A blog to transmit irianian testimonies

poivresrouges, Viernes, Junio 19, 2009 - 17:11

The blog brings to you some of what we are reading in persian on the internet in news sites, Facebook, Twitter…*

What is hapenning right now in Iran? Why?

The project is initiated by PhD students in Europe and America. Fully understanding the importance of day to day demonstrations of the population in Iran (and elsewhere) claiming their rights back, the blog decided to focus on the demands themselves, rather than the events, mostly because the mainstream media are doing a descent job covering the demonstrations with the help of self-improvised citizen-journalists in Iran.

A network of persian news translation

Now that foreign journalists are being stopped from doing their job, it is important to organize a network of persian news translation.You are invited to join by sending:

* pictures
* full lenght or brief translation of reliable Persian news articles/releases along with a weblink to the original source

to lesobservateurs [at]

(No names appear on the posts)

Emm, info missing
Michael Lessard...
Sáb, 2009-06-20 16:01


You forgot to add the link...

EDIT: OK, I found it in the French version (added to post above).

EDIT: placed two first sentences in the summary.

ps: I hope it is clear to everyone that this is not against Iran, not against who was elected, this is about not repressing the people when they protest. The people demand more transparency in the electoral process: it is an essential request. All democrats, the left-wing anarchists to the "right-wing liberals", should logically support the people right to protest.


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