fraud that members
of your Libertarian Party are responsible for.And Agora Inc with its
CIA connections is supect in murder as well.Are you proud,Paul Geddes ?


Note Lila Rajiva contacts me again in 2008 and continues lie about James Dale Davidson's non involement in Agora Inc which he founded and that his co-author UK's Lord William Rees-Mogg of Sovereign Individual and Blood in the Streets,etc, is still part of Agora Inc stock fraud against Americans ops and money laundering as well.

Re: BFI Consulting,Mark Skousen,Lila Rajiva
By Lila Rajiva on 1/30/2008 1:20:04 PM
E-mail: lrajiva (at)

Hi Tony,

Yes I did say I wouldn't be involved in Agora's stock selling in 2005.
And guess, what. It's 2008 and I haven't been. I have never sold a
single stock for them.

As for Jim Davidson, I believe his association with Agora has been
terminated for some years and no one there defends him. The investment
advice that I've read in the Agora newsletters that I've followed has
been basically useful - and provided at very reasonable terms. Too bad
I haven't always followed it.

Do I have a problem with some of their "hard sell" language? Yes, I
do. And I expressed it to several people there quite vociferously and
incessantly. I think some of them became quite bored and annoyed with
me over it.

But not all of their advisories use those tactics. Many are quite
low-key and all of them do give you your money back.
In any case, the company is very free-wheeling and there are lots of
very different people doing very different things.
I decided at the time that it was unfair to tar everyone with the
mistakes of a few and chose to work on Mr. Bonner's Daily Reckoning
column as an idea person, research assistant, and editor from late
2005- mid 2007. And to write a book with him.

I decided that the good of bringing some political home truths to
people in the influential financial world far outweighed the bad of
possibly having people like yourself leap to wrong conclusions. In an
important election year, that was actually a no-brainer for me.
How is that wrong?

In 2005, when Mr. Bonner approached me about the book, he did indeed
intend it to be a pop sociology book and not financial. And most of
the book, even in its finished version, is about politics and history.
We added a financial and investment section later mainly because the
publisher needed that to sell the book, since finance is the field
where Mr. Bonner is best-known.

Besides, the investment advice Mr. Bonner gave in the book was
extremely general. Not was it necessarily what I think. In a joint
effort, it's not possible to always agree on all things. I think I
mention that in the preface to the book.

Funny thing is if you had followed his advice over the last couple of
years, you'd have doubled your money...

FYI, here's an account of how the book was written:

As for my qualifications, you're wrong there too. I have an
undergraduate degree in economics and history and did graduate work in
International Relations (MA)- where I read a healthy quantity of
economics. I currently contribute to the whackonomics column of the
Hindu, which, if you've ever read it, answers questions on finance and
economics from people in the field. I have also studied the market and
trading on my own for seven years. I think I can hold my own in
understanding how finance works in the real world. In any case, if you
read our book, you will see a large part of it is a debunking of the
notion of economics as a science like physics. We think a knowledge of
history and human psychology is more important. Since I have graduate
training in history, politics, and philosophy, I'm pretty well
qualified I think.

By the way, the year before I wrote the book about Abu Ghraib, I was
making (trying to make) my living as a swing my interest
in finance is quite long standing and preceded my social activism. I
see no conflict between the two, actually.

On your other accusations:
I was invited to speak at BFI Consulting's conference to promote
"Mobs, Messiahs and Markets." I wasn't going to talk about investments
but about how governments destroy savings. Had I chosen to speak about
anything to do with investment, it would have been about the global
real estate market, which I know quite well.

As for Dr.Mark Skousen, I have never met him personally, but he was
kind enough to blurb our book and point out errors in the MS. I owe
him gratitude at least for that. From what I know, he is an erudite
and accomplished author/teacher in the areas of economics and

I am also aware that he has worked with the CIA, but that is all I
know and I don't think you are right to draw any conclusions about me
from that. I hope you are not naive enough to believe that everyone
connected with the CIA routinely engages in water boarding on
weekends. It's a large, mostly bureaucratic organization.
The fact that I might have accepted an invitation to speak at the same
conference where Dr. Skousen was also speaking says nothing. I also
correspond with an Indian friend of (the late) Milton Friedman. I
suppose you would say that makes me complicit in South American
torture, as Naomi Klein seems to think. Actually, I consider Dr.
Friedman a statist and far from being libertarian. but I doubt that
even statist economics inevitably leads to a painful death.
Finally, my birth data is not on the Internet, because I don't give it
out. Put it down to the fragile egos of women over the age of thirty.
If there's anything else you'd like to know, please feel free to drop
me an email, instead of taking it to an Internet web page.

Kind regards.
Lila Rajiva

Naked Short Lie:SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock Fraud,Offshore Money Launderer, Torture,Murder Suspect
Pentagon Shooter,Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey Rivera,Porter
Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,Lila Rajiva,SEC
9/11,WTC:Osama bin Laden on FBI Unwanted List;Barack Obama A Skinny Idi Amin ?
Senator Carl Levin's,Arlen Specter's 'Naked Short Fannie Mae Theory'
vs JFK 'Magic Bullet' Assassination Theory
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Marvin Bush,Al Sabah,Dulles,WTC
Jane Harman's Zionist Chicken Hawk Lanny Davis of Nova Star Financial
Fraud against Americans sees Honduras Poor as Palestinians
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Threats,Stock Fraud
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Pataxte,(Theobroma Bicolor): Real White Chocolate,Macademia Nut Of The
Guatemala Maya ?
9/11,Daniel Pearl,Barack Obama,Joe Biden,Mansoor Ijaz,Asra Nomani,ICTS
Israel, Crescent Hydropolis,Fox News,Stock Fraud and Bloody Murder
Steve Forbes Brings Economic Pornography To Wardlaw-Hartridge High
School Students
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford Lauds Bill Clinton's
Washington,D.C. Stock Fraud Money Launderer James Dale Davidson !
SEC Cyber Czar John Reed Stark,Steve Honig, Joshua A Ridless,Image
Lord William Rees-Mogg, Agora Inc And.Bill Bonner's Racist Attack On
Barack Obama
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Pimps Mistress,SEC Chris Cox Cries 'Naked Shorts'
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First U.S.Government Censored 9/11 Al Qaeda Video:Fox News' War Porn
Star Jack Idema Tortures In Afghanistan
Nazi Pope Benedict XVI,Sarah Palin's UnWed Pregnant Teenager,Nancy
Pelosi's Papal Smear
9/11,Dem VP Joe Biden,Hunter Biden's Paradigm and Israeli Delaware
Corp ICTS International
Swissair 111 Crash,Israeli PM Ehud Olmert,Morris Talansky and AIPAC
Attorney Neal Sher Cover Up

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