From Nationalism to Internationalism

Anonyme, Lunes, Septiembre 7, 2009 - 08:43

We have just published a booklet, "From Nationalism to Internationalism. "

This 68 page (8 1/2 x 11) booklet tells the story of an activist over a period of about 35 years. For him, it is an easy enough transition from nationalist to Maoist groups, for almost all of them are fundamentally nationalist, with the Stalinist justification of the concept of "socialism in one country" for the latter. He has been well acquainted with Maoists having been a militant founder of the Maoist group In Struggle! (En Lutte!) This booklet is his political autobiography.

In the introduction he writes: “The purpose of this booklet is to comment on my political activity as a militant, while grounding myself on my current knowledge of Left communist positions. ” See « »

His booklet is both intended as a criticism of past activities (for example, a critique of the Maoist current in which he’d long evolved) and to show that these same activities were alien to the proletariat. In fact, he is writing this booklet so that young workers and students can avoid the same mistakes and gain an understanding of the politics of the Communist Left, the real proletarian camp. To learn from our struggles and past mistakes is an important aspect of Marxism.

Here are two excerpts:

The FLQ action, though it had several workers in its midst, reflected not even a glimmer of revolutionary class consciuosness, but rather a workerist populism. The fact that FLQ members had been able to train in Algerian and Jordan camps showed that they were were an unwitting puppet of inter-imperialist contradictions. The media hypocritically denounced FLQ violence. They forgot and still forget very easily the great number of workers killed or wounded in the workplace.

The October 1917 Russian Revolution was the first step toward world communist revolution in an international revolutionary wave that ended the imperialist war and lasted several years. The failure of that revolutionary wave, particularly in Germany in 1919-23, condemned the Russian Revolution to isolation and rapid degeneration. Stalinism was not the product of the Russian Revolution, but its gravedigger. The bourgeoisie’s biggest lie for the past 80 years has been in calling Stalinism “communism” .

It can be ordered for 8 dollars (cash or cheque to Réal Jodoin) by writing to:
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